World’s Largest Bunny Needs Home

First off, I saw him! I saw the world’s largest kanin (rabbit) in Stortorget, Örebro. He was wonderful!!

Photos are a bit dark, sorry. But look at his size!
Bunny Butt on a Statue

World's Largest Rabbit

Now the sad part, he needs a new home. Very badly. He was first to be taken down on Sept 25th but the city extended his wooden life to October 3rd. He can be sold to someone in Sweden or elsewhere.

Big ears

Stortorget, Örebro
If you have a few hundred thousand kronor to spare and some land, buy him!

I totally would.

Happy Easter and Make Mine a Chocolate Bunny!

i like wearing bows - bunny

Wishing everyone a very happy Easter and Glad Påsk to friends, family, and readers all over the world from the Swede, my bunny rabbit (the little dude above), and I. =)

Påskeskum and Chocolate bunnies

For those celebrating, please encourage NOT giving real bunnies as gifts. Thousands of little rabbits each year are abandoned by summer because they were given as gifts to children. They’re real pets and need as much love and attention as dogs and cats.

This year, if your child wants a bunny, give them a delicious chocolate bunny instead. The non-profit group MMC (Make Mine Chocolate) encourages people to buy chocolate easter rabbits instead of real bunnies. Join their Facebook page and show your support.

make mine chocolate bunny

Get out there, eat chocolate, and save a bunny rabbit.

Colorful Easter bunnies