A Tight Squeeze – Driving in Stockholm

Sometimes I love Europe. Love it because it is crazy. Although not like craziness is restricted to Europe, America is plenty crazy, we have oodles of craziness.

But when you add together Stockholm and driving, you know it cannot be good.

Like this one lane road in a residential part of Södermalm. It’s a small road, enough to fit a car driving and a car parking.

But sometimes we get this awesomeness.

Swedish Parking Fail

Why use the parking lane when you can park on the road itself! Brilliant!

Summer Solstice Today – Submit Your Photos

Somehow I thought solstice was tomorrow. Now that I know it is today, I want photos.

Lots of photos!

Send me your photos from anywhere around the world celebrating the midnight sun or lack thereof. With a beer, on a goat, in a cabin, on the sea, whatever. I do love great photos.

If you get in your photo by noon ECT, June 21st, you could get featured in the newsletter. Otherwise you’ll be featured in a post next week. Win-win!

Our Indian-America-Swedish Wedding Photos – Finally!

For the past year, I left you all in suspense regarding our wedding photos. They’ve been around for a while, but I was too lazy to share them. You did get a sneak peek to the madness but now here’s the real deal.

There are boatload of photos, so be ready for a long fika!

Being glamourous


my new ears

back in the days

phone time


haldi ceremony - before i become yellow

Haldi Ceremony Collage

haldi on my hands and head!

discussing bridal mehndi - oh, how much to do...

waiting hand and foot

white man + indian mehndi = epic

Indian Bride getting ready for the Sangeet

a couple's hands

the man is popular

the guys & I

L1006027 2


is it okay to stab the cake?

sneaking a bite of cake - i didn't do it!

rangoli flower



dare you to get the garland on!

the sacred fire

the bride's family gives her away

crazy eyes

see my panetar!

Photographs are by Christopher and Andrew. Also thanks to Kate, Sabina, Tinna, and many more for contributing.

My Year in Review {Photos}

I’ve been trying to write a year in review post for sometime now and couldn’t bring myself to getting past a few lines. I then began working on a photo review post and that too, took a lot of energy from me.

But I did it. Here’s my year in review of photos and feelings of 2011.

Sunset with Gandhiji – Juhu Beach, Mumbai
Sunset with Gandhi

Weeee, we married for real now!

The last photo of lovely Bunny
my last week on Earth

Spring and sunshine – eternal hope and peace
spring time in sweden

Only in California

Spin, spin, midsommar, spin!

A birthday celebration for the Swede, a hot air balloon ride!
balloons on the ground

Times have changed – a chat with Odin’s followers
odin's followers

On the 13th day, we say goodbye
on the 13th day
i miss you mom.

Bollywood Actress Juhi Chawla at the Aamby Valley Bridal Show in Mumbai. It was a much needed outing for Dad and I to do something fun.
juhi chawla

The World’s Largest Bunny in Örebro
World's Largest Rabbit
Too bad he’s gone now…

A one year anniversary passes! A fleeting moment of happiness
a romantic bouquet

The first Diwali without Mom…
A painting of Lord Ganesha by Mom.

My parents’ 31st anniversary would have happened along with her birthday.
mom's birthday

On 11-11-11

Bubbles, our new joy in life
Bubbles the bunny acrobat

A birthday – I enter the next decade…
peacock fan birthday party

Interview with Christopher Grant – The Daily Photo

Today I’m interviewing a very good friend of mine, Christopher Grant. He’s a photographer, hiking master, and overall amazing photographer and friend.

We meet a few years ago via Facebook when I was looking to meet other photographers in Sweden. And there he was! He’s a veritable road-warrior who has traveled the world for photographers. He’s met everyone from President Clinton and Carl Bildt to little tent mice to tribal leaders.

When I got married early this spring (sorry I’ll share photos one day), I asked him to be our photographer. While he was reluctant at first to shoot a seven day wedding, he was the right man to be the pusher. Wedding photography is guerrilla warfare after all.

Today he works with private clients who are models looking to bolster their portfolio or normal people looking for private portraits of an artsy nature (not sexy, but not necessarily non-nudes). He has a full plate working with private clients, shooting for the Daily Photo, and working hands deep in gum printing. In 2012 he will delve deeper into the New Topographics movement and exhibiting his prints.

Christopher also runs the DailyPhoto.se a collection of photographs from his town, Sweden, and the world. Personally, going through his photographs is mesmerizing.

Check out his timeline page:

How you can not be addicted to every photo? Each of his photos has a short story and through them you observe a slice of life in the Great North.

The man himself…on the left not right.

Even though we speak on a regular basis, it has been a long time since I bothered about Chris why’s and how’s of photography. Here’s an interview I had with him.

How did you get into photography?
I don’t believe I was ever out of photography. Even at a young age I was making photographs with my mind, imagining snapshots of life. I didn’t begin making a living out of it though until I befriended a Pulitzer Prize winning photographer who started me along my own path.

Why did you start Daily Photo?
It’s important to complete work, which I’m horrible at. On dailyphoto.se it’s a sort of canvas for everyday projects that never get finished, but it trains me to try.

How do you focus to get that “one shot”?
When I wake I look for the emotions inside me and try to find inspiration in the world that expresses those emotions. The stronger the emotions the stronger the focus for the photograph.

What is the most amazing place you visited?
Deception Pass, Washington State. I recovered a bit of my soul there.

What three tips do you have for budding photographers?
Shoot cliches.
Get good at it.
Then, never shoot a cliche again.

If you were a tea, what tea would you be? :)
Fo Cha, but I drink a far more mundane variety.

Check out Christopher’s sites
Christopher Grant Portfolio – English / Swedish
The Daily Photo – English
Ezine – Sign up – Focusing on the best photographic moments, the magazine will be published quarterly starting in the winter of 2011. Sign up to receive the ezine for free.

11-11-11 in Photos

Did you do anything special on November 11th, 2011? I didn’t. Hehe.

I did take a few twilight photos of Stockholm though. Tried to do a longer time lapse, but darn, without a remote control is tricky!

Anyway, enjoy!

Stockholm skyline
the skyline

Stadshuset – the city hall

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight
starry night

Halloween in Sweden

Happy Halloween!
happy halloween

What did you do to celebrate? We had a low-key Halloween eve. Watched Ghostbusters, ate pumpkin pasta, and enjoyed a halloween cupcake.

On Sunday, we had some friends over and carved pumpkins. And jeez, finding pumpkins at this time was a nightmare. There were pumpkins in all the shops a few weeks ago but not this past weekend!

We did eventually find a few pumpkins at ICA and at the market. My friend’s daughter did a spectacular job carving this little pumpkin.

It seemed this year Swedes really got into the Halloween spirit. Despite not having any stores dedicated to Halloween (Buttricks does not count), people still did it.

Like the rabbit on the train…

… he must be hot!

And a lot of stores carried pumpkin displays and orange and black candles to be spooky. It was nice. This is the only time of year I really miss America. Well, I miss fall in America: Halloween, pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving, and Black Friday shopping.

But there’s nothing like Halloween. I hate the ugly, scary costumes, but as a kid I loved trick or treating and dressing up and making cookies. Hell, I still love all that but only get to dress up and make cupcakes now.

Once year, when I was a kid, I went to the IBM sponsored Halloween party at the campus. Mom and I went into the haunted house, which I hate (but love the pretty colors – deranged, yes). I started crying and freaking out so much, we had to turn back and find an exit. One of the ghouls in the haunted house felt so bad he took off his mask and was trying to explain it was all fake. And he tried to give me the mask to play with. I promptly cried again and he started apologizing to Mom, who thought it was funny.

By the way, I was eight years old. Don’t laugh.

This year, to remininse, I bought some Brach’s famous candy corns. Yes, they are sweet. Yes, they are made from corn syrup and sugar. And yes, they are made from yellow 6, yellow 5, red 3, blue 1, and titanium dioxide color.

But my oh my, candy corn is to halloween as peeps are to Easter.

Pretty! And tasty {sorta}

Pricey, at 39kr in Stockholm (10kr in the US), these little candies are perfect for my next batch of cupcakes.

Here’s some of my work on the cupcakes. If you want me to post the recipes, let me know. I don’t like super sweet so I kept more on the flavor and light on the frosting.

Owl cupcakes – hoot!
owl cupcakes

Little purple monsters
monster cupcakes

in the darkness there were eyes

Hope all of you had a wonderful Halloween and an All Saint’s Day today. And here’s to hoping for a sunnier November too!