Love through Materialism

You know when it is Christmas in the United States for two reasons: 1) car commercials; 2) love can only be expressed through a diamond of some sort. DeBeers, Kays, Jared…the list goes on.

Men are told that they need to buy some shiny, hard, graphite object in order to show their love for their women. Women are told, they should expect expensive gifts so they know their men love them. How bizarre. Why is it that men in America must buy material goods to satisfy their women? They pay for dates, buy flowers, chocolates and jewelry, and hope for a little action in return.

Shouldn’t men just show their love by maybe…cooking dinner? giving a massage? going for a hike?

And shouldn’t women not have such have such high expectations?

Now, it is nice to get gifts. I don’t deny that. A guy buys me something I want is endearing. But, if he buys me stuff because he feels he needs to, he feels that social pressure…that is wrong.

My friend put it well, “both sexes need to take part in the responsibilities of dating.” Women should not expect the men to run around after them all the time. Women should do some chasing. Take care of the men a little.

Next time you see a diamond commercial, ask yourself “what is the benefit of him buying that diamond? Does society want him to? Or does his gf/wife/lover want him to?”

And…does “every kiss begin with Kay” ?? If that is true, men are definitely screwed for life. Sad.