Swedish Swedos and Stekare Stockholmers

I have no idea why Stockholm men wear a ton of hair gel. The average Stockholm male uses 9 containers of gel and the average cost per bottle is 230SEK. That’s a lot of gel, enough to electrify an entire heard of horse I bet.

Please men, I beg you to stop the madness. This slicked back, supergel’ed hair is just not cool. Remember the group on Facebook relating to Crocks, “you look so fucking stupid with those shoes on”? This is the same thing. In Swedish we call it “stekare” and I define it as those skinny guys with long slicked hair, Armani eyewear, and virtual ipods playing GLAMOROUS in their ears. And they bounce when they walk down the street.

Still need a visual image? Here are a few:

The Swedos are invading
The Swedos are invading

A little too much sun or bodybuilding tanner
A little too much sun or bodybuilding tanner

Now crazy swedes
Now crazy swedes

Self portrait of a Swede
Amazing self portrait of a Swede’s reflection
From Steelth via Flickr

Stureplan boys eating
Don’t they just look full of themselves
From medvinen via Flickr

Swedish men out there, take heed, take notice, please do not overdo yourself like a peacock. You might think you’re cool in Stureplan with those awesome sunglasses and the ability to buy a drink at Sturehof, but frankly it’s just stupid looking. I love well dressed men, but I hate cocky looking men.

Are Swedes really that horrible ?

I came across this site from another blog about Sweden. This guy (I presume it is a guy), is livid with the Swedes. Hates them. He thinks Swedes are rude, self centered, boring, etc etc. When I read the blog, I couldn’t help but wonder if he’s ever visited other major metro cities (he claims to have). Last I checked, Parisians are rude, Upper East Side New Yorkers are extremely snobby, Beverly Hills folks are bitchy. So why are you getting your panties in a knot with Swedes? Especially Stockholm Swedes. And especially Stockholm Swedes in Stureplan. That’s like bitching that people from Monaco are snobby; of course they are!

Anyway his blog is called http://swedenson.com/. I tried to make a comment on it, but I guess I am not approved to have dissenting opinions. Most people who commented on the site were pretty big Swedish haters.
Some quotes:

What heartless fucking assholes have you Swedes become?


Face it, Swedes are the rudest, lowest class folks on the planet.

Swedes are slime now?

But swedish people does not understand very simple things, because that would require some kind of self-reflection and critical thinking. Swedish people lack self.

That’s pretty funny.

Yes, quite a bit of Swedes are rude, cold and callous! You only need to come and visit and see what kind of service you will get, as a tourist in this town. I mean they do not even greet you when you walk into the shops, its like you are dong them a big favour!

I think we all know customer service is not big here. But it’s not big in France either. And according to many Swedes, they find American customer service intrusive. So when did Americans get the right to push our values onto culture?

Sweden is the only country in the world where I have seen more public spitting than in China.

Fail, go to India idiot. You will get spit on there.

The question is, Do you hate Swedes? Is Stockholm a tourist friendly city or do they all suck?

Rude Swedes are not an oxymoron

Yes it seems strange to call Swedes rude but it is true when certain conditions are met.

Condition one: In a bar. People will push throw the crowds without ever uttering the words förlåt (sorry). Even if you are lucky to find a place with a table to put your drink down, you can bet some girl or guy will push from behind to overtake your spot. I had the experience of having a jackass spill wine (thankfully white) on my Burberry coat while at the bar. I poked him in the side, since he stood at a whooping 190cm, and told him I wanted napkins because he spilled wine on me. He was annoyed and irritated and in a condescending manner, apologized.

Condition two: On the street. Cars will just stop for you, few inches shy of stripping your soul out. People will walk straight into you or push you to the side; no apologies needed.

Condition three: In a restaurant. Tipping? Does not exist; or in rare instances, there is tipping. With that in mind, don’t expect much in the way of service. I have not experienced bad service (maybe because I am foreign) but stellar service definitely is lacking.

Condition four: Alcohol. Need I say more?

Condition five: On the train. You will get smashed; just hope the people nearby are wearing decent deodorant. You do not need to talk to the people around you, ever. Until the train comes to a crashing halt, your train compartment neighbors are invisible.