Krogveckan in Sweden

Okay, if you like good deals and enjoy good food, there’s a break at last in Sweden. It’s Krogveckan! Literally it means, restaurant week, and guess what, it’s a week of deals at the major restaurants all over the country.

The Details

  • Started April 8th and ends April 17th.
  • You must book online through through the box on the right side.
  • The deal is 2 course dinner for 200SEK per person. Some of the restaurants are even giving a three course dinner.

Book now if you want a booking at one of the big restaurants in Stockholm or Göteborg. Story Hotel, Stadshuskällaren, and Pontus! bar are already booked.

Bon appetit!

Swedish Semlor Deliciousness

It’s that time of the year again in Sweden. Time to worship our sweet tooth and begin the fasting period of Lent.

In Sweden we take Shrove Tuesday (more well known as Mardi Gras or Fat Tuesday) seriously. We eat semlor. We buy 4 million semlor on this day. We each marzipan on cardamon flavored bread with whipped cream. And more semlor. And the heretics eat semlor with blåbärs creme (blueberry creme).

This is obviously the best way to start the fasting period, eating delicious goodness. I suppose we can make an exception for waffle day.

A semla is more than just a bun to the Swedes, it is heaven. And with anything heavenly, I asked Twitterers and friends to give their take on the semlor.

Can you name a favorite part? Is that possible? The beautiful blen of crushed almond sugar paste not quite marzipan mixture with slightly sweetened whipped cream surrounded in a fluffy pillow of cardemom flavored puff pastry?
The best Fat Tuesday celebration pastry I’ve ever had.
King cake?

I’ve been known to scoop the cream out with my finger and leave the rest so I guess that’s my answer!

The marzipan…mmmm

Kev Meredith
The cream :)

the almond-cream combo!

The whipped cream! Unless it’s from Lux Dessert & Choklad who make an amazing mandelmassa….mmmm!

Swedish Meatballs
Good question! For me it’s probably the marsipan/almond paste or the accompanying milk


Semlor from Gunnarssons Bakery on Götgatan 92 in Södermalm. Left is the “special” semla which has mixed whipped cream and mandelmässa. Right is the “lux” which is very luxurious and creamy.
swedish semlor

Semlor’s traditions date back to the 1500s during the Protestant Reformation. At that time it was a simple bun served with warmed milk (hetvägg). In the 1800s Swiss bakeries introduced the almond filled paste into the bun. And by 1930, by ways of Gotland, whipped cream was added to fulfill the decadence.

Want to find the best semlor in Stockholm? Check out Kakbloggen‘s top list and from SVD. In Gothenburg check out GP for their best of list. Or to make your own semlor, here’s a great recipe from DN.

What’s your favorite way to eat a semla? And your favorite part? It’s okay we won’t hate you if you don’t love semlor, okay maybe we will.

PS- It is International Women’s Day. 60 million women are sexual abused on the way to school, more than 40 million are estimated missing in India due to honor killings or infant murder. Please honor the women in your life.

Holidays in Sweden

Holidays in Sweden are called red days or röda dager. The day before a holiday is considered a halv-dag or half day. Not all day before’s get a half day of work. If a red day is on a Tuesday or Thursday (thereby squashing one working day), it’s called a klämdag. Not all companies give the klämdag.

If you are unlucky, as in 2011, most holidays are occurring directly on the weekend. Unlike the United States which awards the Friday or Monday after as a day off, Sweden does not. For example December 31st and January 1st fall on Saturday and Sunday. You won’t get the Friday or Monday off unless you’re very lucky.

Here is the holiday schedule for 2011 in Sweden.

1 Jan New Year’s Day
6 Jan Epiphany
22 Apr Good Friday
24 Apr Easter Day
– mmm, chocolate bunnies!

25 Apr Easter Monday
1 May May 1st – AKA Valborg day
2 Jun Ascension Day
6 Jun National day

12 Jun Whit Sunday
24 Jun Midsummer Eve
25 Jun Midsummer Day
5 Nov All Saints

24 Dec Christmas Eve
25 Dec Christmas Day
26 Dec Boxing Day

31 Dec New Year’s Eve

*red days (government holidays) are marked in red.

* days marked in black are usual days off.

Stunning Photos of Stockholm in HDR

Here’s a collection of HDR (high dynamic range) photos I took throughout the past year here in Stockholm (okay yes and a couple from Gothenburg). I’ll be adding on more photos this summer.

Link up if you have som beautiful photos of Sweden that you would like to share.

Cross Street to Bellmansgatan, Södermalm
Small Street with Upper Level in Stockholm

West Coast Waters in Göteborg
Göteborg boats, HDR

Kungliga Slottet and Riksdag
Gamla Stan, Stockholm, HDR

Slussen, Södermalm
Slussen stockholm

Hornsgatan at Rush Hour
Hornsgatan, Stockholm HDR

Old Green Boat
A Green Boat HDR

Stockholms Riksdag – Swedish Parliament
Stockholm's Riksdag - Swedish Parliament

Stockholm Stadshuset and view to Stockholm City

Red Bull Racing Day, in front of Riksdag

Skeppsbron Island
Skeppsbron island in Stockholm

Tower at Skansen with a Pink Hot Air Balloon
Skansen Tower

The Swedish Crown
Tre Kronor Crown

Skeppsbron Hostel Ship

Super Yacht Docked at Gamla Stan

High School Invasion at Sergels Torg

View over Stockholm
view over stockholm

Tower at Skeppsbron


Doesn’t it make you want to be a tourist in Stockholm all over again?

Visit Stockholm on the Cheap: The Stockholm Card

Stockholm Stadshuset

Stockholm. It is the Venice of the North. The City Hall, Stadshuset, is model after Venice’s famous Campanile square. Swedes do love their country on the water and visiting in the summer is the best way than to take advantage of the weather, midnight sun, and countless lakes and islands.

Because my mom is visiting, we decided to go a tourist binge and see as much as possible in 2,5 days. Since I also see annoying ads for the Stockholm Card, a special card that gives access to SL and 75 museums, I thought ‘let buy it for us’. The catch is, being Stockholm, nothing is cheap. Even tourist friendly cards are not cheap.

First, other helpful posts on visiting Stockholm:
Best Bars and Pubs in Stockholm
One day walk around Stockholm
Visit to the Absolut Ice Bar
Free Museums in Stockholm

The Swedish Crown at Skeppsbron
Tre Kronor Crown

But there is a way to maximize the card to get more than your money’s worth. I bought the 48 hour card but realized that optimal card is 72 hours. The benefit of having the card worth “hours” instead of “days” is that if you start the card at 11AM Tuesday it’s valid until 11AM Thurs (for 48 hours).

Here’s the low down on the best way to use your Stockholm Card, see the most beautiful sites and museums in Stockholm, and not run around silly like a tourist on crack.

Price of the Stockholm Card:
Adult cards
SEK 395 for 24 hours
525 for 48 hours
SEK 625 for 72 hours – BUY THIS CARD!
SEK 895 for 120 hours

Child cards – under 18 years old
SEK 195 for 24 hours
SEK 225 for 48 hours
SEK 245 for 72 hours
SEK 285 for 120 hours

Must see places to visit using the Stockholm Card. The trick with using the card is going to the most expensive museums and sites in order to maximize the value.

Some museums worth visiting
Aquaria Vattenmuseum [Aquaria Water Museum] SEK 80
Drottningholms Slott [Drottningholm Palace] SEK 80
Gröna Lunds Tivoli [Gröna Lund’s Amusement Park] SEK 80-90
Fotografiska Museet SEK 95
Junibacken [Junibacken] SEK 125
Kungsholmen Runt [Kungsholmen Boat Ride] SEK 140
Kungliga Slottet [Royal Palace] SEK 100
Livrustkammaren [Royal Armoury] SEK 70
Nationalmuseum [Nationalmuseum] SEK 100
Nobelmuseet [Nobel Museum] SEK 70
Nordiska museet [Nordiska museet] SEK 80
Skansen [Skansen Open Air Museum] SEK 70-120
Skansen-akvariet [Skansen’s Aquarium] SEK 90
Skattkammaren [Royal Treasury] SEK 100
SkyView – on Top of the Globe SEK 130
Stadshuset [City Hall] SEK 50-80
Storkyrkan [Stockholm Cathedral] SEK 30
Vasamuseet [Vasa Museum] SEK 110

Skeppsbron Island – view from Djurgården on the Hop on Hop off boat
Skeppsbron island in Stockholm

The other benefit of buying a Stockholm Card is access to SL local transportation. This includes unlimited rides on the tunnelbanan (metro), pendaltåg (commuter line trains), and buses. Considering a single pass ride on the tunnelbanan is 30SEK (25SEK when having a 8 pass ticket), the card is great for going back and forth without worry. Even one day passes on the SL is 100SEK; definitely not cheap.

How we maximized the Stockholm Card for 48 hours, the itinerary. Cost for two people – 1050SEK
Monday –
Hop on Hop off Boat from Gamla Stan to Djurgården – 40SEK*2 = 80
Vasa Museet – 110SEK *2 = 220
Nordiska Museet – 80SEK*2 = 160
SL Bus 47 to Kaknästornet – 40SEK*2 = 80
SL Bus and Metro back home – 30SEK*2 = 60

Tuesday –
SL metro to Slussen – 30SEK*2 = 60
Hop on Hop off Boat to Skeppsbron – 40SEK*2 = 80
Modern Museum and Architecture Museum joint entrance – 110SEK*2 = 220
Bus to Odenplan – 30SEK*2 = 60
(break for mom)
Vin & Spritsmuseet – 50SEK
SL metro – 30SEK*2 = 60
Skyview (boyfriend and I) – 130SEK*2 = 260
SL to Djurgården – 30SEK*2 = 60
Skansen – 110SEK*2 = 220 (and a lucky occasion to see Allsång!!!)
Gröna Lund – 80SEK*2 =160 (for 27 kronor on the first game, boyfriend won a 2 kg box of Kex chocolates!!!)
SL back home – 30SEK*2 = 60

Wednesday Morning –
Medieval Museum – Free entrance but you get a poster with the card – 50SEK
SL to Centralstation – 30SEK*2 = 60
Kungsholmen Runt – 140SEK*2 = 280 – highly recommend this one!
SL back home- 30SEK*2 = 60
End of 48 hours!!!

Total cost of the museums, transportations, and boat rides: 2120SEK
Savings from buying the 48 hour Stockholm Card: 1070SEK
Final savings per person: 535SEK !!!

If you are around for a 3rd day, buy the 72 hour card. This is what I suggest on adding to your itinerary in Stockholm for the extra 24 hours.
Kungsholmen Runt boat ride along Kungsholmen, Långholmen – 140SEK
Fotografiska Museet – Annie Lebovitz special exhibition until Sept 2010 – 95SEK
Drottningholms Slott [Drottningholm Palace] – entrance is to the Chinese Pavilion and Theater SEK 80
Kungliga Slottet [Royal Palace] SEK 100

I would move the Photographic Museum to Day 1 as only three things are done. That way, you have plenty of time to take the boat tour, visit the Royal Palace in Gamla Stan, and go to Drottningholm (takes 40 minutes by SL).

The famous Vasa Ship – the only ship intact from the 1600s in the world
Vasa Ship

By buying a tourist card, you can visit great spots in the city without having to stress yourself out. All the days that my mom and I went out, we started at noon and continued on till evening. If we were better about time, we would start at 10AM and finish around 7PM.

Gröna Lund could take a lot longer as it’s an amusement part; tickets to the rides and the games are not included in the pass. That’s why we only played one game.

Visitors and tourists to Stockholm, I hope this helps you on your journey to navigate the city. It’s small but overwhelming with things to do. The Stockholm Card, though pricy, is one of the best ways to do this on the dime and still see the castles and museums everyone loves.

Free Museums in Stockholm to Visit during the Summer

Stockholm is not a cheap city to visit on a budget. It’s almost an irony to say “Stockholm on a budget” because well, it can involve kebabs, pizza, and really disgustingly cheap stor stark beer or lättöl (light alcohol content beers).

Alas, there is some relief during the summertime in Stockholm.  Many museums have free days and some are free entirely.

Free Museums in Stockholm: Free ALL the time

Forum för levande historia (The Living History Forum)

This museum provides a haunting look at crimes against humanity and aims to remind us of the importance of learning from our dark pasts.

Färgfabriken (Center for contemporary art and architecture)

This museum boasts fun and serious exhibitions related to art, society, film, and architecture.  They also have interactive sections where you can get your own hands dirty.

Haga parkmuseum (Haga Park Museum)

Located in Solna, Haga Museum describes the history and architecture of the surrounding park.  The park grounds have The Turkish and Chinese Pavilion, Haga Ruins (Gustav III’s unfinished castle), a beautiful lake, and the bizarre yet gorgeous Copper Tents (where guards used to live) lies within the park grounds.  Take bus 515 from Odenplan to the park.

Haga Park Copper Tent by Linkahwai
Haga Park Museum

Dansmuseet (Museum for the Performing and Visual Arts)

This museum focuses on dance and theater from various cultures.  They occasionally have live performances.

Etnografiska museet (Ethnographic Museum)

Located on the northern part of Djurgården (take Bus 69 to get there), this museum hosts collections on humanity and Sweden’s interaction in conflicts.  The museum also boasts one of Europe’s Japanese Tea Houses which is open throughout the summer.  Call +46 (0)8-519 550 10 or send an e-mail to about the tea ceremony times.

Stockholms medeltidsmuseum (The Museum of Medieval Stockholm)

This museum offers a look at medieval Stockholm set in an underground building just a stone’s throw away from the royal castle. The only visible remains of Stockholm’s medieval city wall are located, still intact, in the museum. There is even a medieval tunnel from the museum to the castle, which is very much closed to the public.

Stockholms Stadsmuseum (Stockholm City Museum)

An undiscerning blue-gray colored building at Slussen, the Stockholm City Museum provides an overview of the history of Stockholm from its founding to contemporary issues.

Tullmuseum (Swedish Customs Museum)

Not customs like culture, but customs as the annoying people who stand at the airports waiting to search you when exiting.  The Tullmuseum offers plenty of exhibitions about smuggling and anti-smuggling.


Kulturhuset offers temporary exhibitions throughout the year on everything from photography to theater to music and even comic books. Beware though, Kulturhuset is several floors and not all exhibitions are free.

Kungliga biblioteket (National Library of Sweden)

The museum houses the Codex Gigas, often called the Devil’s Bible. Unfortunately, the Codex Gigas is not viewable by the public.  They still have an impressive collection of historical documents.

Special Day FREE Entrances to Stockholm Museums:

Nordiska muséet (The Nordic Museum)

Free on Wednesday evenings but not valid from June-August.  They were smart knowing all the tourists visit then.  Nevertheless, the Nordiska Museum is located on Djurgården, near Vasa Museum, and hosts collections related to Swedish culture, food, holidays.  Currently on exhibition is a section dedicated to Swedish fashion and Swedish holidays.

Easter Eggs at Nordiska Holidays Exhibition
Easter Eggs

Kungliga Myntkabinettet (The Royal Coin Cabinet & Economy Museum) – Mondays all day – free admission

One of the royal museums of Sweden, the National Economy Museum host collections about the financial history of Sweden, coins, monetary usage, and medals.

Tekniska Museet (The  National Museum of Science and Technology)  – Wed 5-8PM free admission

This museum offers insight into how things work and why they work.  Current exhibitions are about space, sports, and transportation.  Sweden’s first passenger airplane hangs from the ceiling.

The next post will have information on free events and happenings throughout Stockholm during the summertime.

Recipe for an Absolut Summer

It was Monday after Midsommar and I had nothing better to do than visit the museum with Andrew and his family who are here to visit Stockholm. After two hours in the museum (more on that later), we headed to the Absolut Ice Bar near central station.
absolute drinks

It was 25C outside and sunny in Stockholm. In the ice bar it was -5C and required a funny coat and mittens that don’t warm you up. To say the least, visiting the frigid weather was refreshing and cooling. Wearing a short skirt and high heels is not recommended though.

If you are visiting Stockholm and enjoy Absolut vodka and ice sculptures then visit the Ice Bar at the Nordic Sea Hotel. Booking online is 25kr cheaper than going straight to the door. Who doesn’t love a deal! You can book at least one hour ahead of time. Go here to book. Prices to visit the Ice Bar:
Online pre-booked sessions: SEK 170 per person.
• Pre-booked session on sight or by telephone: SEK 180 per person.
• Drop-in sessions: SEK 195 per person.
• Guests staying at Nordic Sea Hotel: SEK 150 per person.
• Entrance with alcohol-free coctail: SEK 140 per person.
Evidently even being a guest at the hotel doesn’t give you a free ride.

absolut scary fish
The cost covers entrance into the bar and one drink. They have wild concoctions and being a true Swede myself, I ordered the Absolut Captain made of frozen lingonberries, lingonberry juice, and Absolut 100. Oh yea, the real shit.

Note to self, in the frozen bar you don’t feel buzzed at all. Outside, 30 minutes later, pushing your bike up Götgatan as old people pass you by, is when the buzz hits you.

My recipe for an Absolut Summer
1 part museum visit – to feel cultural
2 parts sunshine
1 part frozen bar & drink
1 jigga buzzed walk with bicycle
1 part happiness

Stir together and enjoy!

Swedish Royal Wedding Weekend

I was a bad American-Swedo. I skipped out on the Swedish Royal Wedding and Love Stockholm in favor of Germany. It wasn’t my idea, the Swede wanted a weekend away from the festivities.

Instead, my friend Andrew attended the Kortege and snapped some spectacular photos. He also is a blogger and photographer at Ett Foto. Unfortunately, he was not invited to the delicious banquet dinner to eat Norwegian lobster, cod, chilled green pea soup, whitefish roe, char, poached quail egg, asparagus and beetroot from Gotland, veal sirloin from Stenhammar, strawberry mousse with rhubarb and vanilla ice cream in white chocolate. Mumms! Except the green pea soup.

It’s beautiful to see Crown Princess Victoria’s wedding go through without a hitch. Her younger sister, Princess Madeleine, spent the past two months in scandal when her douchebag ex-fiance cheated on her; ending the engagement and canceling their royal wedding.

Royal Swedish Airforce

Swedish Flags flying high

Royal Submarine at the wedding ceremony

Crown Princess Victoria and husband, but not frog, Prince Daniel

The 250kg wedding cake made of strawberries, champagne mousse, pulled sugar, and soft almond meringue.
swedish wedding cake
The speech by Prince Daniel. It was really beautiful and lovely. Brings chivalry backs to Sweden and sets the bar high for all the Swedish men.

The transcript to Prince Daniel’s speech. He did speak in both English and Swedish.

För nio år sedan hade jag förmånen att lära känna en ung kvinna med en härlig humor, en stark pliktkänsla och dessutom väldigt, väldigt klok.

Vi blev vänner. Ju mer jag lärde känna henne desto mer oemotståndlig blev hon.

De här åren med dig Victoria har flugit förbi, har varit de bästa i mitt liv.

There have been times when Victorias official duties have separated us. Often taken her to faraway countries and continents. I will never forget some years ago when she left for one of her many trips, this time to China.

We were going to be apart for a whole month. The night before she left she got home late after an official engagement, and she had many preparations to make before the long month of duties ahead. Instead of getting some valuable sleep she stayed up the whole night writing.

In the morning after she had gone I found a box. And in that box I found 30 beautiful letters addressed to me. One for every day she would be away.

This romantic gesture is typical of you Victoria. It says everything about the loving person you are.

Once upon a time the young man was… perhaps not a frog, in the beginning of the fairytale… as in the story first told by the Grimm brothers. But he was certainly not a prince.

The first kiss did not change that. His transformation was not possible without the support of the wise king and queen, who had ruled the kingdom for many years, and who were full of wisdom, experience and had good heart.

They knew what was best and guided the couple with a gentle hand, generously sharing all their experience.

Jag känner en stor tacksamhet mot eders majestäter kungen och drottningen, för ert helhjärtade stöd, och för det sätt som ni har välkomnat mig in i er familj. Mina tankar går givetvis också till min egen familj. Till min mor och min far, och min syster och hennes döttrar.

Mor och far, under hela min uppväxt har ni givit mig er villkorslösa kärlek. Ni har hjälpt mig med er klokhet, och ni har hjälpt mig att bygga en stark självkänsla och trygghet genom sunda värderingar som har väglett mig genom livet.

I dag, när vi färdades genom Stockholms gator, då möttes vi av en otrolig glädje och värme. Ett minne vi kommer att bära med oss djupt inne i våra hjärtan, för alltid.

Under de år som Victoria och jag har haft tillsammans har jag känt ett stort stöd från människor som jag har mött. Det har varit väldigt viktigt för mig.


Jag känner en djup respekt inför de uppgifter som ligger framför mig. Det kommer utan tvekan att bli en stor utmaning. Jag ska göra mitt yttersta för att leva upp till de förväntningar som kommer att ställas på mig. Jag kommer göra mitt yttersta för att stödja min hustru, Sveriges kronprinsessa, i hennes viktiga gärning.

Älskade Victoria. Jag är så stolt över det vi har tillsammans. Jag är så lyckligt att nu få vara din man. Jag ska göra allt jag någonsin kan för att du ska förbli så lycklig som du är i dag.

Victoria, störst av allt är kärleken. Jag älskar dig så.

BTW, happy summer solstice! 18h 38m 25s of daylight. Sunset at 22.09 tonight. If any single Swedish boys are mingling on Midsommer, be sure to say hi.

Best Bars and Pubs to Visit in Stockholm

Now that spring is arriving, Stockholmers will hit the streets in droves from their 6 months of hibernation in the catacombs.

Whether you want the hole in the pub in Stockholm or an upscale diva’licious bar, Stockholm has the selection of places to drink. Upon first glace, you may only see the super posh and somewhat pretentious bars in Stureplan, Riche and Spy Bar bear in mind, but after delving into each of small sections of the city, you will find the right watering hole for you and friends and the beautiful swedish girls.

I split the list into two groups: one group is more of casual bars and pubs that serve food but are about the beers, rather than charging for the ambiance. The second group consists of posh bars and cocktail lounges that specialize in both beers and mixed drinks.

The Standard Lot and Casual Bars:
Prices range anywhere from 32kr for a stor stark (the strong big beer) to 65kr. Be prepared when visiting the bars in Stockholm, finding cheap bars is hard. You may have to add a bit extra weight to your wallet.

Cafe Tranen – Odenplan, Vasastaden – A popular place in Vasastan for the 20 and 30somethings to meet.  It’s located downstairs and the bar restaurant serves both beer and food.  If you are in that part of town, definitely swing by.

Monks – Sveavägen, innstaden – The other of beer conaisseur bars in Stockholm, Monks has a large selection of beers on tab.

Spitfire– Östermalm – Joined together with Oxid bar, Spitfire is a great hole-in-the wall English style bar with good beer on tap.  Prices are reasonable and there is a happy hour until 6PM. It’s a cozy little pub perfect for the Friday’s afterwork beers.  I have been to both Spitfire and Oxid many times and the ambiance is great and the whole world doesn’t descend upon the places either.

Tudor Arms Pub & Restaurang – Östermalm – Another great English pub where they actually closes at 11PM. Yes, 11PM, because in Britain that’s what time pubs must close. I love this place because of the food, the crazy owner (a large, loud, flirtatious bloke), and the unassuming ambiance. Prices are reasonable for being in the expensive Östermalm district.

Debaser – Slussen & Humlegården – One of my favorite places for ut servering (outside service), Debaser Slussen is located between Gamla Stan and Södermalm islands.  At night, local bands play inside (there is an entry fee) but you can sit outside freely.  There is also Debaser Humlegården in Östermalm.  Food is on the pricey side for being a bar but beers are reasonably priced.
Debaser Slussen

Akkurat – Slussen, Södermalm – One of the two beer connoisseur bars in Stockholm, the other beings Monks, Akkurat has more beer than your eyeballs or belly can imagine. Prices start at reasonable and sky rocket to beyond belief if you decide to go for the classy, hand brewed beers. In the summer, mussels are served at the bar and are a popular choice with the patrons.

Kellys – Medborgaplatsen, Södermalm – One of the few exceptions to the rule, you can find cheap beer in Stockholm.  Pretty grungy and loud rock music, it’s the place for cheap beers.

Carmen – Medborgaplatsen, Södermalm – A true hole in the wall with grumpy staff, get yourself before the rest of the crowd shows up and takes the 12 seats in the bar. Cheap beer and no music means bring the office coworkers with you.

Southside Pub – Zinkensdamn, Södermalm – The best hamburgers in town (at around 132kr), this Irish pub also has English quiz nights on Thursdays.  A great local spot and a foreign hangout on the quiz nights.

Snaps – Medborgaplatsen, Södermalm – A great meet up place for friends. The location is perfect; lying smack in Medborgaplatsen, it’s the perfect outdoor serving bar. Prices are typical of Stockholm.

Posh Places to Get Delicious Drinks:

Bauer – Slussen – Södermalm –  Smiley face lamps and cartoons adorn the walls but don’t assume it is a place for the kids. They make great cosmopolitans and other hard drinks.

Kungsholmen – Kungsholmen – The restaurant and bar that bears the same name as the island it lays upon, Kungsholmen is part of the Grupp F12.  A more trendy and light hearted place for both the aspiring twenty somethings and those with families, Kungsholmen offers great food (from Asian to more South American) and drinks to complement.

Gondolen – Slussen, Södermalm – Excellent mojitos and other hard liquor drinks.  Your wallet will be lighter when you leave.

Vampire Lounge – Södermalm – Located in a celler, the Vampire Lounge is a low key classy place for cocktails.  As they specialize in mixed drinks, you should be able to find anything you want.  And anything you don’t want (I once had a nasty green drink…should have asked the waiter about it before).

Ute Companiet
(part of Sture Companiet) – Stureplan, Östermalm –  One of the many super posh bars and restaurants in the Stureplan, Ute Companiet is fun because the whole place is outside next to Svampen (that giant mushroom).  It’s a great spot to people watch and see the wanna be richies mingle with the richies and the richies try to be ultra cool.  If you want to see stekare men, this is definitely the place.  You can also visit Sturehof, Riche, and Birger Jarl which have similar clientele but fun to visit if you’re looking for super class and well dressed Swedish men and women. There’s also the infamous Spy Bar which in honestly, is the crappiest and most expensive bar I ever visited to get the full Stureplan experience.
Ute Companiet & Svampen