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You probably already know that Swedes loves their coffee. And they love to fika. Which got me thinking that, there should be a map to all the popular, or in some cases only, cafes in Stockholm. I took the SL’s tunnelbanan’s karta (metro map), removed all the stations, and inserted cafes. Surprisingly, it was a […]

What started as a hostage situation with an elderly man armed with a machete, has ended in massive car fires and destruction of property by protesters in Husby and its neighboring suburbs. It is uncertain whether the unnamed man shot by the police was a direct threat to them when they entered the apartment. He […]

It’s summertime in Sweden. And that means one thing: semester. Vacation, that is. the stockholm summer photo collection Everyone is on vacation this month. I mean everyone. Like France and Germany vacating the cities in August, Swedes vacate their cities in July and head out to the countryside or abroad. In Sweden, if you are […]

I always notice that whatever park I am in in Stockholm, people are drinking. Beer, wine in a box, cider kool-aid are the beverages of choice. When I first looked online at Stockholm’s official site, their information was totally outdated, by years. That was not helpful. This year however, they got it together and have […]

Two weeks ago, the Moderaterna Traffic and labor commissioner in charge of sanitation in Stockholm, Ulla Hamilton, wrote an op-ed piece in the newspaper Aftonbladet about cigarette littering {cigaretfimpar} and the need to curtail butt litter. Basically, she wrote littering is bad and that the city needs to pass a law that both makes it […]

It’s that time of the year again. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the tourists are arriving by the boatload (literally) into Stockholm. I have previously published a few short articles about Stockholm but this should be your starter as to the must see spots in the city. First, the Visit Stockholm […]

One of the oldest, posh, buildings in the city belong to Berns, a restaurant and nightclub. Located at the end of Strandvägen and overlooking the beautiful Berzelli park (whenever they finish construction there) at the base of Ă–stermalm, Berns is one of those places everybody goes to for something. A concert. Dinner. Julbord. Summer party. […]

An afternoon of random hail, snow, and rain. Just like a crazy summer afternoon in the South.

Exactly a month ago, on Leap Day, I spent the afternoon with Mikael, one of the cofounders of the cupcake bakery, Cupcake Sthlm (short for Stockholm). They are a growing local business that I have loved ever since they opened in late 2010. It was a glorious afternoon sampling mini cupcakes. Cupcake critics out there […]

Spring is arriving in Stockholm. It’s a beautiful feeling to throw off the heavy boots and coats in exchange for brighter, happier colors. Plus the people of Stockholm are coming out of the catacombs and smiling again. Yay! Here’s a photo post that I’ll update occasionally with photographs of springtime here. Hail!?!! Enjoy!