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About Me…

This is a slice of my life in Sweden. Part of it is real, and part unreal.

There are few blogs/sites that discuss the reality of Sweden from different perspectives: dating, living, working. Check out the blogroll for my favorite blogs.

Opinions are strong and do ruffle feathers. If you are unable to take a joke or my irony or hyperbole, please leave this site now. Seriously, leave.

Looking for the Sagi page? It’s still around! Read here about cool stuff about being a Sagittarius.

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The nitty gritty I need to let you all know:

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Disclaimer: The opinions on Lost in Stockholm are explicitly my own opinions and made up thoughts to create pandemonium on the Internet.   Nothing on this website reflects the views and/or opinions of my employer, clients, husband, rabbit, housing coop board, myself, or anyone I have a legal and illegal connections to.  Should you wish to follow any advice here, good luck.

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30 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. hi there, stumbled onto your blog while seeking insight into the swedish male. i’m halfway through and i love it. i glimpse a billion things a day online and am rarely led to keep reading. tack!

    – an american living in prague

  2. i thought i was the only lost in the swedish “dating system” until i found your blogg, know i understand a little bit better the behavior of my swedish target :P

    if i can contribute with some advices i will

  3. Loving your blog! I’m a Malaysian girl who met 3 gorgeous specimens of the Swedish community recently in KL, and decided to find out more about Swedish culture and men. Stumbled across your blog, and found it insightful and entertaining. Keep it going, I’ll definitely check back in regularly :D

  4. good blog i like it and i like useing word press

    I moved to Sweden 3 months ago and am trying to SO hard to fit in with the ppl down here

    Goood work keep going!

  5. Hi there, great blog! Insightful, quirky, and fun! :)

    A small question: I have a Swedish boyfriend and I was wondering what it’s like to be in a multicultural relationship in Sweden. Especially since I’m as Indian as can be. Also, do you reckon there are a lot of Indo-Swede couples?


  6. Hi Indianbelle! Nice to know of another Swedish-Indo couple. There are not many mixed couples of this type here in Sweden. As there are only 10,000 Indians in Sweden, you can imagine the indoswede mix is low.

    As for the multicultural aspect, hopefully the reason you have that swede is because he enjoys and likes Indian culture. Food, clothes, events, holidays should be enjoyed by both you and him. Likewise in Sweden, they are much more liberal than Americans or Brits and definitely Indians. So be open to more progressive ideas and beliefs.

    Keep us posted and if you want write a post here about your experiences, I would love to share them!

  7. Thanks kanika! I loved reading about your wedding planning, it’s a relief and inspirational to hear about someone’s experience.

  8. Well-written and funny! I found your blog today and it will go into my RSS feed straightaway =)

  9. Good luck with turning the blog into a book. I do know some editors but they’re fiction not non-fiction – sorry!

  10. Thanks Simon!

    Thanks Princess. If you come across any non-fiction writers, that would be really cool.

  11. one heck of a blog this is!! well-written and funny too.Most of the things in the blog are the result of the efforts u put in to understand your sweetie. Lucky guy he is ah!! glad to see that your an Indian too.Shall keep in touch!!

  12. Hello,

    I’m planning to move to Sweden from London to work in Digital Advertising.

    I was wondering if I would be able to make it as an English-speaking copywriter, who loves creating ideas. The plan is to come on a 2-year residency visa and work as a freelancer in advertising.

    Any help you could give would be appreciated.


    P.s. I’m a Saggi too!

  13. I come from an Asian country and I understand how hard and suffered it is to be a good women in Asian men’ eyes. Sometime I can not stand of seeing my friends being controlled by their boyfriends or husbands after dating or getting married. Thus,I try to avoid all relationships and I “run away” to another country to further my education. I desire to equality in a relationship and I believe I can find that in a Swedish man. Hopefully I will be lucky one day. Additionally, I love Sweden because all my good things relate to this country. Memories about small Swedish resort next to my childhood house, Swedish friends of my father, amazing stories for kids of Astrid Lindgren like Pipi long stoking, Emil, etc and novels of Henning Mankel. Just love this country and this culture!

  14. I love the fact that we’re a “mystery” to women, means we’re breaking the mold of the predictable man; huzzaah!

  15. Dear confused,
    He said – “we’re a mystery to women”, therefor my reply was aimed at Swedish men in general..who seem to be a mystery to the rest of humankind!
    Hope this helps?

    Dano :P

  16. Dear Dano/ agony aunt:

    Your answer has cleared things up! As ever, you are an inspiration to us all!


    no longer confused :-D

  17. Sapphire – I’m an English girl of Sri Lankan/Portugese extraction. Have a Mediterranean temperament which means I have difficulties understanding the Swedish guy friend whom I fancy. I’m used to men being more direct with their wishes. Thanks to your blog, I understand why J goes quiet/introspective from time to time as well as why he likes to pose questions and not answer them. You’re doing the impatient girls a massive service. Thanks.

  18. You crack me up. I have been reading up on Sweden since I plan on moving there with my husband to be (wedding date is 11-11-11 in Ohio) next year and the information you have on here is realistic, personal, and finally in a language I can understand. Thanks for all your great work. I hope to see more stuff soon!

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