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For all that Swedes complain about the winter, weather, and rain, Sweden is one of the happiest places on Earth. And so is Finland, Norway, and Denmark. Our saddest little neighbor, Iceland, is only the 15th happiest place on Earth. Overall, the Nordic region is one happy family and Scandinavia is Disneyland in real life. […]

December is here! And that means, Christmas, S:t Lucia festivities, and food. Lots of food. Oh and lots of decoration. Over the years I write a couple articles about Christmas in Sweden and after sometime, the posts get all mixed up together. To make it easier for you all to find the right post about […]

Before I get to the meaning of the title of this post, it is November 30th allihopa! The last day of dreary November is nearly over and we are one step closer to a fun filled Christmas in Sweden. That means drinking, celebrating and passing out! Which begs the all important question: will it snow […]

Forty five years ago today, Sweden switched it’s traffic from left hand side (like in the UK) to the right side of the road. After all, Sweden’s Scandinavian neighbors were on the right side of the road, most of Europe was on the right side of the road (props for Britain being the special one), […]

Today Christ ascends to heaven in one of Christianity’s ecumenical feasts. In Sweden, today is a red day and most Swedes enjoy a long weekend with proper spring weather. Ascension of Christ by Garofalo, 1520. According to the Swedish Church, Ascension Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years: “Ascension Day has been celebrated since […]

Today at midnight is the end of filing taxes in Sweden. Skatteverket is quite friendly when it comes to tax filings as long as you saved all your receipts. illustration by Jonas Karner.

I love European money, well the Euro and the Kronar. They are colorful, different shaped banknotes for each denomination and usually have cute/bizarre images on the notes. Sweden has a colorful collection with dead people on the notes (you have to be dead – sorry Swedish Chef). But since the notes are 25 years old; […]

I never expected I could be a licorice lover. Growing up, I loved one and one type of licorice candy: Jelly Belly licorice. My mom love licorice, like real licorice candy in the US. The Swedish variety was too salty for her tastes but she still enjoyed them. And she’s the only person I know […]

UPDATE: Feb 27, 15.30. Photos of Princess Estelle at four days old. Awww! UPDATE: Feb 24, 11.29. Her name is: Estelle Silvia Ewa Mary !!! What’s with the W spelling? I thought Swedish normally didn’t use a ‘w’ in the alphabet? Update: Feb 24, 11.19 The name will be release live today. In the meantime, […]

Found this great venn diagram from diesel sweeties: It also made me think of the differences between the two countries… Norway They always sound happy when they speak Lax Super athletic NATO Two languages: Nynorsk & Bokmål (why oh why…) North Pole Sweden Land of the semlor, kanelbulle The Swedish Bikini Team Station wagon baby-mobiles […]