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I always notice that whatever park I am in in Stockholm, people are drinking. Beer, wine in a box, cider kool-aid are the beverages of choice. When I first looked online at Stockholm’s official site, their information was totally outdated, by years. That was not helpful. This year however, they got it together and have […]

If you are not already confused and irritated enough with the country’s most absurd company, Systembolaget, then you haven’t seen anything yet. The bittersweet twisted relationship with Systembolaget just got weirder and with a museum to boot. In order to carry those lovely purple doggie bags from the store to a party in order to […]

I love LOVE that newspaper. Basically they take Swedish news, translate it (through google translator), add opinions (because real news deserves opinions), check if the translated article and opinions make sense, and post. Voilà! You have a news worthy piece for the English audience in Sweden. And then, The Local writes intense, heavy news […]

It is that time of the year of the again when international bodies release data about the #1 country for gender equality or cleanest place to live or best place for dogs. Now, the World Justice Project’s 2010 Rule of Law Index ranks Sweden as number 1 in five of the nine categories. These are: […]

Now that spring is arriving, Stockholmers will hit the streets in droves from their 6 months of hibernation in the catacombs. Whether you want the hole in the pub in Stockholm or an upscale diva’licious bar, Stockholm has the selection of places to drink. Upon first glace, you may only see the super posh and […]

thanks to for this image. Dear System Bolaget, Your whole ‘system’ is a joke.  The guise of being a responsible seller without profit motive is just an attempt to gain moral authority and powertrip.  After more than 100 years of being abolished and the far majority of the OECD countries eliminating an alcohol monopoly […]

When walking around the city on a Friday or Saturday night, I noticed everyone has a little purple or blue bag. It is almost fashionable to have one of those small bags filled with hidden liquor. At the same time, it’s entertaining. In a country where beer can run you $100 in one night at […]

The Swedish Male Look

31, Mar 2008

I met a little swede a few months ago while I was still living in the US and for the one time in my life, I made a move on him. He was already living in the states for the past eight months but, that really doesn’t change swedish ways; especially male swedish mating ways. […]