Crappy Monday from India

I’m guessing most of you have crawled your way to the office and pouring the first cup of coffee in what is the longest day of the week.

Originally this post said happy monday, but honesty, WTF. Crappy Monday!

As for me, I’m enjoying a hot cup of chai courtesy of my mom’s recipe with fresh ginger and lemongrass. (Today is three months from when you left us, I miss you everyday but I love you and will dream big for you.)

{Animated gif by The Oatmeal, the most fabulous site out there}

The weather forecast for Mumbai helps too but it is too hot because there have been no clouds or rain in the past week.

desert. hot.


On the plus side you can always find delicious food in Mumbai, and this dish from Moshe’s was sublime. That weird yellow drink was a mango, coconut, lemongrass, honey fresh juice. I am so obsessed with lemongrass now. Obsessed!!
Moshe's mumbai
More Mumbai photos to enjoy.

But I must say, I do prefer the Swedish summer much more. Charming and buccolic.

Happy Monday and drink the black death called coffee. Just don’t turn into the little monster from above. {Animated gif by The Oatmeal, the most fabulous site out there}

Robocoptering in Stockholm

We received a pretty fabulous wedding present: a helicopter and speed boat ride, a robocopter!

Or maybe they call it ribocopter. Whatever, it was awesome.

The boat ride was an hour and the helicopter ride was around 20 minutes. It definitely could have been longer!

Here are photos, be jealous.

It fits a house!
stockholm sweden

The dials on a chopper.

Foggy islands over Sweden

The helicopter blade is bent in time!

The smallest island ever, and we landed on it.

The small island with the white trees was destroyed by the skarvar (cormorants).
Nearby to the left of the island, the Swedish military built underwater walls to prevent invading ships, mainly Russian, from having a free for all access to the waters. By doing this, they forced the ships to take specific routes or crash into the wall, making it easier to attack and defend.

That’s our boat!

And that is me in a giant pouffy and very warm suit. The life jacket is not even on yet!

For it being a very crappy year we at least took a pretty awesome chopper ride, hot air balloon and still stayed married. Win!

Lost in Mumbai

Mumbai (formerly Bombay) is crazy. Crazy crowded, crazy noise, crazy colors, crazy people, crazy smells, crazy traffic, crazy crazy crazy!

I go crazy. I don’t have the magic or patience to survive the traffic, bureaucracy, and heat. I know, I am a wimp.

But, I do like photos. :) These are photos taken over the years and on this trip of Mumbai, India. A few photos are from friends who took them during our own crazy wedding week and riding on a BEST bus.

The fish market – fresh and tasty

A bridal car
The evening bridal car

Because penguins are for trash
pingu in trash can form

Amazing egg man battles Mumbai traffic
egg home delivery

Deep fried battered bread stuffed with potato, spicy goodness

Dosas … are long

Dhobbi district
dhobbi district in mumbai

Sir, do you have an STD?

Rosabussarna at Cafe Leopold!
pink caravan sweden - lol

Bullet Holes – from the hostage crisis in 2008
kingfisher and bullet holes

praying mantis

Hanging with the Peeps – The photograph taking a break and chilling with our bus drivers
Chris & our Bus Drivers

Summer Photos of Stockholm

Summer is over. Almost. Officially 14 days until autumn begins.

I posted photos from the summer and maybe there are some from the spring so we can all look towards sunnier days for next year.

Plus I hope winter doesn’t start early again this year. Not lagom.

Our hot air balloon ride over Stockholm
balloons on the ground

The very beautiful Stockholm archipelago
stockholm blue

Gamla Stan, Riddarholmen, and Nordiska Museet
gamla stan

Summer sunsets … around 9PM


…and the flip side of a Swedish summer = fog + rain

But filled with hallon paj,


nubbe (schnaps),

and a smörgåsbord

Gröna Lund

Red Bull Lådbilsrace Octopus
red bull octopus

Sweden, the most grass friendly country ever
Legalize marijuana

Antique cigarettes, at least sixty years old. Wanna smoke?
Antique cigarettes


Witch burning, bonfire roasting Valborg
stockholm on valborg night

Men in suits need ice cream. Because that’s how awesome Swedish men are.
men in suits need ice cream

…to be concluded by a lovely fika.
fika time!

The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round

Since we’re just returning back to reality from wedding madness and a server move over our honeymoon, I’m just going to share a few more photos from behind the scenes at our wedding.

Don’t be sad but there’s nothing to hate on Sweden today, although after being in India for this long, I do have a lot more love for Sweden and quite a few things to hate about India.

The best part of the whole wedding was taking 40 friends on a public transportation bus in Mumbai, BEST, that we rented. Can you imagine sticking 40 white people on a bus ride all over the city just to do shopping? Insane and hilarious. We did manage to tucker out the children by the end of the days but did not satiate their appetite for shopping.

Little yellow after the Haldi Ceremony
with the bride

In desperate need of wifi in Mumbai – turns out it was a pay wifi connection, the horror!

Mehndi on my feet
Feet Mehndi

Horn OK Please ?
water truck

One of the few photos we sneaked of the photographer
the photographer, waiting

Supari – digestive aids
digestive aids

It’s a shoe in the garden – Mumbai’s Malabar Hill
giant shoe

Stockholm’s Tunnelbanan #FAIL

This was just too funny not to post…

My fiance caught this on his camera last week at the Slussen tunnelbanan station. The conductor of the train forgot the mail case was still outside the train when it started moving. Metro, door, FAIL.

At least the driver stopped after 20 meters and reopened the doors. Now, who is it that gave me a lecture on Swedes being safe?? ;-)

“I think we forgot something”

Stunning Photos of Stockholm in HDR

Here’s a collection of HDR (high dynamic range) photos I took throughout the past year here in Stockholm (okay yes and a couple from Gothenburg). I’ll be adding on more photos this summer.

Link up if you have som beautiful photos of Sweden that you would like to share.

Cross Street to Bellmansgatan, Södermalm
Small Street with Upper Level in Stockholm

West Coast Waters in Göteborg
Göteborg boats, HDR

Kungliga Slottet and Riksdag
Gamla Stan, Stockholm, HDR

Slussen, Södermalm
Slussen stockholm

Hornsgatan at Rush Hour
Hornsgatan, Stockholm HDR

Old Green Boat
A Green Boat HDR

Stockholms Riksdag – Swedish Parliament
Stockholm's Riksdag - Swedish Parliament

Stockholm Stadshuset and view to Stockholm City

Red Bull Racing Day, in front of Riksdag

Skeppsbron Island
Skeppsbron island in Stockholm

Tower at Skansen with a Pink Hot Air Balloon
Skansen Tower

The Swedish Crown
Tre Kronor Crown

Skeppsbron Hostel Ship

Super Yacht Docked at Gamla Stan

High School Invasion at Sergels Torg

View over Stockholm
view over stockholm

Tower at Skeppsbron


Doesn’t it make you want to be a tourist in Stockholm all over again?

The Batmobile Visits Stockholm

Spotted this Batmobile replica in front of the Hilton Slussen last week. It was stunning! Certainly beats the raggare cars floating around the city with hillbillies driving them.

Enjoy the pictures!
Smooth Blue Batmobile


The Batmobile

Leif Garvin built the replica car. It took him over 20 000 hours of work and $1 million to finish it. The engine is an 460 Ford big block V8, 700 hp and it’s built on a 1973 Lincoln Continental.

These are high dynamic range photos (HDR) compressed from 5 photos using Photomatix. Turns into fantasy like Batmobile photos.

Yes, Swedish Girls are Beautiful

The rumors are true. Swedish girls are pretty. They’re gorgeous. Swedish girls can really be hot; and I’m a girl saying this. In the US, you’re lucky to find girls that are 7 or above, the average is a 2 or 3. In Sweden, the average girl is at least 4 and it is easy to find 7s or 8s. Pretty amazing from coming from the polar land way north on Earth.

I collected some photos of the hot swedish women and posted them up. It’s summertime in these photos; surely it would be nice if our snowy dark weather ended and we could have this kind of fun. You can check out a full photo collection of Swedish girls.

Male readers out there, this should inspire you on how to find a Swedish women and also how to pick up girls. Or at the very least, enjoy the photos.

And to us mere mortals out there, we are still damn hot, not just in that Swedish way.

At Midsommar party:
swedish girls midsummer

Girls Love Sports Too

Celebrating Christmas in Stockholm

The Hottest Swedish Lingerie Model – Victoria Silvstedt
swedish lingerie model

svenska tjej victoria silvstedt

Bikinis, bikinis, bikinis: Stop staring at the screen
swedish girls bikini

Another beautiful blond
beautiful blonde swedish girl

Swedish Girls Celebrating Stockholm’s Summer