Risky Business

I have decided to make a running list of all the crazy things I have done in my life. That way, if someone asks me, “what’s the craziest you have every done?” I have an answer.

Except for the first two, I have done all the things by myself. Yipee! Trouble all the way
Driving over 100.000 miles in 12 countries
Pushing 225 km/hour (that’s 140 mi/hour) on the autobahn in Europe (can’t disclose where so I don’t ever get a ticket ;-) )

Going from the US to country A with the wrong visa, then having the idiot airline […] Continue Reading…

Online Dating…A social experiment

Several weeks ago I decided to sign up for Match.com in the US. To me it felt like the last ditch effort to not just find the “l’homme de la vie” but a regular man to go out with. Nothing materialized; a few people wrote to me but I was just not interested. And there it happened…my account died of natural causes.

Then last week I went out with a girlfriend and she suggested I join the match.com Sweden site. While I was hesitant at first, it appears all of Sweden is on some dating site […] Continue Reading…

Dating in Sweden…We Americans need a guide

NOTICE MARCH 20th, 2010: This post is now CLOSED for comments. But don’t fret, there is a NEW POST to make comments. This post is being closed because of its age, 200+ comments (causing reading issues), and load problems. Please continue writing and sharing stories on the new dating Swedish men post.

So I’m back in Sweden for a week and have a little while to mingle/party/get smushed on the T-bana with the Swedes. However, after living in France for a year and a half, I knew what was going on with the French dating system […] Continue Reading…

iAsshats- Why Apple is the next consumer dictator

With the flurry of accusations going back and forth between iBrick users and Apple, I figured it is time I put my two cents in. First off, I did not buy an iPhone because I knew Apple was a company of control freaks who would enforce every term like the old Chinese dictatorships. Second, I knew that company would have a serious price cut right after its first go on the market. And yet, I completely sympathize with the iPhone consumer for a variety of reasons.

1. Bricking a product is a pretty extreme solution to […] Continue Reading…

Sun, Moon, Stars

According to my horrorscope:
“You are a very optimistic person, with a good disposition and a lot of enthusiasm. You like movement and this will lead you to participate in sports, to travel, or to maintain a very intense social life. You love freedom and hate daily routine. You love outdoor activities, contact with nature, and adventurous situations. You are very restless and curious, which will engender unexpected and risky situations. Thanks to your ingenuity and optimism you will always come out ahead, either by receiving unexpected help or by simply ignoring the problems around you.

[…] Continue Reading…

What we do in Sweden during the winter

The very kind gentleman I was staying with explained what the Swedes do doing the winter. I thought, that I and everyone else on Earth already knew of Swedish winter pastimes. Dead wrong we were.

What do the Swedes “do” in the winter season to pass time? Invent things. Yes, build stuff. What do they build? Who knows… an upgraded cheese slicer? spiffier bikes?

As he explained some of the little widgets and such he and his friends built to pass time, I couldn’t help but smile. Seriously, smile. He was explaining everything in a cute, […] Continue Reading…

What I learned in 40 hours in Stockholm, Sweden

I went to Sweden for the first time on September 1st and stayed for a mere 40 hours (why so short? that’s another story). I feel love in though: the people, the country, the city, the progressive ideals, and the T-banan (a functioning metro system) made me feel “home.” Well, everything except feminism gone insane part.

But I did make some interesting observations while in Stockholm:

Clocks are everywhere
They are punctual…hence the clocks
Men push baby strollers on the streets
Women have umbrellas for the rain, men don’t
It is fashionable to tuck pants/jeans into boots (for women). I would presume with […] Continue Reading…

Last Days in Isafjordur

To think by this time next week I will be in the US living the mundane life is depressing. I cannot fathom leaving Iceland and returning to the US.

But first, my adventures of the last 24 hours.

I spent Thursday night at Langi Mangi for the Pop Quiz contest. Langi Mangi is the local internet cafe/bar, basically one of the only happening places in the city. So there I was, the tourist, the only Indian (or Asian/other person), hanging out with the locals, drinking beer and answering ridiculous questions about the Nordic countries. Unfortunately RF and […] Continue Reading…

Tjoruhusid: Isafjordur’s Amazing Fish Restaurant

We finally visited the local Icelandic fish restaurant, Tjöruhúsið. Local meaning, a log cabin, a tiny kitchen, and the husband cooking fish on a moving stove. There were three choices: fish soup, catfish, and a type of cod. We choose all of them and then waited.

We waited and waited; as the air filled with fish, the time passed slower and slower. Eventually, we received some fresh bread and a stick of butter (literally a square block) to hold us down from clamoring like cats. 30 minutes later and a massive porcelain bowl appeared at […] Continue Reading…

Viking Poison Strikes: Icelandic Brennivin

It started with innocuous questions about the cuisine. Two minutes later, the rather good looking Icelander came back from the kitchen with a small frozen jar filled with white chunks. He then searches the closet and pulls an empty bottle of schnapps, then finds a unopened one stashed in a brown paper bag. What do these employees do to warrant a few bottles of liquor in the closet?

Doesn’t matter…the fun was about to start.

Three small shot glasses were laid out and filled with the schnapps. My friend, the Icelander, and I took the toothpicks and […] Continue Reading…