Sapphire Recommends

I put together a list of services that I love. Some are restaurants, shops, online stores, or things to make life easier.

Some of the recommendations are affiliates so that I get a few pennies when you sign up with the service. The vast majority are just places I love and want to recommend.

Ingrids Candy Shop
Looking for Swedish candy but live outside Sweden? Then Ingrids Candy Shop is your go-to place. They ship to pretty much anywhere in the world and they package each candy (in 100 gram bags) separately so your salty licorice and sweet caramels don’t have to fraternize.

The Liffey
Our favorite and The Pub for Lost in Stockholm lovers. Located in Gamla Stan, it’s a great spot to meet up with friends and even a better spot if you love sports: rugby, football, hockey. Check out their Facebook page for the latest events and happenings.

Scandinavian Photo Shop
They have a great collection of lenses, filters, and photo equipment. Located on Kungsholmen.

MOO Cards
They’re MOO!!! They make beautiful business mini cards, business cards, greeting cards, postcards (we ordered Save the Date and Thank You cards), and stickers.
Moo Cards is plain old awesome.

Mobile Phone Operator
Since I’m really cheap (and also had a lot of issues), I never got a regular cell phone plan. It is easy to buy a prepaid sim card and refill amounts at any 7-Eleven, PressbyrĂ„n and most convenience stores. The best part with Halebop is that they offer free text messaging to anyone around the world for free if you make a minimum deposit per month. Yay for cheap!

Most popular are of course, eharmony, and be2 for paid dating. For free dating, I loved OK Cupid as it’s geared towards young-middle age and hip people.