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Like anyone living in a foreign country, you eventually get used to things. Some things just remain a nuisance while others are accepted as cultural idiosyncrasies. Now that I have been here for a few years, I have come to terms with a lot of things. Some aspects drive me crazy (more on that later) […]

As many of you know, I’m from California. Well, not really from California but spent a good part of my life and college years there. It still counts. And every time I visit California, I notice all these differences between there and Sweden. Duh, I know they are two different regions. There isn’t much to […]

Fika – it is a noun, a verb, and a way of life for Swedes. Quiet possibly the best part of anyone’s day. thanks lh for finding this!   Now don’t you just wanna fika right about … now?! thanks to Rinse for the photo In British English a fika could be referred to as […]

UPDATE: June 21st, 2012. I found some more shocking things Sonia said that put together, qualifies her for a padded white room. Quotes are listed below. You know it’s always fun when a country fucks up. And fucks up royally via Twitter. I totally missed this but a few days ago, a Swede on the […]

If you haven’t been in Sweden long enough then you can do a few things that make you unquestionably Swedish. And I mean in a good way, not the get wasted and throw up on the tunnelbanan at 2am way. 1. Queue up – Getting that kölapp at the local apotek or systembolaget means you […]

Today I attended Lakritsfestivalen, a new annual show dedicated to the plant, licorice. Yes, licorice is on the verge of the next culinary explosion and it’s fitting that the country to lead the licorice extravaganza is Sweden. This is part III on my Swedish Candy Series. Be sure to check out parts I and II. […]

When I first heard about pea soup Thursday {ärtsoppa på tordagan}, I reenacted the scene from The Exorcist where Linda Blair throws up pea soup and does the infamous 360 degree head turn. Pea soup gave me nightmares for years. soup + dessert = epic swedish win? And it still does, but a couple weeks […]

What is a Swede?

5, Mar 2012

Technically, a Swede is a rutabaga. Seriously, it is. Wikipedia says so.   It has to be true! Actually, it is true…the kålrot is called a swede in the commonwealth countries. If you want to know what a Swede, the person is, well, I found an interesting blog post from an old blog called Living […]

There’s this ongoing battle in many countries. The dispute can destroy dinner parties and make friendships awkward. Some people compare this battle to the War of the Roses, eternal until death do us part. It is called – The Battle of Wearing Shoes Indoors! I for one, do not allow shoes in the house. I […]

Sometimes I’m amazed at how Swedish I have become. I love the wintertime and snowfall and the darkness doesn’t bother me that much. Laundry bookings prevent a run on the washing machines Saturday morning, and the despicable Systembolaget is clean and full of helpful information when buying wine. There are some Swedish things I cannot […]