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In the United States, extreme right wing pundits and “pastors” freak out every year over the war on Christmas. Say, “happy holidays” to a stranger? That’s ignoring Christmas at the cost of being politically correct! Write “Seasons Greetings” on your annual holiday card? That’s hating on Christianity! Say “Happy Hanukah” to your Jewish friend? That’s […]

As many of you know, I’m from California. Well, not really from California but spent a good part of my life and college years there. It still counts. And every time I visit California, I notice all these differences between there and Sweden. Duh, I know they are two different regions. There isn’t much to […]

My sejour here in California is starting to wind down and I began to realize there are a lot of things I will miss about CA. In no particular order: The Berkeley Bowl- the best produce, cheese grocery store around My SUV Customer service Cable TV and VOD Clubbing until 4 am Cheap alcohol and […]

With the flurry of accusations going back and forth between iBrick users and Apple, I figured it is time I put my two cents in. First off, I did not buy an iPhone because I knew Apple was a company of control freaks who would enforce every term like the old Chinese dictatorships. Second, I […]