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This was sent over to me from some friends reading The Local; an article about funny Swedish idioms. I put them all together in one page with some extra idioms and our own interpretations. Are there any other idioms to add? Nära skjuter ingen hare – A close shot will never get you the rabbit […]

For all that Swedes complain about the winter, weather, and rain, Sweden is one of the happiest places on Earth. And so is Finland, Norway, and Denmark. Our saddest little neighbor, Iceland, is only the 15th happiest place on Earth. Overall, the Nordic region is one happy family and Scandinavia is Disneyland in real life. […]

As many of you know, I’m from California. Well, not really from California but spent a good part of my life and college years there. It still counts. And every time I visit California, I notice all these differences between there and Sweden. Duh, I know they are two different regions. There isn’t much to […]

Forty five years ago today, Sweden switched it’s traffic from left hand side (like in the UK) to the right side of the road. After all, Sweden’s Scandinavian neighbors were on the right side of the road, most of Europe was on the right side of the road (props for Britain being the special one), […]

Hej bloggarna! I’m really excited to announce a new project I have been working on to make life and visiting Sweden more awesome. Drumroll please… …! It’s called the Lost in Sweden Moosleter. I know there are so many of you fantastic bloggers out there. But, it’s hard keeping track of everyone and following through […]

The Swedes have their own name for Batman: Läderlappan. It literally translates to: Leather Patch. Okay…I kid, not really. Läderlappen actually means Bat. The ‘man’ is lost along the way though. Errr, va?! {thanks to Khawar for posting this to the FB page} For the Swedes who seem to be confused and refuse to accept […]

I love European money, well the Euro and the Kronar. They are colorful, different shaped banknotes for each denomination and usually have cute/bizarre images on the notes. Sweden has a colorful collection with dead people on the notes (you have to be dead – sorry Swedish Chef). But since the notes are 25 years old; […]

Found this great venn diagram from diesel sweeties: It also made me think of the differences between the two countries… Norway They always sound happy when they speak Lax Super athletic NATO Two languages: Nynorsk & Bokmål (why oh why…) North Pole Sweden Land of the semlor, kanelbulle The Swedish Bikini Team Station wagon baby-mobiles […]

The comic Scandinavia and the World is my favorite. It is epic hilarious and awesome. You must read it, you’ll be crying yourself silly for more. This strip, about the lions on the coat of arms of the countries is by far my most favorite. EPIC. The real coat of arms in Scandinavia Denmark Image […]

This is a Public Service Announcement. Swedes, Americans, and the rest of the world, please take note that New York is a state, not a city. New York City is a city and no matter how much the people bitch, they’re still going to be part of the state of New York. [Image by Sarah […]