The United States is Closed

If you are currently visiting the United States on vacation and are hoping to see the Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Memorial, or even Alcatraz, well, sad news, they are all closed.
US goverment shutdown closed

US goverment shutdown - Lincoln memorial
That’s because of the clusterfuckery of House Republications holding the budget hostage so they can “negotiate” with the Senate to delay the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, by one year.

Does it makes sense now? No? Me either. Honestly, it’s just a bunch fucktards in the right of right of right Republican party that are making everyone facepalm. Of course, the tea party is jumping for joy that we can eliminate the evils of healthcare for all.

After all, “Americans don’t want Obamacare.”

I can’t facepalm myself enough times. Let’s ask Jon Stewart and see what he thinks of the government shutdown.

You can watch the rest of the videos on The Daily Show’s website.

If you want to know who’s causing this clusterfuck of stupidity, Gawker put together a list of crazy Republications. I mean, these are bat-shit-fucking crazy people. They’re not normal Republicans. Normal Republicans are hiding in the closet and thinking, “oh fuck! why did we ever accept these people into our party. Now we’re going to become obsolete.”

These 10 men-devils, Michelle Bachmann is not human so I don’t count her as female, are holding the entire country hostage. For them, it’s the happiest day of their lives. For the rest of us, we think they are idiots.
10 worst republicans government shutdown

And let’s not forget about the douchiest tea-bagger of all: Rep. Randy Neugebauer. He made a Park Ranger apologize for the closing of the Veterans Memorial. If you’d like to tell him he’s an idiot, here are his contact details: 611 University Ave. Suite #220, Lubbock, TX 79401, Phone: (806) 763-1611, Fax: (806) 767-9168

In any event, for those of you wondering when this will end, I have no idea. I really have no good idea when the House will come to its senses, or the rest of the Republican party kick the crazies out. This is the showdown the Tea Party has been waiting for. They’re probably drunk on power, singing and dancing on top of the dead bodies of the United States federal employees.

Because, you know they care for the American people.

Chaos in Husby & Stockholm Suburbs – Interview with Rami Al-Khamisi of Megafone

What started as a hostage situation with an elderly man armed with a machete, has ended in massive car fires and destruction of property by protesters in Husby and its neighboring suburbs.

It is uncertain whether the unnamed man shot by the police was a direct threat to them when they entered the apartment. He was shot by police after refusing to drop his weapon and was declared dead upon arrival at the hospital. However, Megafonen, a youth community group only saw a hearse and never an ambulance.

They believe the shooting was part of an increasing presence of police brutality in Sweden.

To get a better understanding of what is going on, I have translated part of the interview with spokesperson Rami Al-Khamisi at Megafone with the newspaper DN.

1. Varför startade kravallerna? // Why start the riots?
–?Det var en reaktion på dödsskjutningen i måndags. Folk uppfattar att polisen har rasistiska föreställningar som gör det enklare att inte respektera människors rättigheter. Dessvärre har vi också ett samhälle som inte tar tillräckligt avstånd från det.
– It was a reaction to the shooting that happened on Monday. The people believe that the police racist act make it easier to not respect people’s rights. Unfortunately, we also have a society that takes too much distance from this.

2. Använde polisen rasistiska glåpord som ”neger” och ”råttor”? //Did the police use racist taunts like “n—er” and “rat”?

–Ja, vi överraskades hur polisen agerade mot människor, man använde hundar och batonger mot barn och föräldrar och uttryckte sig med ord som neger, svartskallar och apor.

– Yes, we were surprised at how the police acted toward people, how they used batons and dogs against children, parents and expressed themselves using words like negro, blackies, and monkies.

3. Tycker du att det är okej att människor kastar sten och bränner bilar? // Do you think it’s okay for people to throw stones and burn cars?

– Det hjälper inte att vare sig försvara eller ta ställning till det som händer, vi kan bara förstå det. Megafonen arbetar för social upprustning och har en konstruktiv och fredlig roll. Det är inte första gången upplopp sker i Husby. Det är strukturella problem som politikerna inte har åtgärdat. Ju större klyftorna blir kommer det tyvärr finnas människor som tar ut sin frustration på det här sättet.

– It doesn’t help to defend or take a position on what happens, we can only understand it. Megafone works for social rehabilitation in a constructive and peaceful way. This is not the first time riots have occurred in Husby. There are structural problems that the politicians have not resolved. The larger the gaps become, the more people will take their frustration in this way.

4. Du är kritisk till politiker och regeringen? // You are critical of politicians and the government?

–Regeringen väljer att lösa sociala problem med ökad polisbevakning och militarisering av förorten. Så länge detta pågår kommer människor att resa sig och vilja annat. Det skapar inte förändring men många tror att enda sättet att möta makten är med våld.

– The government choses to solve social problems with increased police and military presence in the suburbs. As long as this happens, people will rise up wanting something else. It does not create change, but many believe that the only way to meet that power is with violence.

5. Varför kräver ni en oberoende utredning av döds­skjutningen? // Why do you call for an independent investigation into the fatal shooting?

–Vi kräver en oberoende utredning för att ta reda på vad som hänt. Det har gjorts tidigare, och kan göras på förslag av rikspolisstyrelsen eller justieminister Beatrice Ask. Den kan bestå av jurister, professorer eller andra experter.

– We demand an independent investigation to take account of what happened. This has been done before, and is done on the suggestion of the National Police Board or the Justice Minister, Beatrice Ask. The board is comprised of lawyers, professors, and other experts.

6. Ni kräver också en ursäkt till kvinnan vars man dödades och Husbyborna? // Do you also demand an apology to the woman whose husband was killed and Husby residents?

–Vi kräver en offentlig ursäkt till Husbyborna som känner sig otrygga och fruktar för sina liv efter polisens övervåld. Folk såg att kvinnan blev illa behandlad av polisen och var i chock för att hennes man dödats. Polisen gick också ut med felaktiga uppgifter om att personen avled på sjukhuset vilket han inte gjorde.

– We demand a public apology to Husby residents who feel insecure and fear for their lives after the police assault. People saw that the woman was poorly treated by the police and was in shock that her husband was killed. The police also went public with false information that the person died in the hospital, which he did not.

7. Men är den felaktiga uppgiften ett bevis för övervåld? //but is this

–Frågan är om det krävs en insatsstyrka så många skott mot en knivbeväpnad, psykiskt sjuk man i 70-årsåldern. Frågan är också varför han inte fick hjälp efteråt och varför man inte kallar på ambulans.

– The question is whether a task force was needed and if it needed to fire so many shots to a mentally unstable 70 year old man. The question is also why he did not get help after and why an ambulance was not called.

–End interview.

If you are live outside of Stockholm central in Husby, Jakobsberg, and other suburbs, many community groups are walking out during the evenings this week to help instill a state of peace and security for the citizens.

Happy (Illegal) Holiday!

Today is Constitution Day. I have no idea what that means except Constitution Day was passed over 100 years but strengthened in 2005; sometime during the abyss of the Bush years.

Constitution Day is simply a day to celebrate our Constitution because it was signed this day in 1787 (though not ratified until 1788).

The irony of the day is that it is most likely unconstitutional. “By Congressional mandate, all educational institutions receiving federal funds — from preschools to universities, whether public or private — are required to provide relevant educational programming to observe the occasion,” said Kent Greenfield, Op-Ed contributor of the NY Times.

Schools and colleges are as a result forced to teach about the Constitution on this day or risk losing federal funding. And when it comes to millions of dollars in funds to cash strapped schools, few would disagree. And schools are pushing the Constitutional talk even though it is unconstitutional to be forced to teach it.

I’ll save you Miss Liberty!
superwoman american flag

For students this can be a great opportunity to learn about the most important document in American history. Read the preamble, discuss the most influential cases by the Supreme Court, keep a pock guide of the Bill of Rights.

This gets weird when the Tea Party gets involved. They are on their gung-ho crayola wagon to push coloring books, and videos, and everything possible that of course supports the Tea Party angle. Why discuss the right to taxation (Sixteenth Amendment) or birthright citizenship (Fourteenth Amendment) when we can scream about states’ rights (Tenth Amendment) against the big bad government?

I love that students will have an opportunity to learn more and understand the philosophy behind our laws. I hate that a radical conservative political party (bat shit crazy sometimes) is using this day to force its own philosophies, conservative at best.

In any event, at least I can express my First Amendment right that the Tea Party is full of idiots and exert my Fifth Amendment rights to refuse to answer questions about calling a certain party idiots.

Happy Constitution Day!

The S******** Word

I’ve been surfing funny things the past week in an effort to cheer myself up and give a respite from reality. Thank you all who have written lovely comments on my previous post. I’ll share more later this week.

But, in the spirit of this blog, let’s discuss something funny. I came across this status message from a friend:

Obama-care has to have birth control….ARG!!!!! Why dont you just go ahead and trample all over our civil liberties while ur at it?!?!?!!

Followed by a comment:

What do you mean by ‘has to have birth control’?

And the OP posted back:

obama has stated that his health care plan has to have birth control included and a requirement for its recipients….can you say socialist??

First, I have no idea what this person is even trying to say. What does civil liberties have to do with birth control? How does birth control trample our rights? Perhaps condoms smack stupid boys who don’t want to use them.

Taking away that these comments are incomprehensible, the rhetoric is inflammatory. The poster used the S word. You know, SOCIALIST. And in America, the S word is a bad bad thing. Conservatives probably equate the S word to the N word used to describe African Americans. The only difference is one word is used to describe a political and social system that exists in some capacity in all nations and the other word is used to insult and condescend upon a race of people.

Fox News and socialism

I find it unfortunate that people, mainly neo-conservatives, using any political term to describe different political ideologies. “Hitler was socialist. Mussolini was nazi. America will be Socialist. Italy is communist.” Not only is this thinking ignorant but also dangerous.

The average Joe in America believes socialism will destroy the country. What they fail to realize is that many system in America are run in a socialist manner. Police, fire, schools, post offices and the military are run by the public (the government as the body which operates them). Perhaps we should eliminate or privatize these programs.

Now we have millions of people who think by having birth control in health care programs the government is controlling us! And now we’re becoming socialists! The horror that America turns into Sweden.

This is why American politics is a disaster today. Pundits or “experts” say outrageous, if not false, statements and people blindly accept it as gospel.

Not about politics but Fox News’ amazing ability to produce garbage.

“These stats are irrefutable… The institution of marriage in Sweden has collapsed.” – Ohh Bill O’Reilly, you are a douchebag.

Stockholm’s First Suicide Bomber & “Parliament Princess” Douchebaggery

Yesterday a suicide bomber blew himself up on Drottningatan at the end of the shopping day in central Stockholm city.

In what appears to be a terrorist attack, this marks the first terrorist attack in Stockholm in decades. Little information has been released except a letter sent minutes before the attack warning Sweden of its “silent” involvement with the Prophet Mohammed cartoons.

It went on to state: “Now, your children — daughters and sisters — will die like our brothers and sisters and children die… Our actions will speak for themselves. As long as you do not end your war against Islam and the insult against the prophet and your stupid support for that pig Vilks.”

What I have never understood with suicide bombers is the ultimate purpose they serve. This idiot “failed” by succeeding to detonate one of six bombs and only kill himself. His actions will cause increased hostility between Muslims, immigrant Muslims, and Swedes. It’s the most moronic thing to do: increase strife and racism between contentious groups instead of raising awareness of peace and integration.

Look at the douchebag undersecretary of SverigesDemokraterna. We all know that Sveriges Demokraterna has racist ties but this girl, Alexander Brunell, selfishly calling herself the Parliament Princess, said on her Twitter account:

It translates to: “Is this when people will say ‘I told you so’? #finally” Notice the hashtag, #äntligen. Is this an attack that Sweden deserves a terrorist attack? It’s unfortunate that a racist pighead also flounts herself as a princess of the Swedish Parliament.

At least she’s a good target practice for people to find the Sweden Democrats a bunch of idiots. Like her comment calling someone a “muslimkramere” (read the cache of Wtf) Sounds like she watches Harry Potter too much and though of “blood traiter.” I suppose she will not be winning the Nobel Peace Prize anytime soon as she’s a political liability.

But my favorite is the photo of Alexandra sucking on a negroboll, I mean chockladboll.

At the end of a suicide bombing, we’re left to two polarized sides: the one advocating violence, and the one advocating racism.

War and Peace at the Nobel Ceremony

It’s that time of year again, Swedish Christmas decoration, endless supplies of glögg, and the Nobel Prize awards ceremony.

Most notably is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize, Mr. Liu Xiaobao, presented in Oslo. Last year the committee awarded President Obama the peace prize, a controversial decision considering the President’s short time in office. This year, there has been fierce opposition of the committee’s decision to award a criminal dissident of the peace prize.

The decision cost not only uproar and vitriolic anger by the Chinese government but also the loss of diplomatic ties and trade relations (too bad Wikileaks has no diplomatic cables on the past weeks discussion between countries) with Norway. China went so far to say that countries who attend the ceremony would have repercussions and be a black marks. Besides, said the Chinese government, the Peace Prize is an American conspiracy and the prize itself is “an anti-China farce” run by “clowns” in Norway.

China’s way to win over countries: threaten them.

Mr. Xiaobao is in prison for eleven years and his wife is under house surveilance and unable to leave home (or China). For the first time in 75 years, since Hitler ruled Germany (and prevent the Nobel winner), was there no person able to receive a prize himself/herself or even on behalf of someone. Never thought China would be in the same sentence as Hitler when it comes to political democracy.

I support giving the prize to someone who has fought, and continues to fight, the right to freedom. For that I dedicate this post to all citizens around the world who have battled with their soul to better the lives of people around them.

As the head of the Norweigian Peace Prize committee, Thorbjorn Jagland, said: “It is no coincidence that nearly all the richest countries in the world are democratic, because democracy mobilizes new human and technological resources,” he said. “China’s new status entails increased responsibility. China must be prepared for criticism, and regard it as a positive, as an opportunity for improvement.”

For Mr. Xiaobao, who strives for peace, his award sparks war in the country he lives.

Smelling Pickled Herring in the Wikileaks Arrest

When Wikileaks released the nearly 400,000 documents about the Iraq war, I was ambivalent. I did not like the idea of innocent civilians being exposed and possibly killed because of the information that leaked out. Or, having national security paraded on the internet. Then the diplomatic cables released and I thought the Wikileaks founder was a ballsy man willing to take the risk to get the truth out.

Around the same time, Julian Assange, the founder, engaged in alleged sexual molestation and rape, in which two Swedish girls came forward. And today, a week after the diplomatic cables were released to the public, he was arrested in London pending extradition charges to Sweden.

What bothers me most, is someone pulling the marionette? Did Sweden miraculously create a functioning legal system? No, because the first time they tried to the execute the warrant, it was filled out wrong. And in a country where less than 6% of extreme crimes are ever solved, the Swedish police now have a case against Assange? Is this the same Sweden which agreed with the CIA in covert and illegal operations to take a suspect in the middle of the night on a plane? And the same Sweden where municipalities equate hemp body lotion to drugs?

Two girls, of which the names cannot be released, claimed he stopped wearing a condom, ergo sex was nonconsensual. Why not call the guy a douchebag and leave? Since when was a man being an idiot and not wanting to wear a condom demand attention from the Swedish police and Interpol? And separate incidences of nearly the same nature? If this was a case of serial rape, why has Assange never been arrested before?

I smell pickled herring. Actually, I smell surströmming stinking out of the prosecutor’s office that organized the arrest. The city of Stockholm does not even have functioning street cameras, installed for security and safety, and they have evidence Assange committed a crime? The crime unit which tests crime scene materials for evidence took three months to test my husband’s jacket and scarf for blood and hair stains. But making a case against Assange took only a couple weeks. The line of reality for little people versus persecuting the famous seems to be dark and bold.

A computer programmer being beaten by a crazy with a gun is less important to solve for the people of Stockholm than some guy who didn’t wear a condom and is in charge of leaking documents of unimaginable proportions to the world.

Or is that the point? The little people, us, don’t mean crap to the security of the state. But a guy who leaks documents? We need to get that bastard at any expense. Did the Swedish government concont this story? How do we know those girls are real (not decoys)? How do we know those girls even met him? (he admits to meeting them but not saying anything else) And how do we know this is not a dirty trick to set him up? This guy can be an idiot and committed the crime, he’s known for being unstable. But the timing? It is just too perfect.

If you cannot arrest Julian Assange for espionage and treason, why not arrest him for not wearing a condom and call it molestation and rape?

The Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates, said “that sounds like good news to me.” and Paypal have cancelled commercial ties to Wikileaks (grace à Sen. Joseph Lieberman). Twitter is supposedly suppressing wikileaks and cablegate hashtags from making the trending topics; though idiotic garbage like #twetot and #lemmeguess is at the top at 16.21 EST. Conspiracy, coincidence, Sveriges Demokraterna’s racism against Australians? We do not know, but we have responsibility to find the truth.

The Swedish justice system will either be hailed by the world for saving themselves against thousands more pages of sensitive information on the web; or, be considered a joke, unable to make a real case and make it harder in the future for victims to pursue real rape crimes.

There’s surströmming and it’s about to blow its top all over Sweden and the United Kingdom. Be sure to wear a gas mask. Or a non leaky condom.

The Case For and Against Sverigedemokraterna

The fate of the country does not depend on how you vote at the polls — the worst man is as strong as the best at that game; it does not depend on what kind of paper you drop into the ballot-box once a year, but on what kind of man you drop from your chamber into the street every morning. – Henry David Thoreau, Slavery in Massachusetts

Dear Sweden,

Let’s get this straight, I don’t support Sverigedemokraterna (Sweden’s Democrats). I am also a brown person and an immigrant in Sweden. My vote may not matter, but my voice does. The SD has an ugly history of racism and more extreme, Nazi party ties (basically bat shit crazy). SD supports France’s Le Pen’s National Front, strong nationalistic views and a “multicultual world not multicultural society”. This usually makes for a bad combination.

Today, the Sweden Democrats won 5.6% of the national vote and obtained seats in the Swedish Parliament (Riksdag) along with the conservative parties. Swedes are in an uproar that they could even be voted in and appalled that a “racist” organization can obtain legal representation. As a note, in Sweden, being openly racist and making racist comments can be considered a hate crime. Now, there is an entire party based on anti-immigration, specifically anti-Islam, which has government power.

In a democratic society, you may disagree with others’ opinions but they have a right to representation. That exactly what the 5,6% did: express their displeasure with the current government and vote for change. I disagree with Sverigedemokraterna; I think they are crazy but I believe they have a right to be represented in the government. Maybe they will not be the villans Swedish society portrays them.

But there is another side to this whole story. The SD is troubling in many ways but it serves a necessary evil in society. Take this example, millions in Arizona supported checking anyone “suspicious of being legal in the United States,” which in turn meant “if you’re brown, we can ask for your papers.” It was the next level in combating illegal immigration problems in the US (more than 11 million people are verified as illegal). States are taking control to discover “suspicious non residents,” chiefly Mexicans. Obviously racist and xenophobic.

As disturbing as the Arizona law was, millions of Americans, the Department of Homeland Security, the border watchdogs and more are concerned about immigration. Tea Party supporters are screaming “Take back America” while others want to kick out all illegal immigrants. It’s scary, it’s frightening and it’s terrifying as a brown person to know that some citizens watch with suspicion and derision.

This leads to the point: the racists, the ones supporting deportation/anti-immigration, are a necessary evil IF I know who they are. Because they protest, voice their opinions, and cast ballots, I know they exist. I also learn that I must combat their rhetoric. Because if they, be it SD or the Tea Party supporters, are forced into hiding, no one know what racist thoughts and actions they can execute.

I have to know who my enemy is in order to fight them. I also understand that peacefully through civil disobedience both sides (mine and theirs), have the right to assimilate and protest. We also have the right to persuade others to do the right thing (fight racism in my case).

Without SD or the Tea Party baggers existing in the public, I never know who they are. They are the KKK, but invisible; capable of terrorizing people without being found. It could be a neighbor, store clerk, boss, friend, bus driver but if they are in hiding, I will never know. And when they strike at me, I will be caught unaware.

Racism did not grow from thin air; it grew from discontent, violence, and instability in society. Swedes, just now realised racism is a problem in their country. That is Paradise Lost; the failure and hubris to believe racism does not exist in their land. It is no wonder other countries snicker at the election today.

There are no easy solutions. America continues to battle its part that nearly destroyed the nation. It also battles new forms of xenophobia every generation. But as a start, the immigrants in Sweden must be given means to achieve a better life through education, vocation classes for adults, and true Swedish learning programs. Fuck SFI, give me a real class that teaches Swedish.

But for the immigrants, including myself, it is not a carte blanche to ‘do as you please.’ We are in Sweden, we must assimilate and abide by Swedish laws. We can add some flair to the melting pot, but we cannot change the majority and a country’s heritage to suit our religious/cultural whims.

That is where America has done right. American takes in a melange of cultures and pushes out what complements American culture. The United States has a strongly defined culture. There is a reason why people take a citizenship test and receive a citizenship ceremony upon becoming Americans; it attests to the American way.

Socialdemokraterna and the RödGrön alliance expressed they will “never speak to SD in the Riksdag.” But where does that put society? To ignore people’s suffrage in the country’s highest governing body, undermines democracy and free speech. SD maybe against every single feeling of your body, but if you are representing the populous, so are they. To ignore SD in the Parliament, will lead to the exact opposite reaction we want: SD will play the victim and earn even more support. Instead of heading for a standoff in the Riksdag, why not work together? Perhaps SD is not as bat shit crazy as we believe…perhaps they are. Only legislation votes will tell.

I want all political parties, red, blue, green, purple, orange, to work with SD to form policies that support Sweden and Sweden’s national interests. THAT is political power and representation. Center left or right, the Parliament has to function as one. Otherwise you could end up like the US Congress: a schism of disunity.

This is the time for Swedes to rise up. To take action. It is, for the first time in Swedish history, that race relations plays a significant part of society. Sweden must accept that with different races/ethnicities discrimination and racism inevitably exists. However, the Riksdag must step forward and pave the way for a more equal and open society.

In the end, Sveriges Democraterna are Sweden’s necessary evil to open race relation discussions in the country. How else can we assimilate 10% of our foreign population if the government cowers away from decisions?

Fellow Swedes, take this not as a loss for Sweden. If you take defeat, you will lose. Take this as a way to support immigrants and create legislation for a more harmonious and equal society.

With best wishes for a hopeful Sweden,
The voices that matter

PS. Flaming, insulting, discriminating, or derision of any sort will not be tolerated. Take your shit elsewhere.

PPS. “Necessary evil” does not mean someone/something is evil. It means someone/something is an unpleasant and unpopular choice but exists to achieve a result.. A “necessary evil” balances the scale.

Take the Quiz! Find out What is Your Swedish Political Party

On September 19th, 2010 millions of Swedes and voting adults will take to the polls and vote on the national election for Parliament (riksdag). The newspaper, Dagens Nyheter, created a fun quiz to help you figure out what political party you best support based on a 25 question quiz.

You can also see the Swedish political barometer for the past four years (2006-2010) on a near monthly basis from

The quiz is in Swedish but I have translated the quiz questions into English below.

Take the quiz here, Valkompassen 2010. Let us know what Swedish political party you would vote for in the 2010 Valet!

1. Sverige ska delta i nato-ledda militära operationer som exempelvis i Afghanistan
Sweden will participate in the NATO-led military operations like in Afghanistan

2. En global skatt ska motverka valutaspekulation
A global tax will discourage currency speculation

3. Privata sjukvårdsförsäkringar ska kunna komplettera den offentliga sjukvården
Private health insurance shall supplement the national health system

4. Statliga museer ska ha fri entré
National museums will have free admission

5. Sverige ska snarast införa euro
Sweden shall soon adopt the euro

6. Licensjakt på varg ska tillåtas
Wolf hunting license shall be permitted

7. Värnskatten ska avskaffas
Shielding tax should be abolished

8. Det behövs en lag om kvotering i bolagsstyrelser
There needs to be a law on quotas in corporate boards

9. FRA:s signalspaning på kabelburen trafik ska inte tillåtas
FRA’s signal to cable-borne traffic is not allowed

10. Invandringen berikar Sverige
Immigration enriches Sweden

11. Fler unga kan få jobb om las ändras och regeln sist in först ut stryks
More young people can get jobs if the rule of “last in first out” is eliminated

12. Individualiserad föräldraförsäkring ökar jämställdheten
Individualized parental insurance enhances equality

13. Avdraget för hushållsnära tjänster ska avskaffas
The deduction for household services should be abolished

14. Det ska vara förbjudet att för eget bruk fritt ladda ner upphovsrättsskyddat material från internet.
It should be prohibited for personal use to freely download copyrighted material from the Internet.

15. Sjukförsäkringen ska vara tidsbegränsad
Health insurance should be limited

16. Betyg i årskurs sex behövs
Exam scores in grade six are needed

17. Gröna skatter behövs för att förbättra miljön
Green taxes are needed to improve the environment

18. Alkoholmonopolet ska avskaffas
The alcohol monopoly should be abolished

19. Förmögenhetsskatten ska återinföras
The wealth tax will be reinstated

20. Det behövs en lag som begränsar antalet friskolor
There needs to be a law limiting the number of independent schools

21. Inkomstskatten ska sänkas ytterligare
Income tax will be reduced further

22. Turkiet bör bli medlem i EU
Turkey should join the EU

23. Uranbrytning ska tillåtas i Sverige
Uranium mining is allowed in Sweden

24. Sextimmarsdag med bibehållen lön ska införas
Six hour work days should be given the same pay

25. Monarkin ska avskaffas
The monarchy should be abolished

SVT Accidentally Publishes that The Pirate Bay Party Acquitted

Major fail! SVT, Sweden’s Television station publishes two articles: one that the Pirate Bay is guilty and the other that they are innocent.

Here is the image below. A translation will follow.

Pirate Bay articles states they were acquitted
Pirate Bay articles states they were acquitted

Original text:

Friande dom i Pirate Bay-målet
De åtalade männen bakom fildelningssajten The Pirate Bay friades i dag av Stockholms tingsrätt.
Männen åtalades för att ha främjat brott mot upphovsrättslagen eftersom användarna av sajten kunnat tillgå upphovsrättsskyddat material.
Bolag från musik- film- och dataspelsbranschen hade skadeståndskrav på männen på nära 117 miljoner kronor.
Männen hade enligt åtalet också tjänat flera miljoner kronor på sajten genom reklamintäkter, något åklagaren haft svårt att bevisa.