10 Offbeat Spots to Visit in Stockholm

I received an email from one of our readers about hitting up off the beaten path spots in the city. Of course I would love to share a few of my personal favorite spots, but it won’t be so private anymore!

The best part about Stockholm is that it is a walking city. Truly. The actually city can be walked in a day. Yes, a whole day. Of course, if you go out to the suburbs and the islands, then you may need more time.

My top offbeat places in Stockholm, in no particular order.

Drop Coffee
This is a real hipster coffee shop. Now while most of you know my opinion of hipsters, I give this coffee shop a break. They have fantastic coffee (no Gevalia crap, as hot as the spokesdude is) and very good paninis and soup. It’s located right next to the Mariatorget side of Mariatorget station in Södermalm. Be sure to fika here!

Myrorna/Stockholm Stadsmission
These are two secondhand shops are popular, and have several locations in the city. Frankly, they beat out any Goodwill or standard secondhand store in the US. You can find anything from boots to Swedish porcelain. Take a look around and you can even find touristy stuff too. All at a discount.


This is that dangling island in the middle of Stockholm. Location between Gamla Stan and Djurgården, Skeppsholmen has the Moderna Museet and the Arkitekmuseet. It’s a fantastic place to walk around and throw yourself a picnic. By foot, walk to the island from National Museet, near the Grand Hotel.

You should also pop by Kastellholmen where the old castle, Kastellet, is located.

View from Södermalm
I’ve probably mentioned this place before. If you walk from Bellmansgatan, yes the location for Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, there is a little hiking walkway. It’s not a long walk, perhaps 5-10 minutes, but once the trees are out of the way, you will have a fantastic view to the southern side of Kungsholmen.

SoFo {South of Folkungagatan}
For random, cute shops and hipster teasing, or admiring, head to SoFo. It’s the darling, miniature equivalent of New York City’s SoHo.

Vasa Museet
The famous ship that sank in the 1600s because the king wanted it stuffed with ammo. A real case of brilliant common sense. But, it is an amazing ship. And, the museum houses information on the excavation of the ship, which is just as exciting!

Planning on walking Götgatan? You’ll be tired of the tourists real fast. When done with the tourists, walk down Hornsgatan from Slussen to Hornstull. There are lots of cute shops, great ice cream, and the Strand at the end the road. You will even get a glimpse at some of the epic Million Projekt houses built by the government. If they look ugly as fuck, you found them.

But once done with the walk, you can see the new Hornstull and hang out in the park. Just remember, in Stockholm, people smoke everywhere and don’t use trash receptacles. Be careful where you sit! For a beer, head to the bar Stranden.

Most definitely my favorite castle to visit. It is huge. HUGE! You can hike, walk, jog through the gardens, around the lake, and into the woods. It is the Disneyworld version of Sweden without the annoying people lameness.

You’ll have to take the bus out to Zone 2 in Ekerö so plan to spend a half day visiting the castle and grounds.

Pelikan Restaurang
For real Swedish food in a historic krog {bar}, head to Pelikan on Södermalm. Their meatballs are to die for. The service isn’t the best because they know they are awesome, but have a few beers and enjoy the scenery.

Call for reservations, drop in is also possible: 08 55 60 90 92

Train Museum {Spårvägsmuseet}
The dorkiness in me is revealed! I love the Train Museum. Loooove it. It is never crowded and there are lots of trains and memorabilia from SL’s early days.

The Toy Museum is a free bonus, and located at the back of the main museum. It’s not comparable to an American hobby museum, so pass quickly and go back to Train side. For the kids, there is a mini train that travels around the museum.

Also, be sure to check the official guide for free museums in the summertime, or my page on it.

Info about the museum:
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 10-17
Saturday-Sunday 11-16
Adult: 40 SEK, senior citizens: 20 SEK, young people 7-18 years old: 20 SEK, students: 20 SEK. Fred admission for children up till 7 years old.

If you used the list, let us know how you liked the places! And, do you have any offbeat spots you are willing to diverge? :)

Princess Madeleine Gets Married {Swedish Royal Wedding}

Princess Madeleine got married yesterday to Mr. New York man Christopher O’Neill. He’s refused Swedish citizenship and the title of HRH so it will be interesting to see what will happen with the couple.

In the meantime, I loved Princess Madeleine’s wedding gown designed by Valentino. It is made with lace and has a four feet train. I know a lot of people have been making fun of her gown but I love it. ‘


Swedish Princess Madeleine Wedding dress by Valentino

Her wedding was not full of pomp and circumstance like her sister’s Princess Victoria’s wedding, which had a LOVE Stockholm week dedicated, but it was fun nevertheless.

Anyway, here we are to photos!
Princess Madeleine Swedish royal wedding


Swedish Royal Wedding Dinner

Princesss Madeline Sweden Wedding Cortege


Princess Madeleine of Sweden Wedding Photo

Congratulations Princess Yummyboobs. We love you!

NK’s Jul Christmas Display Collection is Up

Oh thank god! Grey, grey, grey November is almost over. And surprisingly there has not really been any snow. But I hereby request snow for Christmas, we all need to feel warm and fuzzy.

Of course one of the best parts of the Christmas season is seeing all the Christmas displays. In Sweden, that means visiting the department store NK {Nordiska Kompaniet}. It is like the Macys/Nordstrom of Sweden.

They don’t do a holiday parade with floats but they have adorable window displays. I took a few photos from the store in Stockholm. You can see different at their stores across the country. Be sure to pop by and dream a little Christmas.

A tribute to stories and fables…

Tribute to Pippi Longstocking

My favorite, the julbock (Christmas goat made out of straw)

10 Must Visit Places in Malmö

While this is Lost in Stockholm, there are plenty of other cities to visit in Sweden. And lots to do. Over the next several months, I’ll be traveling around and sharing my tips and photos.

Today though is a special guest post from Internations, the expat community. They have a Swedish expat group and have meetings in Stockholm, Göteborg, and Malmö. Since I haven’t been to Malmö yet, I asked them to write something cool for you’all. Thanks guys!

author - twowells, wikimedia commons
{photo by Twowells, Wikimedia Commons}

Malmö is known as the ‘city of parks’, the host city of the 2013 Eurovision song contest, and Sweden’s culinary capital. So whether you’re visiting or living in Sweden as an expat, what are the top 10 things you must see?

The town square of the city, the Stortorget was built in 1538. It is an impressive sight which hints at the city’s ancient splendor. Take a look at the town hall (built around 1547) on the square’s east side, and around are Kockska house, Hotel Kramer and Apoteket Lejonet. In the middle of the square is an equestrian statue of King Karl X Gustav.

{photo by Fred J, Wikimedia Commons}

Sankt Petri Kyrka
St Peter’s Church is an imposing sight. The 105 meter tall tower dominates the surrounding area. The church is so well maintained that you would never guess construction began in 1319. It is impossible to miss the 15 meter tall altar, which provides a special twist to the interior.

Lilla Torg
Visit this charming market square in the summer months. Restaurants and outdoor cafes makes this the perfect place to soak up historical Malmö. Built in 1592, the square is surrounded by buildings from the 16th century. Put down your tourist books and just wander around the area soaking up the atmosphere!

HSB Turning Torso
The tallest building in Scandinavia, this crazy construction is an absolute must see. Opened in 2005, the tower is 190 meters tall, and the top section is twisted at a 90 degree angle from the ground floor section. Ride to the top to experience beautiful views over Malmö.

Malmöhus Castle
A complete contrast to the ultra modern Turning Torso, this is Scandinavia’s oldest surviving Renaissance castle. First built in 1434, it was reconstructed in the middle of the 16th century as a fortress, a castle, and a residence for the governor.

This is the largest park in the city. It translates as ‘Willow Lake Park’, indicating the large number of ponds which are scattered throughout it. However it is only one of many parks which have made Malmö famous and lovely place to picnic in the sun.

Öresund Bridge
This construction might not seem like much of a tourist attraction. But, being eight kilometers long and crossing the border between Denmark and Sweden, it is certainly something special. To recognize this, it was awarded the IABSE Outstanding Structure Award in 2002.

Ribersborgs Kallbadhus
Open air baths in the North Pole may not seem ideal but it adds to the charm.

On the Ribersborg beach, enjoy a sauna while taking in the view, or if you are brave enough – dare to skinny dip in the freezing water.

Västra Hamnen
Translating as ‘Western Harbour’, this neighborhood is known as the ‘City of Tomorrow’. It has its claim to fame as the first city in Europe to claim to be carbon neutral.

Walk around this vibrant district – home to Malmö’s Universitetsholmen and relive the fun of college life.

Museums – Lots of them!
Malmö Konsthall – one of the biggest contemporary art exhibition halls in Europe.
Malmö Museer – for all of Malmö’s history.
Konstmuseum – The largest collection of 20th century Nordic art in Sweden.
Chokladmuseet – A museum for chocolate. Need we say more?

The list goes on. Make sure you soak up some serious culture while you are visiting Malmö!

A little about Malmö
Malmö is Sweden’s third largest city. It borders with Denmark and is famed for its Skånska accents and picturesque scenery. Though infamous for racial tensions and protests, Mamlö is thriving as a business and cultural hub. Well based and connected to Copenhagen, Malmö is the gateway to continental Europe and working in Sweden.

Head to Malmö and learn some Skånska!

Stockholm, Vacation, & July = The Zombie Month

It’s summertime in Sweden. And that means one thing: semester. Vacation, that is.

the stockholm summer photo collection

Everyone is on vacation this month. I mean everyone. Like France and Germany vacating the cities in August, Swedes vacate their cities in July and head out to the countryside or abroad.

In Sweden, if you are a full time employee, you are guarenteed under the law to take four weeks off in July, not any other month, between June and August (see Magnus’ comment). It’s awesome that any employee can actually take a relaxing vacation and not have to worry about bosses, work, or the fear of being fired for taking a vacation; something that happens at many US companies.

But I love working for a couple weeks in July and then taking one or two weeks off for vacation. Since coworkers are off and summer business is generally slow, you can be the only one in your department.
That means you get your work done in peace, plan projects that are on hold until after vacation, and chill.

Plus, nothing beats taking the Stockholmers out of Stockholm! Stockholm is peaceful, nice, and friendly. Though, a lot of restaurants are closed and that sucks.

And you can always get a seat on the tunnelbanan.

*photograph by Andrew M*

On days like this, I freak out that the zombie apoycolyspe has happened. I really wish I had a gun license for a shotgun! Who wants those summertime zombies to eat people’s brains out.

If you are in Stockholm in July, there is still plenty to do:

  • Visit a Swedish summer country house.
  • Head to Öland and Gotland.
  • Be a tourist in Stockholm and check out the museums, my secret favorite spots, and walk walk walk.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride (will share photos!).
  • Get out of Sweden, but really, what’s the fun in that? You’re missing the one time of year when there IS sun.
  • Fika, fika, fika at the best cafes in Stockholm.
  • Head north to Lappland and enjoy the midnight sun.
  • Eat a lot of strawberries and drink wine in the park.

Trevlig sommar!

One Day Only – Visit 16 Hemliga Rums {Secret Rooms} Across Sweden

Tomorrow, Saturday May 26th, the Swedish National Property Board will open 16 secret rooms to the public.

This is a ONE day only event and more than 100,000 people are expected to visit the castles and landmarks across the nation.

From 11am to 4pm, visit one of the famous landmarks and have a peek at the unknown. This only happens every few years, if that. You don’t want to miss it!

Här öppnas låsta dörrar – Here the secret doors will open
Boden: Bodens fästning
Gotland: Tingstäde fästning
Göteborg: Oscar II fort
Härnösand: Hemsö fästning
Karlsborg: Karlsborgs fästning
Karlskrona: Drottningskärs kastell
Kungälv: Bohus fästning
Landskrona: Landskrona Citadell och Gråen
Linköping: Linköpings slott
Nynäshamn: Erstabatteriet
Stockholm: Artillerigårdens skyddsrum, Bergrummet under Skeppsholmen, & Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Uppsala: Uppsala slott
Vaxholm: Oscar-Fredriksborg
Källa: Statens fastighetsverk

Check out the website for more information. The weather will be gorgeous so get yourself out into the sunshine!

My 9 Favorite Spots in Stockholm

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the tourists are arriving by the boatload (literally) into Stockholm.

I have previously published a few short articles about Stockholm but this should be your starter as to the must see spots in the city.

First, the Visit Stockholm collection:
Walking/Jogging Routes in Stockholm
15 Best Cafes in Stockholm
Best Bars and Pubs to Visit in Stockholm
Visit Stockholm on the Cheap: The Stockholm Card
Free Museums to Visit During the Summertime
Visit Stockholm: Bars with a View

I visited all these spots several times because they *feel* Stockholm. And they lift my spirits on good and bad days.

Vasa Museet / Nordiska Museet
Vasa Ship
A ship that sank because it had too much ammo. The Swedes dig it up from the wet clay and put it in a museum! It is the museum I have been to four times.

Nordiska Museum is the best museum for Nordic history and contemporary collections.

Kaknästornet – Located in Djurgården, this radio/tv tower has a small cafe and restaurant to enjoy a 360° view. No, the tower does not rotate, you have to move your legs but it’s the best place to see Stockholm’s archipelago.

I don’t care much for the food or coffee but I do love sitting down and watching the view.

Drottningholm – The Queen’s castle is for the summertime only. Go for a stroll, take a jog, or walk the gardens; this is one of the few castles to experience a ‘Versailles’ of Sweden.

Take a picnic lunch with you because the only place to eat is a quaint but touristy cafe. Tours of the castle are available during the summertime.

Crossing the Bridge to Gamla Stan
last of the colorful days
There are five bridges to cross from Stockholm central to Gamla Stan. All over their own special views. It’s one of the spots where you can be transported back in time and watch the world go by.

Moderna Museet / Asiatiska Museet /Skeppsholmen – Even if you are not a modern art or Asian art museum fan, go to Skeppsholmen to take a turn of the island. When you get to the top, where Moderna Museet lays, hope into their cafetaria for a view to Östermalm.

And play in the grassy area with the bizarre, colorful statues.

The view to City from NE Södermalm – Walk from Slussen station and go up the street, Katarinavägen. After 7-8 minutes you will see the docking area for the cruise liners, Gamla Stan, Gröna Lund, and Skeppsholmen. Most often people take the street sea level route (Stadsgårdleden) but it does not offer the charm of the Katarinavägen walk.

If you continue walking to the bend of the street, you can go straight (Fjällgatan) and head to Hermans for a fika, lunch or dinner. They have great vegetarian food and the perfect view.

The view to Stadshuset from Södermalm’s Radio Tower

Here’s a big secret. The radio tower is one very cool place to hang out and have beer. It’s windy and full of moronic teenage boys but the view is fabulous. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!! I love just staring out at Stadshuset.

Lilla Essingen strand – Packed on those days when Swedes sit out like solar panels, you have to get to Lilla Essingen’s strand early. There is no sand there compared to the other beaches, on Kungsholmen for example, but it’s just a fun spot.

Take some grilling stuff and all the fixings, the local ICA grocery store doesn’t have a great selection so pack your meats, treats, and drinks with you.

Humlegården – One of the few parks that has grass; real, long stemmed grass. I like to find a spot in the sun but close enough to a tree that I can hid under if I get too hot.

During the summertime, it’s packed, surprise surprise, with solar panel Swedes. The upside is that there is a ton of hot Swedish men and women to stare at. Japp, delicious godis! Just shield your eyes away from the stekare. Eww!

All these spots remind me of how beautiful Stockholm can be. To live on a city built of islands is an amazing experience.

15 Best Cafes in Stockholm

Like most of Europe, Swedes take coffee time seriously. And like the Americans, Swedes enjoy sit down coffees and espressos in what is known as a fika. A fika is a noun, verb, adjective to describe having a coffe (or tea) with someone.

Stockholm is full of cafes. Some are amazing and some are downright touristy and icky. I broke down a list of favorite cafes across the city by district. Some of the cafes are great to chat for hours, whiles others are great to work in, and some are worth the experience, even if short.

You will notice there are only 12 cafes on the list. I want you dear readers, to tell me your favorite spot and why and the best ones will be added into the list.

View Most Popular Cafes in a larger map

Bageriet Bulleboden
Parmmätargatan 7, 11224 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; wifi – no

I visited this cafe for the first time last month after my husband raved about it as a great cafe for good coffee and massive kanelbullar.

There were no kanelbullar that day, but I enjoyed a delicious, buttery kardamummabulle instead. Their grilled sandwiches are pricy (around 100:-) but are fresh and tasty. The salads are also excellent.

The cafe is usually not packed and therefore easy to sit down and enjoy a long fika and take in the view of the church and garden across the street.

Cafe Fix
Sankt Eriksgatan 35, 11239 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; free wifi – no
Even if it is packed inside, I have always managed to get a seat. There is plenty of good food and cookies to choose from. The long tea list is a plus for tea lovers; like myself. The brunch plate might look small but fills you up if you are not starving.

Cafe Fix is a great place to fika and if you are visiting Stockholm, a nice place to see a crowd and possible chat with a stranger. ~ written by Sabina

Petite France
Adress: John Ericssongatan 6, 11222 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; free wifi – yes
A typical French cafe with on occasion, typical French service. Notwithstanding their service, the location is in a quiet Kungsholmen neighborhood near the water (not on the waterside street though). The kanelbullar are famous as are their pain au chocolats.

Sometimes their coffee is a total miss and can run bitter and flat. If that happens, ask for another.

The coffee shop is best enjoyed in the summertime when you can sit outside.


Mellqvist Café & Bar
Rörstrandsgatan 4, Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; free wifi – no
This was one of the cafes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo filmed in; the other Kaffe in Södermalm (mentioned below).

Italian styled, you will enjoy the excellent coffees and good service at Mellqvist.

Riddargatan 4, 11435 Stockholm
A very old, funky cafe located in an old building in Östermalm, Sturekatten is one of the hallmark cafes in Stockholm. Sturekatten formed after the owners of Vetekatten went their separate ways.

It is very crowded during tea time and tourist season so try to get there a little earlier/later than others. They have the best semlor in the city and quirky, old chaises to enjoy them in.

Great for a fika but don’t expect to stay hours there and be in peace.

Cafe Foam
Karlavägen 75, 114 49 Stockholm

A bit of a bougie cafe in Östermalm-Karlaplan, Foam has excellent lunches and set brunches (real American pancakes).

The pink and black theme is bold but still Swedish. Packed during lunch hour, get early or at the end to catch their lunch specials. Otherwise go for a fika and stay for hours.


Vetekatten along with Sturekatten are the two most famous cafes in all of Stockholm. The best time is to get there in the early afternoon just when afternoon tea begins and feast yourself on freshly baked scones, sandwiches and homemade jams.

Otherwise, go there for a fika and eat a semla or bulle which come in a variety of unusual flavors.

Whatever you do, Swede, tourist, or vagabond, Vetekatten is a must visit place in Stockholm.

Citykyrkan på Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata
Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 10, Stockholm
This is one cafe I have not visited but hear it’s quirky and fun because it it is in a church. You can read a review here.
Gamla Stan:
Chokladkoppen (Plus sister cafe, Kaffekoppen located next door)
Stortorget 18, 111 29 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes, wifi – no

It’s a bit of a tourist trap in the high season but being located in Stortorget, where both the Nobel Museum and Kungliga Slottet are a stone’s throw away, there’s nothing short of culture at this spot.

Enjoy people watching as you feast on a giant kanelbulle and drink a cappuccino. You won’t be able to have a full fika but for history and culture lovers, this is your spot.

Drop Coffee
Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; wifi – yes

This is one of the few cafes you can sit all day and never be bothered by anyone. Yes, the cafe is a bit cramped but if you an Apple fanboy, you won’t be lonely (IBMs are welcome too though).

Their coffees are known as the best in the city and the dagens soppa {soup of the day} is always vegetarian.

The place isn’t a cosy spot but they have free wifi and outlets everywhere making it the best place to work and work some more.

Cafe Fåtöljen
Götgatan 12, 118 46 Stockholm; Hornsgatan 55
Uteservering – yes; wifi – no
Homemade pies are to die for. Need I say more.

Sankt Paulsgatan 17, 11846 Stockholm
This is a tiny cafe and made for standing espressos and conversations. All seats are bar style and face the windows so you can watch the people go by and spend a little longer time. Their sandwiches and coffee are well priced too.

And did I mention Daniel Craig sat inside Kaffe as they filmed? That’s a good enough reason to visit!

What’s your favorite cafe in Stockholm?

Walking/Jogging Routes in Stockholm

One of the best perks of living in Stockholm is walking around the city. There are so many islands and little walkways to enjoy the scenery of the water and the city.

I began jogging in an attempt to lose the Christmas-Easter holiday weight. Thus far, I haven’t lost anything but that could be because of the kanelbullar.

The best place that had maps was The Swedish Heart and Lung Society {Hjärt- & Lungskukas Riksförbund}. They have a collection of running trails they recommend throughout Sweden. You can pick any city in Sweden and get a map.

Here are few maps I love in the Stockholm area.

Kungsholmen island tour

Södermalm – the hipster route

Djurgården-Brunnviken border route

Lidingö – the bougie route

Sundybyberg – Solna – the double lake route

The Five Island run – a run through Södermalm, Liljeholmen, Stora Essingen, Lilla Essingen, Kungsholmen, and Långholmen

View Five Island Stockholm Run in a larger map

If you have a favorite map, link up below and I will embed it in the post.

Now time to get my feet dancing and ready for bikini time on the strand!

Berns Asiatiska {Dinner & Brunch Review}

One of the oldest, posh, buildings in the city belong to Berns, a restaurant and nightclub. Located at the end of Strandvägen and overlooking the beautiful Berzelli park (whenever they finish construction there) at the base of Östermalm, Berns is one of those places everybody goes to for something.

A concert.



Summer party.

Afternoon tea.


I’ve always been enthralled by Berns’ interior architecture. Entirely in the rococo style, the restaurant does everything to celebrate this late Baroque period: large gilded frames, huge chandelirs from catherdral ceilings, scrolled woodwork, and romantic lighting.
love the decor!

Then, Berns does something entirely crazy and instead of offering a Franco-Swedish menu or similar, they went all Asian, East Asian. From dumplings to spring rolls to sashimi, Berns offers the best of East Asian dishes.

On my first visit to Berns I attended a concert. Besides the fabulous architecture, entertaining unisex bathrooms, and overpriced drinks, it was overall a great night.

The second visit was at the Berns Asiatiska brunch. It’s pricy, 350kr, but with a full buffet of the same food served at dinner, a much better deal and selection.

Berns Asiatiska Dinner Service
I also visited Berns for a birthday dinner, which is when things went terribly wrong. We had a night where Murphy’s law dominated our service and food experience.

Our waitress arrived thirty minutes after seating to take our order. She skipped our drink order for another twenty minutes. In the interim, she explained that Berns serves its food family style; meaning, your orders can be combined and placed on a large platter to share.

Normally, I would love to do a family style service but as I only know two people at the table and considering many servings were single piece only, our host informed the waitress that we rather have individual servings.

She warned us that the ‘food will come out when it comes out’ and we agreed. What happened next was a nightmare.

Several dishes were combined, especially the dumpling orders. Some people receive one, two or three of dishes with 45minutes of ordering, I for example, received nothing. At that point I asked the waitress where my food was, she had no idea and after another fifteen minutes, I received one of two dishes I ordered: a dumpling.

Yes, a dumpling. ONE dumpling for 35kr (I swear I paid 32kr from the restaurant tax drop, but their website confirms 35kr). And when you are hungry and tired of waiting two hours from the time of seating, you are not happy.

the lonely dumpling

My chicken satay arrived a few short minutes after and the sauce was delicious but the chicken was rubber.

My friend had the sashimi platter and said the sashimi quality was higher than average for Stockholm, but average compared to a good sushi restaurant on the US West Coast. As for price, acceptable but not amazing enough to go back repeatedly.

A few other folks at our table never received some of their orders, only to find out that it had been ‘combined’ and served to someone else. The waitress did not inform either party.

With the whole fiasco over, I went home fuming; eating a burger and ice cream to comprise a makeshift dinner.

The amount of of times I had poor service in Stockholm had reached its tipping point and I decided to write to Berns and explain the whole situation. {Nicely of course}

Two weeks later I received an apology from the manager. He asked some follow-up questions and a week later, explained that it went all wrong for them as well.

He apologized, owned up to the mess, and offered myself, the birthday girl, and two guests brunch at Berns. I accepted and we went again.

Berns Asiatiska Brunch Service
As a caveat, when I went to Berns for brunch, the maître-de met me and knew about the situation. However, service from her was impeccable and she was friendly and smiling. Good start!

Our waiter, who served drinks, was prompt at refilling our teapots/coffeepots when necessary. He was not responsible for any food service since the brunch was a full buffet.

As for the brunch itself, there was a full section of East Asian foods: cold salads, raw oysters with caviar or truffles, Thai green curry, dim sum, soft pork buns, cut of lamb, sashimi, and sushi. And a perfect brunch is incomplete without a dessert table.

dim sum, oysters, and goodies

Favorites were dim sum – though could have been warmer, sushi, fresh scallops – which tasted like fluffy clouds, and oysters – which I ate for the first time.

The dessert table was the highlight of the service. Dozens of mini mousses, brûlées, cookies, and cakes line the table. There was something for everyone. Delicate jasmine tea notes in a crème brûlée conclude the brunch service in a masterful way.

the dessert plate

Overall everyone was very happy, well fed, and feeling good. I take pride in a restaurant giving good service and this time Berns brought itself from the dead.

If only restaurants gave their best the first time around, dismal evenings would not be had. Nevertheless, they owned up to their mistakes, offered a meal to give a second chance, and improved their reputation.

That is real customer service.

Berns Asiatiska
Offerings: http://www.berns.se/berns-asiatiska
Overall: Brunch is absolutely a must for people loving Asian food. Afternoon tea is supposed to be excellent though have not personally tried it.
Photographs: http://www.flickr.com/photos/blacksapphire/sets/72157629420741634/with/7064537489/
Location: Berzelii Park; look for a large building across from the theater.
Access: Closest to Kungstragården Tbana stop; 7 minute walk from Östermalm Tbana