Resolutions 2009

Okay it’s March 1st and I am two months late on the resolutions. But hey, at least they are done now.

So from the Resolutions 2008, this is what I accomplished:
Find a nice guy- he’s the poor guy who is the butt of all rants and jokes now.
Learn Snowboarding- sort of did…went three times at least!
Learn Swedish- still in the process of doing so.
Get an apartment- did so by myself and now live with the sambo.
Get a job (instead of graduate school)
Pursue photography…sort of happened as well

Resolutions 2009, here we come!
Update, on a regular basis, all my blogs
Save money to buy a place in Stockholm
Put away the mini Christmas tree (yep, it’s still up!)
Continue to pursue photography
Enjoy life with the Swede

Women are still Women No Matter what Country

I asked a Swedish guy friend of mine about his thoughts about Swedish girls and interacting with them on dates.  Surprisingly, or not, Swedish girls are quite similar to American girls when it comes to certain dating interactions.

Here are his thoughts, as a male Swede, how women act and what we all can learn.

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