The United States is Closed

If you are currently visiting the United States on vacation and are hoping to see the Statue of Liberty, Lincoln Memorial, or even Alcatraz, well, sad news, they are all closed.
US goverment shutdown closed

US goverment shutdown - Lincoln memorial
That’s because of the clusterfuckery of House Republications holding the budget hostage so they can “negotiate” with the Senate to delay the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, by one year.

Does it makes sense now? No? Me either. Honestly, it’s just a bunch fucktards in the right of right of right Republican party that are making everyone facepalm. Of course, the tea party is jumping for joy that we can eliminate the evils of healthcare for all.

After all, “Americans don’t want Obamacare.”

I can’t facepalm myself enough times. Let’s ask Jon Stewart and see what he thinks of the government shutdown.

You can watch the rest of the videos on The Daily Show’s website.

If you want to know who’s causing this clusterfuck of stupidity, Gawker put together a list of crazy Republications. I mean, these are bat-shit-fucking crazy people. They’re not normal Republicans. Normal Republicans are hiding in the closet and thinking, “oh fuck! why did we ever accept these people into our party. Now we’re going to become obsolete.”

These 10 men-devils, Michelle Bachmann is not human so I don’t count her as female, are holding the entire country hostage. For them, it’s the happiest day of their lives. For the rest of us, we think they are idiots.
10 worst republicans government shutdown

And let’s not forget about the douchiest tea-bagger of all: Rep. Randy Neugebauer. He made a Park Ranger apologize for the closing of the Veterans Memorial. If you’d like to tell him he’s an idiot, here are his contact details: 611 University Ave. Suite #220, Lubbock, TX 79401, Phone: (806) 763-1611, Fax: (806) 767-9168

In any event, for those of you wondering when this will end, I have no idea. I really have no good idea when the House will come to its senses, or the rest of the Republican party kick the crazies out. This is the showdown the Tea Party has been waiting for. They’re probably drunk on power, singing and dancing on top of the dead bodies of the United States federal employees.

Because, you know they care for the American people.

3 thoughts on “The United States is Closed”

  1. Oh god, your comment about Bachmann is just so perfect. Good summary of the situation! It really makes me the most frustrated because I know that come the next voting time, the majority of people (especially those under 30) won’t take a stand against it.

    Sadly though, it often feels like the only solution would be two countries — a North US and a South US.

  2. Always a bit mystifying to we UK peeps. I dearly love the USA, have had nothing but great times there on my many, many visits, but it does seem full of paradoxes and contradictions that leave me bewildered and in near despair at times. A bit like life in Sweden’s northern reaches!!

  3. There is no country in the world where people is not divided between north and south or east and west.Often, they hate eachother and consider them as the better ones. It’s really funny as the flamish can recognize the dutches and viceversa along the streets. . A little curiosity as a non english speaker. Shouldn’t be written “Unites States are closed” ?. Are the U.S. considered as a third singular? Thank you for your lesson

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