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3 thoughts on “Comment Policy”

  1. hi

    So in mid Jan I ll be moving to stockholm for a job. Tell you the truth I was moving there kicking and screaming after an unsuccessful attempt to convince my boss to let me work from Sri Lanka. But reading your blog, well it seems like all is not so bad. Also good to know that there are fellow western bred brown people there who are witty to boot. 

    Just a small question, to you me look like an Indian-American (American with South Asian ancestry) and not an American-Indian (Native American). Am I being pedantic? 

  2.’s late!!! I meant to say…. To me you look like an Indian-American (American with South Asian ancestry) and not an American-Indian (Native American). Am I being pedantic? 

  3. Chaminda – You’re right, I am Indian-American not American-Indian. Though sometimes my English fails me now and I mix them up!

    I think you’ll have a great time here. It will be really different and people are definitely not as open and friendly as they are in South Asia (which could make you grumpy) but alas the streets are clean, people are fed, and can read. ;-) Since you’re coming in Jan, be sure to have winter clothes!

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