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This page is for anyone who wants to share their Bostad Direkt account. Since Bostad Direkt is 700SEK for those looking for apartments in Stockholm, it’s definitely worth sharing. And if you already found your apartment, be kind and share with others.

How to share:
Bostad Direkt gives you a random 5-6 digit login (kundnummer/customerID) and four digit password. The benefit is that you get access to phone number and email in the “contact information” of the apartments listed. It then doesn’t matter who bought the account as long as the account is valid.

Please list your kundnr and lösenord for the account as a comment below.

IF you want to buy a NEW bostad direkt plan and split with someone, please mention that in a comment below. Write your email as “bob at gmail dot com” to prevent your email being spammed.

Do not spam for other services.

You cannot resell your Bostads account. Either you share it or trash it.

I take no responsibility in strangers buying accounts together which may have payment problems, fights, or any other problems. I will not pay for anyone to have an account. I take no responsibility if problems arise with Bostad Direkt (their Terms and Service does not mention sharing is against the policy…hahahaha).

Please take the time to help each other with free login information to Bostad Direkt.

17 thoughts on “Bostad Direkt”

  1. Hi guys,
    I’m thinking about creating an account. If anyone already has one that they are willing to share (I would contribute to the initial cost, of course) or if anyone is willing to split the cost of a new account, please let me know! Thanks!

    eleen.yu (at)

  2. I would be very much interested to share the cost with someone who already has a login as I am looking into joining myself with the “bostadsdirekt” site as I need to rent an apartment in Stockholm urgently.

  3. Hey I would like to share a Bostaddirekt account with someone, if interested contact: alghazu (aaat) gmail (dott) com

  4. Hi Guys,
    Where is the login page for Bostaddirekt? I have login details with my colleague but cannot find the place to login!.



  5. Hi all,

    I’m also interested in splitting an account with anyone! Anyone on here who hasn’t created one/split one yet?


  6. Caitlin, I also need an account. Did you get one already? we can split costs if you like. Mail me under juicyjoy(at) if interested. (Yes its a weird mail adress, but it’ll reach me ;-)

  7. Hello all. We would like to inform you about our opinion regarding sharing accounts.
    The contact details of landlords acquired by using Bostad Direkt, are for personal use only along with any individuals living in the same household. Should any contact details be shared with a third party in any way this will lead to an immediate suspension from the service…

  8. Well Bostad Direkt maybe if you offered a decent and efficient service, then perhaps your customers would not feel the need to pass on their accounts to others! You are slow in registering corporate clients, you encourage landlords to advertise under the corporate data base so you can charge a ridiculously high fee to tenants once they sign a contract, and your website is difficult to navigate. If there was any decent competition in Sweden in your market you would be out of business rapidly.

  9. I am looking for an apartment and would like to use Bostad Direkt. If anyone would like to share in the cost. please contact me at the following email add:
    thanks. hope some will reply soon..

  10. 1 november 2011
    I have a bostaddirekt account to share, any one interested?
    Please send me a text message here +39 327 22 62 120

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