Snömaggeden 2012 – Be Safe When Traveling

If you ventured out today, you probably noticed that the whole city is blanketed in white. And by blanketed I mean, you have no visibility to your feet.

SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological Institution has issued a class-2 warning and predicting another 10-20 cm of snofall in the region.

Please be careful when traveling outside and check SL.SE for the latest updates. I would say, if you cannot walk to your destination and back, don’t do it at all!

Stay warm, drink glögg, light candles, and eat pepparkakor.


{Thanks to @sandsss for the photo on the FB page}

Sweden & November – Fifty Shades of Grey

We are midway through November in Sweden; the darkest, dreariest month the year has to offer. And in Sweden, it’s a month of grey, fifty shades of grey.

Yea, I went there. I just couldn’t help it.

But get your mind out of the gutter. I mean fifty shades of grey weather. Not whatever else Christian may be whispering to you. Although, I suppose a Christian would make November in Sweden anything but grey.

I digress. November, Sweden = grey, grey, grey. There’s sleet rain, a dab of fake snow, and darkening days. Except for planning for Christmas, there is absolutely nothing fabulous about this month. There’s no Thanksgiving to even get us through the lumpy weather!

That lead me to think, what on Earth do Swedes do to keep from flying off a glacier from depression?

Light tea-light candles
Light tall candles
Light soy candles
String up lights
Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Seriously, I think Swedes need to celebrate Thanksgiving in November. Sorry Canada. It’s the perfect way to deal with the lull from Kanelbullensdag and Halloween to Lucia.

All you need is a turkey, sås, potatis, and lots more food. Plus football. American football, no kicking the ball European way today. You eat like an American, watch sports like an American, and drink like an American. No! Don’t touch that disgusting Miller or Bud. Go for Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, or Brooklyn Brewery, the latter is the lightest and is the best option for a gluttonous day.

After, spend three days recovering from delicious food. See, that makes November fly so much faster!

And talk to Christian…

Stockholm Weather – Summer is Here 2012 – Hallelujah!

There isn’t much to say. The weather in Stockholm and across Sweden is FANTASTIC.

For the first time in a year, I’m wearing short shorts and a tank top, even until nighttime. And hey, you can’t do that in San Francisco ever. Neiner neiner!

Here is the weather report across the nation.

And for Stockholm. Unfortunately it’s supposed to cool down for a couple days but then heat back up by next weekend.

Happy weekend everyone! Be sure to get a lost in the city and enjoy the sun. :)

Send me a photo of you enjoying the amazing summer to ablacksapphire at gmail dot com.