{Win Tickets} to Lost in Translation Comedy Show in Stockholm

I was contacted by a fellow expat Josh from California about his latest improv play.

He will be acting in a improv comedy aptly called Lost in Translation. This is sure to be awesome, hilarious and soulful for foreigners and Swedes alike.

Josh is also giving out two tickets to the premiere to a Lost in Stockholm reader. After all, we’re all lost in some way.

The rules:
1. Post a comment here. About anything. Love Sweden, hate Sweden. Got an obsession with bulle. Whatever.
2. Post the comment by October 5th 23.56 European Standard Time.
3. We’ll pick a winner and you can pick up the tickets direct at the theater.
4. If you don’t win, you should still go and have a blast. Tickets are only 120SEK per person.

Here’s the story from Josh:
Well, my story is I am an actor from San Francisco, CA and I moved to Stockholm about 4 years ago and I am a love refugee. Since moving here, like most foreigners I was presented with many challenging moments and many amazing moments. It has been this amazing roller coaster ride, and I became fascinated with the experience of the the expat in Sweden.

And also the strong reactions people have to Swedes.

We all share a very common bond through this experience. And I think it is a very unique experience because Sweden is such a small country with strong social norms. So, I thought it would be hilarious to put this on stage, because what better forum is there than theater to not only laugh at our differences, but also attempt to understand them.

I perform and teach improv theater at Improvisation & Co. in Odenplan, and they are producing the show. The cast is a mix of foreigners and Swedes. The show is three Friday nights this fall and it will be a mix of short form and long form improv driven by audience suggestion.

The theater is my home away from home and one of the hidden gems of Stockholm. It has a fun bar and a great vibe. I would love to see some new blood in there and hopefully meet more people in the international community.

About the show: Lost in Translation
Does the experience of living in Sweden feel overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating sometimes? Then you should come and see the new improv comedy show, Lost in Translation, and laugh at our cultural differences with these special people called Swedes!

Improvisation & Co. is Sweden’s only international improv comedy club. Grab a table with friends, have a drink and enjoy the show in an environment where you can’t help but have fun!

Three shows this Fall! All shows in ENGLISH!

Oct. 19, 2012 Premier
Nov. 23, 2012
Dec. 7, 2012

Tickets: 120 SEK

BOOK tickets here http://improco.se/im.php?m=1&c=1&cn=Improvisation&p=64

Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LostInTranslationImprovShow

Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KMTZhQnK9U&feature=share&list=UUCCjKezRx84MWvBSfN9zNSQ

10 Kilos of Chili Later

I am exhausted. Dead-tired beat. Beat dead-tired. Deadbeat tired. Something like that.

After a full day of cooking with A on Saturday (epic photos below), we went to rock the Chili Experiment cook-off yesterday.

That included four kilos of onions (that’s ten pounds), 12 cans of kidney beans, 25 chilis, 15 cans of tomatoes, and four kilos of venison.

The great tower of food
The tower of food

Onions – please don’t cry…
Four kilos of onions

To say the least, it was awesome! Brooklyn Brewery stuffed us with enough beers to not remember why you were really competing but that you just kept giving out little cups of stuff for people to try. Yum!

The competition was intense: 22 teams. We didn’t win, which was a bummer because I was looking forward to some Riedel glasses and a beer book but we did get a little beer making kit and a special 1 beer from the brewery. {Thanks guys!}

Nearly everyone cooked something delicious and chili related. There was one yellow soupy, veganish-chili that was weird but everything else I could eat over and over and over again.

Not many people dressed up but one team dressed up as giant chilis. They were epic funny. We dressed up as Indians with Viking helmets.

Yes, we looked nuts.

Chili men – indeed hot.
chili men

Setting up our table – go team Northern Lights & Fire!
Our table

Presenting to the judges. That’s Edward Bloom. I think he really liked our candied chili idea.

Photo op with Theo, who ran the shindig. I especially love him because he went all Brookly nuts at one point. And Brooklyn crazy means speaking louder than indoor voice and using a lot of four letter words. Love him!
with T

All in all, this was just the event I needed to get back to having more fun in life. Thanks awesome friends for showing up and The Swede for rallying the troops. And of course, partner in crime who chopped all those onions and didn’t cry!

Come See Me Compete in The Great Chili Experiment Competition – Stockholm

OMG, OMG, OMG! I have some super exciting news!

I have been invited to participate in the food competition called The Food Experiments – The National Tour. This event is sponsored by Brooklyn Brewery and run by Theo at The Food Experiments.

And if you’re wondering why a US national tour is in Sweden, it’s because Brooklyn Brewery’s largest market outside the US is Sweden. Go American beer! And many of you think American beer is terrible, tisk tisk.

Tomorrow, Sunday, March 25th, Andrew and I will be competing in the Swedish leg calle the Great Chili Experiment – Stockholm. You can meet us, taste the food, and of course vote for us! The Swede is helping to organize and rally the troops. We’ll be in costume (can’t say what in case an enemy is reading…hehehe).

We are called team Northern Lights & Fire and will have a table set up and will be sharing lots of tastings.

We also had a chance to scoop out the competition last night. There are a lot of teams. But we’re still excited and ready to kick chili ass!
Meet the Competitors night at Akkurat – with teammate Andrew, enemy err competitor, friend D

Meet the Competitors night at Akkurat – with friend D and host Theo – not the best shot but we had a blast

Say hi and meet us at the Great Chili Experiment!
Where: Hornstull Strand
When: March 25th, 13-16hr
Cost: Tickets are 100kr and can be bought at the door or online. Entry gives you tasting to all competitors (22!) and a free beer (I think).
Why: Because you know you want to see me and taste epic delicious Indo-fi’ed chili!

Lost in Stockholm & Happy Hedgehog Giveaway!



Yayyyyyyy!!!! Grattis!!!

I’ll be emailing you’all; please respond promptly!

It has been a while since I had a giveaway on the site but the wait is worth it. Truly!

To celebrate Lost in Stockholm reaching 5,000 comments and 2,000 Facebook fans, I’m having an giveaway. It’s so cool that this little blog of a one woman show, me, has received 5,000 comments in 4.5 years.

Yipee! And thank you readers!

To celebrate, I wanted to showcase local Swedish businesses. The grand prize is being generously donated by Happy Hedgehog in Borlänge, in northern Sweden. The runner up prize has been donated by Fika Town, a greeting card company in Stockholm.

Happy Hedgehog is a lovely boutique that sells chic styled bags, cards, teacups, lotions, and candles. Their mission is to bring Sweden and the UK with adorable products that you never knew you needed.

The grand prize includes

And a yoga posing cat*

Handmade Soap dish from Krukmakeri Krusidull
British made Heyland & Whittle soap
Swedish förkylnings honung
Jersey Cow moisturiser for Men*
Klinta two in one scented soya candle/massage oil candle Tea Tree

The HH grand prize is open to people with a valid Swedish mailing address only.

Now, that the rest of you are sad because you don’t live in Sweden, never fear, I have another surprise. Fika Town has donated eight greeting cards for you to use and spread the love of fika and thanks.

The greeting card prize is available to anyone outside of Sweden. Yay!

Here are THE RULES:

1. Be a Facebook fan of Lost in Stockholm.**

2. Be a Facebook fan of Happy Hedgehog.

3. Have a valid address in Sweden for the HH grand prize. Have a valid anywhere in the world (where there is not an US or Swedish embargo) for the runner up prize.

4. Write a comment on THIS blog post relating to hedgehogs and Sweden. The comment can be long, short, haiku, poem, sentence, story, whatever. It just has to be unique and yours only. You can write in Swedish or English.

HH & Sapphire will pick a winner based on cuteness, funniness, and overall Swedishness on March 20th, 2012.

Winners will be notified by email on or after March 22nd. Please provide a valid email address in your comment information. Failure to respond within seven days forfeits the prize.

The contest opens now!

Do visit Happy Hedgehog and Fika Town, our companies who have generously donated the prizes.

* Cat not really included. :(
** Facebook is in no way endorsing, sponsoring, or assisting with this giveaway.

LiS Contest – Win a LUXE Stockholm Travel Guide!

I am starting to get the hang of contests and giveaways here. Up now are five cute, small, travel guides from Luxe about Stockholm. They’re great because they are light, laminated, and easy to tuck in your purse or bag.

And they’re no Lonely Planet. Spunky and caustic, the Luxe Stockholm guide will make you laugh. “Stockholm is expensive. Get over it or go home.” Love them!

The guidebook opens like a leaflet. It’s short and sweet but includes a walking tour and shopping tips.
How do you win ones of these fabulous books from me?
1. Write a blog post/tumblr with three reasons on why you love Stockholm. If you have not been to Stockholm yet, write three reasons on why you want to visit there. Plus link to this blog post. Duh!

2. Link to this blog post. Duh!

3. Post your link in the comments below and you’re entered!

4. You can be anywhere in the world that accepts mail. :)

You have until July 15th to write a I <3 Stockholm post and comment to let me know. Winners will be chosen at random but since I have five guides, there is good opportunity to win! PS - Not to be confused with the restaurant Lux Stockholm. Just saying.

Winner of the Demotivate Sweden Contest

I received pretty awesome entries for our demotivate Sweden contest. The winner gets a Lonely Planet ebook. Yippe!

Here are all our contestants. Prepare to laugh your viking hat off.

Our Winner is Jessica!!!
Because we have beautiful sunsets
– Even in the middle of the day

Runner up, by Laura
Because it has the only eligible, smokin’ hot royal
– Hotter than a Midsommer day


From Andrew
Buried at the bottom of the sea for 333 years


From Tony
Working hard
At looking like we don’t work

Thank you all who submitted entries. We’ll actually be having another treat next month so stay tuned!

Demotivate Sweden & Win an LP Travel Book

Okay, it’s contest time here. I know I don’t have many contests, because well, I’m too cheap and too poor to offer anything more worthwhile than a $10 beer. This time, it’s different! And it’s the first official contest here.

You can win a digital copy of the Lonely Planet Sweden book. Yay! Now you know where to visit when you come to this glorious country. Or if you’re living here, this is a great way to learn more about the North Pole.

The Rules:

  • Create a motivational or demotivational poster about Sweden. Swedish girls, Swedish booze, Swedish cars, whatever floats your boat. Visit the Demotivator site to create your poster.
  • You may use any photo but do not be inflammatory, racist, derogatory, or an ass. Your poster will be disqualified.
  • Email your poster to me and I will post on the Facebook fan page (you posting is not valid as it’s against the FB terms, morons). Get the most number of likes and win! You can email me at ablacksapphire at gmail dot com.
  • The contest will run until May 10st, GMT 23.59 so email me with your entrants!

The poster with the most likes, wins eternal glory and the LP travel book on Sweden.

The winner and the runners up will have their posters posted here as well.

Easy enough, so get demotivating!