Google Gets Mad with Språkrådet – No ‘ogooglebar’ For You!

Språkrådet, the Swedish Language Council, issues a list of new words every year that officially enter the Swedish language. Some of them make sense, some are just silly, but most are related to pop culture.

When I was reading the list over the weekend, my husband and I were laughing over the word ogooglebar. It means, to be “ungoogleable.” And then we thought, I wonder if Google knows about it…

Yea, well, Google did send Språkrådet nasty grams to change the definition of the word and let everyone know that “google” is protected under copyright. And that […] Continue Reading…

Swedish Department Store Opens Pandora’s Box with “Normal Sized” Mannequins – We Think It’s Awesome

This past week you all have probably heard about the normal size models Åhléns department store put up. First, it is in Åhléns Malmö and not in H&M like many news channels are saying. Second, everyone in the world has made it a huge deal except Sweden. And third, this is real and not a hoax.

Glad we got that out of the way!

From reader, Sabina, who captured the photos below, said “I liked that the store itself didn’t make a big deal about it. These models were just like every other model.”

The lingerie “normal” […] Continue Reading…

7 Things I Don’t Really Hate About Sweden Anymore

Like anyone living in a foreign country, you eventually get used to things. Some things just remain a nuisance while others are accepted as cultural idiosyncrasies.

Now that I have been here for a few years, I have come to terms with a lot of things. Some aspects drive me crazy (more on that later) but overall, I am doing my best to take a laissez-faire approach to serious issues. If the people aren’t forcing and clamoring for change, why I should be the outspoken one to hate on things? And if people don’t hate […] Continue Reading…

The Future Queen of Sweden Stuffs Her Face & Doesn’t Care

That’s because precious little HRH Princess Estelle turned one yesterday!

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when she was born? Gosh time flies.

To celebrate her first birthday as the future queen of Sweden, the princess wore her mom’s one year birthday dress. And ate cake.

I think that is a pretty awesome way to celebrate a birthday.

with mom and dad: H.R.H. Crown Princess Victoria, H.R.H. Prince Daniel

And a look back at her dop {baptism}! Her dress was first worn by Gustaf Adolf at his baptism in 1906. Pretty neat to wear a dress 106 years old.

Photographs […] Continue Reading…

The Nordic Region – The Happiest Place on Earth

For all that Swedes complain about the winter, weather, and rain, Sweden is one of the happiest places on Earth.

And so is Finland, Norway, and Denmark. Our saddest little neighbor, Iceland, is only the 15th happiest place on Earth.

Overall, the Nordic region is one happy family and Scandinavia is Disneyland in real life.

The 2012 Legatum Prosperity Index, produced by a British non-partisan public policy organisation, identifies the world’s happiest and saddest countries. They used several sources of data (objective and subjective) from Gallup, World Development Indices, and self researched. The 2012 LPI is similar to the […] Continue Reading…

Close Encounters of a Semlor Dough

Yesterday, being fettisdagen, I decided to make my own semlor. They were quite successful last year and I was thinking this time I could perfect them.

I didn’t really perfect them as much as gave the dough {deg} CPR and life support. It was near total disaster.

I’m pretty scared of yeast based recipes and semlor are no different. Many Swedish recipes call for fresh yeast while in the US, many recipes call for active dry yeast. And many recipes don’t even specify if fresh yeast or dry yeast should be used.

The many options from Kronjäst

There is […] Continue Reading…

Happy Semlordag, Fettisdag, and Mardi Gras

Oh yes, today is one of those marvelous days in Sweden when we celebrate a day dedicated to a dessert. What country in the world has a cinnamon roll day, a waffle day, and a semla day?

Sweden rocks when it comes to sweets and treats.

Last year, my girlfriends and I did the dirty deed of eating lots of semlor from bakeries around Stockholm so you didn’t have to. It was a real tragedy. Semlor, champagne, cheese, life is hard.

If you are in Stockholm make sure you check out our Best of Semlor list. […] Continue Reading…

Why Lost in Stockholm Exists… And Why I Write

The most popular (or infamous) article on this site is the “10 Things I Hate About Sweden.” Somehow, people take it so personally that it mandates a comment filled with insults, hate, or name-calling directed to me. And they believe that this entire blog exists to hate on Sweden.

If that is the case, then I sure have some power!

Today, I find the hate comments amusing and pitiful. Before, I would feel bad when people would post a comment that *I* must be fat, ugly, stupid, ignorant, dumb and have no right to say such things because […] Continue Reading…

The Sorta Quick Guide To American Football for Swedes

Today is the Super Bowl. That final game of the season where we football lovers drink bad beer, eat lots of nachos, and scream at a television.

It is epic, it is fun, and it is slow. Yes, slow. A 60 minute game takes three hours to complete. You can thank the advertisements and all the breaks between every drive.

But since most of us will be up at an ungodly hour to watch this masterpiece classic, it’s time to have a quick overview of how game is played. You Swedes are probably wondering why we are so obsessed with the […] Continue Reading…

Lance Armstrong, You Broke My Heart

Last night Lance Armstrong, the once king of cycling, was on a special Oprah interview to discuss doping and his problems. Or something like that.

This has nothing to do with Sweden, but sports and doping affects everyone. And we, as fans and admirers, end up feeling betrayed and angry over years of denial by athletes.

Like Mark McGuire who denied to Congress for years he doped. I never respected him so him losing all credibility didn’t bother me at all. But thousands of people did, and many lost their faith in baseball because of him.

Sadly, I […] Continue Reading…