The Little Red Dress

Okay, so I have to do a bit of bragging. I bought a red dress at Jessica McClintock a few months ago. At the time I bought it, I wasn’t sure if I really liked it. I took it out for a test drive for my birthday dinner/dancing and it proved it’s worth. Being Christmas and wearing red (and a santa hat too) had both guys and girls hitting on me at the club. There we go, more girls hit on me than guys. It’s too bad I’m straight as a nail, those were some pretty girls.

But, if I ever need to turn heads again, I know what dress to put on. Who says you can’t have a little devilishness in you?

And for those who are reading about my online dating adventure (or lack thereof): I finally changed my hometown address to Stockholm. I thought I did that earlier but I eventually found out it was just the “partner search” location area. Five hours down, and I found the place to change my own location. Yes! Charming Svenska killar don’t be afraid to wink…we know you got it in you. ;)

Online Dating…A social experiment

Several weeks ago I decided to sign up for in the US. To me it felt like the last ditch effort to not just find the “l’homme de la vie” but a regular man to go out with. Nothing materialized; a few people wrote to me but I was just not interested. And there it happened…my account died of natural causes.

Then last week I went out with a girlfriend and she suggested I join the Sweden site. While I was hesitant at first, it appears all of Sweden is on some dating site or another. And then there I was at 4am, signing up, spending 3 hours to fill a profile, searching for people on And the men seemed…more normal (and obviously more beautiful), than the US men. I don’t know why.

Now I do not want to date the moment (my poor little heart needs a break)
but I am going to conduct a social experiment. I am going to find out how online dating works in Sweden and how these Swedish males flirt (or not) via email.

And btw, don’t go searching for me, I’m on but you won’t find my photo. =)