One year down

I am about to fall asleep but before I start typing a bunch of nonsense, some exciting news. This blog is one year old, it survived! I survived writing it! Who would have ever thought. =)

In light of this special occasion, I would like to ask all of you a few questions for the upcoming posts during year two.

What questions do you have about the Swedes?

What topics would you like me cover (can be anything)?

Would you be interested in authoring a post if it related to dating Swedes (you can be a guy or girl)?

Resolutions 2008

I do not normally write resolution but I figured this year will be different from any other. Everything is new and I might as well have great goals for myself.

In no particular order:

  • Learn snowboarding– heights be damned, this is it! Time to learn and teach those Swedes how one really does it. And for anyone who wants to teach me, I’m totally available. =)
  • Complete three paintings– I did it when I was younger and I still have the talent
  • Find a job– oh yes, just that easy!
  • Pursue photography– Join the Stockholm art community as both a photographer and a model
  • Apply for graduate school — Attend graduate school
  • Get an apartment with my cousin- If any of you know someone who is renting their place for the long term, please please please let us know. I implore you.
  • Visit Svalbard and Jan Mayer- Why the hell not?
  • See the Stockholm museums, attend a hockey game (or two or three)
  • Find a decent fellow to spend time with. Don’t laugh, but I’m really shy/nervous around people I like. And I’m pretty traditional. I may be having a wild child phase at the moment (or I may always have a little wildness in me), but I can be quite domestic. And I want a man who can be a man for me, like he’s comfortable with taking control (and me do so at times). Oh, and I’m a great cook and love cooking for someone. =)
  • Work out- get killer abs and stay toned
  • Pursue ballroom dancing with more passion- MUST. GO. DANCING.
  • Relearn the guitar– Start with fingerpicking. Work with a classical and maybe move to acoustic
  • Learn Icelandic…learning Swedish is a given
  • Patience– seems a little silly to say. I am not a patient person. By any means. Without going into details, I am in a situation where patience is key. If I lose my cool, I will ruin everything. But at the same time, waiting and keeping cool is a daunting task. So I believe if I possess a little patience, I will be rewarded with something great.

If I start to falter, be sure to post and slap me. I am determined to stay on top of my goals.

Happy new year to all. Let’s hope for a wonderful 2008. Woohoo!!!

Merry Christmas/ God Jul / Gleðileg Jól/ Joyeaux Noël!!!

Wishing everyone a lovely Christmas and a good 52st week ahead before the new year. =)

This Christmas will be celebrated with a couple friends. I am not making anything spectacular (unlike the crazy Thanksgiving with 13 dishes) except for some cinnamon rolls and some jam cookies.

I have to thank everyone who came out for my birthday last week. Wow! What crazy nights. Hugs to everyone who came to the Liquid Kitty in Santa Monica and to the Supper Club in SF.