The 2009 Stockholm Marathon

The 2009 Stockholm Marathon is today and I nearly forgot about it. Thank you to Fredrik for posting something on Twitter this morning. The marathon is one of the largest in the world, at 18,500 runners. And environmentally friendly too; cups and other items are biodegradable and/or recyclable. Those running will receive a Champions Chip, a small electronic chip tied to the left shoe, to keep track of your running times.

I will be heading out with the camera, the big nikon monstrosity, and taking photos and posting them here later today. EPIC FAIL. My first camera’s battery died, so I charged it. Then I had no memory card and the stores were already closed (damn early closing in Sweden!). Then I got my small point and shoot, put the battery to charge. Popped the battery back in, headed out…and the battery was dead.

By this point it was already 7:30pm and everyone had passed through Södermalm. That was fast! No stragglers or anything. These Swedes really can run.

If you interested in heading to watch the marathon, here is a map of the route.
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Folks, this is the best chance to see athletic Swedes go all out. Honestly, most all of the runners would kick my ass any day. But that’s okay, they are also quite beautiful. So get out, grab a drink, and watch the athletic Swedes take over Stockholm.

The Swede is Meeting the Family

It is happening! The Swede is going to meet my family in India. It is the first time for me that not only am I introducing a boyfriend to the family, he also happens to not be Indian.

What will happen?! If you are part of an interracial couple (I hate that word) or a color mix rather, what do you want to know? I am Asian and we are different from Westerners so maybe our experience this week can enlighten any of you reading the blog.

Post any questions about Asian-Swedish dating and I will get back to you all.

Dating in Sweden…Need Your Help

I was checking out my blog stats today and noticed the original Dating in Sweden post was the most popular. Now I am guessing that post does not enlighten those of us who are currently confused because I am confused too.

I propose that if there are any Swedes (male or female) willing to take a survey about dating/love/sex, I will post the results in one month. Of course if you volunteer, I will not disclose your name or email. Help us, lovely Swedish folks, to better understand your culture.

Email me at fleurdeparis at gmail dot com. (okay that other email I put up earlier…doesn’t exist…yes, I am stupid at times)

Last Days in Isafjordur

To think by this time next week I will be in the US living the mundane life is depressing. I cannot fathom leaving Iceland and returning to the US.

But first, my adventures of the last 24 hours.

I spent Thursday night at Langi Mangi for the Pop Quiz contest. Langi Mangi is the local internet cafe/bar, basically one of the only happening places in the city. So there I was, the tourist, the only Indian (or Asian/other person), hanging out with the locals, drinking beer and answering ridiculous questions about the Nordic countries. Unfortunately RF and I got there late and only heard the last two questions (of which we corrected answered and understood one). RF eventually left and I stayed with the locals and discussed politics, facebook, puppets, and possibly other ridiculous things. Of course, these people were so tall I was sitting in the land of the giants. And not just tall, but gorgeous; the Icelanders are beautiful people.

On Friday the class went to the local fish restaurant (same place as the one on Tuesday) and we ate and drank and ate some more. Of course, it helped that our administration was smashed as well by the end and was laughing so hard I thought he would fall into the ocean. I also visited my friend (along with LO) at the tourist office and we partook of Brennivin. Truly a wonderful time to be completely smashed and walking around town.

In the end, I passed out on the children’s bean bag. There is proof somewhere on Facebook of that…