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Midsummer {Midsommar}, was this past Friday. It is a national holiday hailed as the first day of summer and a reason to eat fish and get wasted. It is also, for the uninitiated, a very crazy day. I didn’t want to spoil the fun for those of you who celebrated your first midsommar this past […]

Oh yes, today is one of those marvelous days in Sweden when we celebrate a day dedicated to a dessert. What country in the world has a cinnamon roll day, a waffle day, and a semla day? Sweden rocks when it comes to sweets and treats. Last year, my girlfriends and I did the dirty […]

Kanelbullensdag {cinnamon bun day} is tomorrow. Founded in 1999 by Hembakningsrådets to celebrate its own 40th anniversary, the cinnamon roll became the symbol of delicious homemade bread. Swedish kanelbullar differ from American cinnamon rolls in that the Swedish versions are bready, not very sweet, flavored with cardamon and cinnamon, and sprinkled with pearl sugar. They […]

Whether you’re in Sweden or far away across the globe, you can celebrate midsommar, the Swedish way. Perhaps minus the mind-blowing-drunkenness. You can always cheat and head to one of the Swedish missions holding a midsommar party Saturday afternoon. I know NYC, London are definitely hosting parties with a maypole and picnic. But if you […]

Today Christ ascends to heaven in one of Christianity’s ecumenical feasts. In Sweden, today is a red day and most Swedes enjoy a long weekend with proper spring weather. Ascension of Christ by Garofalo, 1520. According to the Swedish Church, Ascension Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years: “Ascension Day has been celebrated since […]

It’s Easter weekend {Påskhelg} and for the Swedes, we began the celebrations/penance yesterday, Good Friday. Easter in Sweden is like many other holidays in Sweden, a mix of Christian, secular, and mythological traditions. If you would like to have to a traditional Easter in Sweden, it doesn’t veer too far off from American traditions, just […]

A couple weeks ago we decided to take a ski bus to Romme to ski for the day. The bus pass includes a ski pass and it’s an economical way to go skiing for the day that’s not a mole hill in Stockholm. I spent most of the three hour bus ride staring out the […]

I figured since many of you are not in Sweden for the semlor eating festivity of fettisdagen, I would write a post on making your own semlor.   And if you are in Stockholm, be sure to check out the best semlor in the city. Dagmar, who blogs at A Cat in the Kitchen, wrote […]

Valentine’s Day in the United States is this overloaded, gift giving holiday invented by the flower, diamond, and chocolate cartels and headed by Hallmark, the godfather of greeting cards. The benefit for them – they make a lot of money; the benefit to you – you’re stuck in a vicious cycle as a guy to […]

It’s countdown time to Christmas. Can we scream Yayyyy!!? YAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Christmas is my favorite time of the year. It happens to be around my birthday, which can be a big bummer some years since everyone’s forget. But who cannot resist the decoration! And the food! And the cookies! Mmmmmm….coookiiiess….. If you’re celebrating Christmas on the […]