Guns, Fear, & US

By now, all of you have read or heard about the mass killings in Newton, CT. The killing of twenty children and seven adults has sent the nation into another state of mourning, the fourth this year, just before the happy holidays.

There is a lot of talk now, as always after such a national tragedy. What happened? Why? Who was he? Why these babies? Why this school? Why his mother? Were the guns legal? Was he insane?

Some of these answers will take months to piece together, long after America forgets what happens and until we experience another national tragedy.

I had a very difficult time deciding both what to write and what angle to take. After several hours of writing drafts and researching, I still do not know. I wrote this post because many of you, as Swedes and Europeans believe us Americans are gun toting nutballs. There are many, but not all. And change, especially Constitutional change isn’t easy.

Bear with me, I’ve broken this post down in several parts in order address some issues. They are the tip of the iceberg and it was difficult to not be too emotional. Plus this post is really long and without pictures.

My first thoughts:

Guns. Gun control. Gun rights. Fear. Protection. God. The 2nd Amendment.

An infinite discussion with those on the left promoting “gun control” versus those on the right promoting “gun rights.”

Is this really productive? It is an eternal argument between the right and the left over who has more money, more lobbying power, and a louder mouth.

The 2nd Amendment
There is something that will unlikely happen now or in the future: repealment of the 2nd Amendment. It has happened only once that an amendment was repealed (the 18th Amendment, Prohibition). It was probably a dumb idea to morally control people by outright banning a substance, spending millions controlling the ban, and losing millions in potential taxation. The US came its senses, overturned it with the 21st Amendment and left it to the states to control alcohol.

With guns, we could take a similar approach. Repeal the 2nd amendment. We could create a new amendment, leave it to the states, or share the power between the state and federal government. Many Swedes and Europeans ask me why the United States doesn’t just repeal the amendment. The answer is simple: it’s complicated.

To repeal the 2nd amendment, a new amendment must be proposed, of which there are two ways:
BOTH the House of Representatives and the Senate approve the proposal by a two-thirds majority vote. The amendment does not require the signature of the President.
Two-thirds of the state legislatures ask Congress to call a national convention to propose amendments. This has never happened.

To ratify, or pass, the amendment, there are two ways:
Three-fourths of the state legislatures approve it.
The ratifying conventions in three-fourths of the states approve it. This method has been used only once — to ratify the 21st Amendment.

Any amount of common sense would tell us that getting this many Congressmen to the table AND a lot of states to sign on will neither be easy or cheap.

Which brings us to the point, guns will continue to exist in the US. These massacres are the price we pay for the freedom of some people who don’t want it regulated. Really, we should not be surprised when such events happens over and over and over again. Disgusting but happens.

Fear Factor
The NRA and many gun associations use fear as a tactic to promote gun ownership. Fear the government is taking over your freedom. Fear that Obama will restrict gun access (The White House hasn’t even tried these four years). Fear that the bad guys will have more firepower because they don’t care about the law anyway. Fear that, if someone starts shooting people, who’s gonna shot the shooter?!

“If only I had a gun, I could’ve killed him…” That is the rationale of many gun owners.

“I’m sitting in a theater, three rows in front of me a man stands up and starts shooting. Immediately I access my pistol, stand up and then end his life. He has killed 2 people, but 12 others will go home alive. You do the math,” said Cestlavie3, a user commentor on CNN.

So because this person has a concealed weapon he will somehow miraculously see the gunman in the dark, pull out his pistol, and shoot only him? Impressive. He probably hasn’t heard of friendly fire or understands the psychological impact of ending another person’s life but hey, he does have a gun and will save us all.

Therein lies the problem with Americans. Many of these gun tooters are a bunch of standoffish idiots who think they would become Batman and be able to save anyone with the blasting of a gun. Like, “I’d rather die with a gun in my hand trying to defend my family and myself than see them all die in front of me knowing I did nothing to try and stop it.” Good for you. I’d prefer you not accidentally shoot me though.

I know friends with guns. A few of them use their guns exclusively for hunting and would never carry a gun as a concealed weapon. They have handguns and rifles and feel that high ammunition cartridges are for people looking to kill people, not for shooting tea saucers.

I personally do not know people who have guns and leave them in their handbag or backpack, but there are many. They don’t lock their gun up at home because it would take “too long to get the gun if a bad guy enters your home.” They would have their children invite friends over and still not have the guns locked away. Morons? Absolutely.

Case in point; there are about 130-170 deaths per year from accidental killings of children with firearms. It is not necessarily because laws are too lax but that parents are stupid. They believe having a gun is a right and not a responsibility and somehow magically, “guns don’t kill people, people do.” Well, those “people” are kids who may not even know what they’re playing with. The rationale might then be: Let’s blame those fucking kids for playing with guns and killings others!

The Israel Fear Factor
But let’s look at a country that has real imminent threat: Israel. A country geographically placed at the heart of religion has missiles, guns, and weapons always pointed at it. In the “hope” that one day, Israel could literally be wiped off the face of the Earth.

That’s frightening. That is fucking scary actually. Knowing everyday of your existence is only because of an armistice other countries brokered to keep your ass alive.

They all must be owning guns, tons of guns!

After all, Israelis are no stranger to pipe bombs, suicide bombers and shootings. Guns are visibly seen everywhere. And yet, citizens have to prove to the government that there is a need to own a gun. Hear that? Civilians don’t get to just waltz around and mazel-tov with guns.

People carrying those guns? They are security, military, police and some settlers. These civilians, usually those in settlement areas, that pack heat have to get approval by the government, law enforcement, trained professionals at shooting ranges, and medical professionals.

Shalom Bear wrote an op-ed piece piece in The Jewish Press, “Even though Israelis watch the same movies and play the same video games that glorify gun violence as Americans do, Israelis, unlike Americans, are taught from a young age a mature, respectful and structured interaction with their weapons. In America, it’s considered a right to carry a gun, but in Israel, it’s considered both right and a privilege.”

He hit the nail on the head. I know guns are not going to be banned anytime soon in the United States. I also believe people have the right to own firearms, within reason. I am not saying people shouldn’t own guns, I am saying use some common sense.

Switzerland’s Neutrality, Chocolate, & Guns
We all know Switzerland to be the land of the Alps, chocolate, and banks with clandestine clients. And gun uncontrol supporters (that’s my new phrase for people who want no government interference) point out Switzerland’s high gun ownership rate of “1 in 2 citizens.” Partially true. Conscripted Swiss men own guns, regular civilians and those out of the out military do not. Most conscripted men may keep their guns at home but each canton (province) is moving towards making those guns stored in depots, not at home. Ammunition, since 2007, has been forbidden to be kept at home. Also, non-miltary citizens do not get easy access to guns.

Therefore, the claim by gun uncontrol supporters is “look at Switzerland, guns don’t kill people, people do.” I agree, Switzerland has one of the lowest rates of homicide in the world with a firearm coupled with high gun ownership.

But let’s take this out of the vacuum and put the statement in reality. You know what else Switzerland is good at? Having the lowest mortality rates, lowest poverty rate, highest development, highest gender wage equality, and universal health insurance. Oh and 27% of the Swiss don’t believe in God.

Switzerland doesn’t have mass killings and firearm violence because the country and people believe in creating a strong society based on education, health, and equality. Does that sound like what America is today or ever has been?

Here’s the update to the cliche that guns don’t kill people, people do: guns don’t kill people, Americans do. Get that? The Swiss take care of the people so much more than the US that really, gun violence comes down to a culture thing. The Swiss know how to use their guns and treat them with respect, echoing Shalom point about Israeli treatment towards guns.

We can also see it as, Swedes admit to having little control over alcohol moderation and thus, leave it to the goverment to regulate, least we lose generations to Absolut drinking. But Americans are so crazyed and self obsessed with the right to own a gun and believe the end justifies the means, no matter what. Shooting in a school? We need more guns in schools. We need God in school. We need the militia guarding schools with giant fucking “assault rifles” to scare the bad guys away.

How about we get some common sense about respecting guns?

“What Do You Want ME To Do? Guns Don’t Kill People, People Do”
Point taken and as mentioned above, guns don’t kill people, Americans do. And part of the “only in America” blame stems from a lack of mental health treatment. Many of these mass killings are the result of mentally imbalanced people getting their hands on firearms, legal and otherwise. Yet, the American system of taking care of them is nearly non existant.

Liza Long could be one of those mothers. In a heart wrenching and controversial piece entitled, “I am Adam Lanza’s Mom” she discusses her own son who has yet untreated mental imbalance. An imbalance that can make violent, angry, and scary. An imbalance that she had the police called to restrain him. Your own child. A 13 year old child. I cannot bear to think of the burden and difficulty it is to call law enforcement and press charges against a kid, your own.

For her, she doesn’t know what to do anymore. There are not many choices and those that exist are terrible ones. Give him away to an institution, put him jail, drug him. In all, the cause of his problems is not solved.

Let’s put this on the national agenda. Let us help this mom and every mom and every child out there to get the help they need to prevent future massacres by imbalanced people. Here’s my plug to donate to NAMI:

What about Compromise?
Gun owners, like Edwin says, “I have nothing that qualifies in the minds of most progressives as an “assault weapon,” but if I could afford one I would. They’re interesting, and enjoyable to shoot.”

Kudos to him and many of his fellow guns for being smart and keeping their locked up safely (unlike the moronic parents who don’t).

He doesn’t believe they should be illegal because hey, most gun owners are boring fellows who keep their guns safely and deserve to own them because they’re fun. And who’s the government to say they cannot have fun?

But here is the problem. He asks, “what do you want us [law abiding gun owners] to do?” He wants to own his fun “assault rifle” so there obviously isn’t room for debate there. He won’t give up any “fun” for the sake of the greater good.

Which is why comprising with gun owners is damn difficult. They want their fun even if means a few assholes every year mow down fellow Americans.

You know what I would love gun owners to do: how about have a little more common sense for the greater good? Society passes rules, written and unwritten, based on protecting and maintaining a healthy group. And the opportunity cost is sometimes losing some personal rights for the greater good. I know it sucks.

I want to blast Friday on my sound system at 2am but apparently there’s an ordinance against loud noise after midnight. Ironic, the government can take away my right to fun to play lame music on the boom box but not your right to fun to blast tea saucers with an “assault rifle.”

How about you say,

“We know as gun owners that there are some assholes out there who get guns and mow down little kids in schools with semi-automatic guns and other powerful weapons. Those weapons can easily spray a lot bullets quickly because their job is to kill people, not bunnies in the forest. So how about: 1) we agree to banning these kinds of weapons and high cartridge clips (or whatever weapons); 2) help sponsor tougher legislation for obtaining firearms so mentally imbalanced people can’t just order them online; 3) and push training classes for every person carrying a concealed weapon so they understand it is not the same as carrying a phone.

In return, these kinds of guns are legal {a list of guns we agree to} and we get to hang out at the shooting range enjoying a cola and learning about guns.”

Hey! I could sign on to that! People who want to ban every kind of gun are in their own deluded world unless they rip apart the Constitution so I’m not including them here. For the rest of us, let’s all meet in the middle somewhere. Guns exist, guns will always exist, but let’s say guns are a right AND A RESPONSIBILITY.

Finally, I’m going to be untactful and say what many Europeans, Americans, and probably cats think:

GUNS ARE A RESPONSIBILITY. Here’s a notice to you idiots who pass legislation allowing guns in bars, idiots who think “background” checks should be eliminated, and idiot gun owners who think they have the right to own every firearm available to mankind because dammit the Second Amendment didn’t say what *kind*. There is no way to be diplomatic, you are all idiots.

For every good, law abiding gun owner who believes in gun control *shock, they are some!*, you idiots fuck it up for everyone else.

If the cost of owning all these weapons is tacitly allowing mass shootings every so often, shame on you. Shame on me for not standing up. Shame on America for putting the lives of everyone at risk for weapons, power, and money.

But since I don’t have millions in the bank and a bunch of compass keychains to giveaway, no one cares what I think.

And that’s the point, my opinion does not matter on this issue as long as the other side has the political power, the money, and the keychains to beat down my First Amendment right to free speech of common sense. I’ll just have to hope one day people listen.

Swedish Christmas Guide 2012

December is here! And that means, Christmas, S:t Lucia festivities, and food. Lots of food. Oh and lots of decoration.

Over the years I write a couple articles about Christmas in Sweden and after sometime, the posts get all mixed up together.

To make it easier for you all to find the right post about Christmas, I put together a list of links from over the years.

NK & Hamngatan in Stockholm at Christmastime

Om Anders braskar, skall julen slaskar – Will it snow on Christmas? The age-long question is answered if snow falls on November 30.

Difference between Swedish & American Christmases – Trying to explain how your Christmas is different than from across the pond? This post should help you with the little details in each of the traditions.

Epiphany – The 13th day after Christmas. We get a day off.

Christmas holidays – A list of holidays and days off throughout the Christmas season.


Glögg & Lussebullar Recipes – Swedish and American version on making those delicious little saffron buns. To satisfy your thirst, make your own glögg, mulled wine. It is a lot easier than you think!

Julbord Foods – Want to know what you will eat at Julbord with the in-laws or your company? I made three versions for the Julbord guide translated from Swedish to English. The article, a two page Julbord printer-friendly guide, and a three page large font guide. Print it and share it with your family or coworkers! {If you do share with your office mates, please don’t remove the Lost in Stockholm name.}

Swedish Christmas Foods – Dishes to make at home for your family julbord.
Nordiska Kompaniet {NK}’s Christmas Display – If you love seeing the shops light up their windows for Christmas, then don’t miss out at NK, Sweden’s most well known department store.

Christmas Photos – A lot of pretty photos to help you oooo and ahhh.

Christmas Decoration – Christmas stars, advent candles, we can’t forgot the decorations! The biggest conundrum: when to put the tree up?

Christmas in the Nordic Region
Christmas in Iceland – A guest post written by Tinna. Want to know what the Yule lads are doing? Read her post and perhaps mix in a little spirit from The North Pole.

Snömaggeden 2012 – Be Safe When Traveling

If you ventured out today, you probably noticed that the whole city is blanketed in white. And by blanketed I mean, you have no visibility to your feet.

SMHI, the Swedish Meteorological Institution has issued a class-2 warning and predicting another 10-20 cm of snofall in the region.

Please be careful when traveling outside and check SL.SE for the latest updates. I would say, if you cannot walk to your destination and back, don’t do it at all!

Stay warm, drink glögg, light candles, and eat pepparkakor.


{Thanks to @sandsss for the photo on the FB page}

Om Anders braskar, skall julen slaskar

Before I get to the meaning of the title of this post, it is November 30th allihopa! The last day of dreary November is nearly over and we are one step closer to a fun filled Christmas in Sweden.

That means drinking, celebrating and passing out!

Which begs the all important question: will it snow on Christmas? And by Christmas, we mean December 24th. Not the 25th for you Americans.

For that, we ask Anders, the man who has November 30th as his namesday. It is said that if snows on this day, it will not on Christmas.

I know it is early in the day, but if anyone sees it snow in their region, send me a photo, and we’ll post which cities may not be getting a white Christmas this year.

View from Kista. Photo by S.

View from Linköping. Photo by Jesica

NK’s Jul Christmas Display Collection is Up

Oh thank god! Grey, grey, grey November is almost over. And surprisingly there has not really been any snow. But I hereby request snow for Christmas, we all need to feel warm and fuzzy.

Of course one of the best parts of the Christmas season is seeing all the Christmas displays. In Sweden, that means visiting the department store NK {Nordiska Kompaniet}. It is like the Macys/Nordstrom of Sweden.

They don’t do a holiday parade with floats but they have adorable window displays. I took a few photos from the store in Stockholm. You can see different at their stores across the country. Be sure to pop by and dream a little Christmas.

A tribute to stories and fables…

Tribute to Pippi Longstocking

My favorite, the julbock (Christmas goat made out of straw)

Sweden & November – Fifty Shades of Grey

We are midway through November in Sweden; the darkest, dreariest month the year has to offer. And in Sweden, it’s a month of grey, fifty shades of grey.

Yea, I went there. I just couldn’t help it.

But get your mind out of the gutter. I mean fifty shades of grey weather. Not whatever else Christian may be whispering to you. Although, I suppose a Christian would make November in Sweden anything but grey.

I digress. November, Sweden = grey, grey, grey. There’s sleet rain, a dab of fake snow, and darkening days. Except for planning for Christmas, there is absolutely nothing fabulous about this month. There’s no Thanksgiving to even get us through the lumpy weather!

That lead me to think, what on Earth do Swedes do to keep from flying off a glacier from depression?

Light tea-light candles
Light tall candles
Light soy candles
String up lights
Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Seriously, I think Swedes need to celebrate Thanksgiving in November. Sorry Canada. It’s the perfect way to deal with the lull from Kanelbullensdag and Halloween to Lucia.

All you need is a turkey, sås, potatis, and lots more food. Plus football. American football, no kicking the ball European way today. You eat like an American, watch sports like an American, and drink like an American. No! Don’t touch that disgusting Miller or Bud. Go for Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, or Brooklyn Brewery, the latter is the lightest and is the best option for a gluttonous day.

After, spend three days recovering from delicious food. See, that makes November fly so much faster!

And talk to Christian…

Live Blogging the 2012 Elections

I’m going to start blogging the elections live from sunny California in San Francisco.

Latest updates are at the TOP of the post but underneath this sentence. Times are in Pacific Standard time.

For news in Swedish check here and here.
Path to victory, The Electoral count:
Obama: 257
Romney: 200

22:27 – Washington has voted to legalize marijuana. “Initiative 502 sets up a system of state-licensed marijuana growers, processors and retail stores, where adults over 21 can buy up to an ounce. It also establishes a standard blood test limit for driving under the influence.”

22:07 – New Hampshire has become the first state in the US to have an all female Congressional delegation.

21:57 – Romney is giving in his concession speech. The presidential election is over, Obama has been re-elected as president of the United States.

21:14 – The state of Colorado has passed Amendment 64 to legalize marijuana for adult recreational consumption. Two other states, Oregon and Washington, have it on the ballot.

20:55 – Had some drama…but back and Obama is predicted to win the election. Swing states Florida, Virginia, and North Carolina are too close to call. Ohio is expected to be called for Obama but is also a tight race.

Around 18:00 – I voted! Here’s what my ballot looked like:

17:05- Indiana and South Carolina called for Romney. Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina precincts are giving Obama a lead.

16:47 – Kentucky and West Virgina called for Romney. No surprises here.

16:41 – Virginia, one of the key battleground states, polls closed forty min ago. Preliminary precincts reporting has Romney in the lead.

California versus Sweden

As many of you know, I’m from California. Well, not really from California but spent a good part of my life and college years there. It still counts.

And every time I visit California, I notice all these differences between there and Sweden. Duh, I know they are two different regions. There isn’t much to compare when you have the North Pole versus silicon babes and chips.

But, did you know that Sweden is roughly the same geographic size as California? And did you know that Stockholm has a similar sized population as San Francisco?

Yea, I bet you didn’t know that!

the stockholm archipelago
view from the hot air balloon over western stockholm

wine country – napa county
les ombres

I thought then how fun would it be to make a comparison list of California versus Sweden. Crime, teenage pregnancy, unemployment rate, geography, the number of Swedes hiding in Noe Valley, etc.

Perhaps that will help all you’all people sitting on the fence whether to move to Sweden from California or vice versa.

Fun facts and statistics:

Official Name Konungariket SverigeState of California
Land Area (km^2)449,964423,970
GDP* (in billions $)5381,900
Unemployment Rate %8.810.2
Teenage Pregnancy (per 1000)732
Teen Abortion (per 1000)20.926
Official AnimalElkCalifornia Grizzly Bear
Official BirdBlackbirdCalifornia Quail
Number of Lakes100,0003,000
Number of Islands24,000600
State ColorsBlue and yellowBlue and gold


And just a caveat, moving to San Francisco is like moving to Göteborg, it’s rainy, foggy, and rainy most of the year with a chance of crazy people. On the upside, SF is warmer, sunnier and has less hipsters.

If you think about more facts and bits to compare, write in a comment and I will add them to the table.

Stockholms Bästa Kanelbullar {Best Cinnamon Buns in Stockholm}

Kanelbullensdag {cinnamon bun day} is tomorrow. Founded in 1999 by Hembakningsrådets to celebrate its own 40th anniversary, the cinnamon roll became the symbol of delicious homemade bread.

Swedish kanelbullar differ from American cinnamon rolls in that the Swedish versions are bready, not very sweet, flavored with cardamon and cinnamon, and sprinkled with pearl sugar. They are usually baked as individual pieces.

American cinnamon rolls are baked together, the rolls rise next to each and stick. They have a brown sugar and cinnamon filling and are topped with icing, buttercream, or cream cheese frosting. Think of Cinnabon on less crack for the typical American version.

Thanks to friends on Twitter, I went to four bakeries in Stockholm that claim to have the best kanelbullar in Stockholm.

Porbjórn and I tasted each one and reviewed them. The top bullar were nearly a tie and really up to personal preference of gooey, yeasty, cinnamony, enough cardamom, and fluffiness.

All the bullar are worth tasting and hail from different districts in the city. Go outside, smell the yeasty goodness, and eat a bulle. For a fika, for breakfast, or just because, you should eat one.


One of the classic bakeries of Stockholm known for their semlor, afternoon tea, and funky tables and chairs, Vetekatten doesn’t disappoint. The bullar were soft, gooey, and cinnamon-y (that is now a word).

Vetekatten’s kanelbullar are baked in muffin tins and wrapped in waxed paper. Opening one is like opening a little present, just for you.

Rating: 4 stars

For making the largest bullar ever, Saturnus doesn’t deliver on the freshness. Too often do the buns become dry and hard after sitting on the counter the entire day waiting for a customer to eat them. When they’re fresh and hot, they are delicious, otherwise not.

Rating: 2 stars
Lisa’s Cafe

Tucked away in SoFo, is a tiny little cafe reminiscing of the past years. Lisa’s cafe is a family owned business and you may meet Lisa or the hilarious grandson. Their kanelbullar are weaved, like soft pretzels, so you can tear off a little piece for every bite.

Their bullar are soft, sweet, and cinnamon-y. If they out too long though, the edges become hard but the inside gets soft, offering a veritable pretzel experience.

Lisa’s Cafe boasts that it has the best bullar in the city. And we agree. They are the best!

Rating: 4 stars
One of the oldest bakeries in the city, Gunnarssons lies along the hustle and bustle of Götgatan in Södermalm. From 16hr onwards, you can expert it to be a zoo and on a day like today, mass chaos.

Gunnarssons overall has good fresh bread, cakes, treats, and cookies. Recently it seems their over-popularity is contributing to uneven results. Sometimes I get an amazing kanelbullar, sometimes not. The bullar can have too much cardamom at times, but if cardamom is your thing, then you’ll be happy.

Rating: 3 stars

If you can avoid the bullar from grocery stores, 7-Eleven, and Pressbyrån (not that they’re bad, just not amazing), then you will get a great bulle.

And no, most cafes don’t discount for kanelbullendags as I naïvely thought when I celebrated my first one in Sweden.

If you have a recipe that you want to share, post it below, I only know American style bulle.

{Win Tickets} to Lost in Translation Comedy Show in Stockholm

I was contacted by a fellow expat Josh from California about his latest improv play.

He will be acting in a improv comedy aptly called Lost in Translation. This is sure to be awesome, hilarious and soulful for foreigners and Swedes alike.

Josh is also giving out two tickets to the premiere to a Lost in Stockholm reader. After all, we’re all lost in some way.

The rules:
1. Post a comment here. About anything. Love Sweden, hate Sweden. Got an obsession with bulle. Whatever.
2. Post the comment by October 5th 23.56 European Standard Time.
3. We’ll pick a winner and you can pick up the tickets direct at the theater.
4. If you don’t win, you should still go and have a blast. Tickets are only 120SEK per person.

Here’s the story from Josh:
Well, my story is I am an actor from San Francisco, CA and I moved to Stockholm about 4 years ago and I am a love refugee. Since moving here, like most foreigners I was presented with many challenging moments and many amazing moments. It has been this amazing roller coaster ride, and I became fascinated with the experience of the the expat in Sweden.

And also the strong reactions people have to Swedes.

We all share a very common bond through this experience. And I think it is a very unique experience because Sweden is such a small country with strong social norms. So, I thought it would be hilarious to put this on stage, because what better forum is there than theater to not only laugh at our differences, but also attempt to understand them.

I perform and teach improv theater at Improvisation & Co. in Odenplan, and they are producing the show. The cast is a mix of foreigners and Swedes. The show is three Friday nights this fall and it will be a mix of short form and long form improv driven by audience suggestion.

The theater is my home away from home and one of the hidden gems of Stockholm. It has a fun bar and a great vibe. I would love to see some new blood in there and hopefully meet more people in the international community.

About the show: Lost in Translation
Does the experience of living in Sweden feel overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating sometimes? Then you should come and see the new improv comedy show, Lost in Translation, and laugh at our cultural differences with these special people called Swedes!

Improvisation & Co. is Sweden’s only international improv comedy club. Grab a table with friends, have a drink and enjoy the show in an environment where you can’t help but have fun!

Three shows this Fall! All shows in ENGLISH!

Oct. 19, 2012 Premier
Nov. 23, 2012
Dec. 7, 2012

Tickets: 120 SEK

BOOK tickets here

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