About Me

About Me…

This is a slice of my life in Sweden. Part of it is real, and part unreal.

There are few blogs/sites that discuss the reality of Sweden from different perspectives: dating, living, working. Check out the blogroll for my favorite blogs.

Opinions are strong and do ruffle feathers. If you are unable to take a joke or my irony or hyperbole, please leave this site now. Seriously, leave.

Looking for the Sagi page? It’s still around! Read here about cool stuff about being a Sagittarius.

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The nitty gritty I need to let you all know:

Copyright: This blog is protected under copyright under United States law.   Please feel free to block quote a small part of the text in an article, provided you link directly to that page.  Photos maybe reused ONLY if you contact me prior to usage (non-commercial only).  Failure to do so will result in an initial email kindly asking you to link up or remove the text/image.  If that request is non-complied, a cease-and-desist order will be sent.

If I have infringed or used any of your photos or text without proper attribution, please do let me know. I have no intention of taking credits for things others have worked hard for.

Disclaimer: The opinions on Lost in Stockholm are explicitly my own opinions and made up thoughts to create pandemonium on the Internet.   Nothing on this website reflects the views and/or opinions of my employer, clients, husband, rabbit, housing coop board, myself, or anyone I have a legal and illegal connections to.  Should you wish to follow any advice here, good luck.

COMMENT POLICY: I tolerate a lot of comments on the site. However, I do not tolerate comments that are racist, discriminatory, or promoting violence. If you feel a comment is violating these rules, please contact me and I will re-review the comment. I also do not tolerate inflammatory, trolling, stupid, or mean comments (e.g. Get the f** out of here bitch. You are a dumbass!).  Blogs are not democracies; if your comment was not approved, tant pis.