10 Offbeat Spots to Visit in Stockholm

I received an email from one of our readers about hitting up off the beaten path spots in the city. Of course I would love to share a few of my personal favorite spots, but it won’t be so private anymore!

The best part about Stockholm is that it is a walking city. Truly. The actually city can be walked in a day. Yes, a whole day. Of course, if you go out to the suburbs and the islands, then you may need more time.

My top offbeat places in Stockholm, in no particular order.

Drop Coffee
This is a real hipster coffee shop. Now while most of you know my opinion of hipsters, I give this coffee shop a break. They have fantastic coffee (no Gevalia crap, as hot as the spokesdude is) and very good paninis and soup. It’s located right next to the Mariatorget side of Mariatorget station in Södermalm. Be sure to fika here!

Myrorna/Stockholm Stadsmission
These are two secondhand shops are popular, and have several locations in the city. Frankly, they beat out any Goodwill or standard secondhand store in the US. You can find anything from boots to Swedish porcelain. Take a look around and you can even find touristy stuff too. All at a discount.


This is that dangling island in the middle of Stockholm. Location between Gamla Stan and Djurgården, Skeppsholmen has the Moderna Museet and the Arkitekmuseet. It’s a fantastic place to walk around and throw yourself a picnic. By foot, walk to the island from National Museet, near the Grand Hotel.

You should also pop by Kastellholmen where the old castle, Kastellet, is located.

View from Södermalm
I’ve probably mentioned this place before. If you walk from Bellmansgatan, yes the location for Girl With a Dragon Tattoo, there is a little hiking walkway. It’s not a long walk, perhaps 5-10 minutes, but once the trees are out of the way, you will have a fantastic view to the southern side of Kungsholmen.

SoFo {South of Folkungagatan}
For random, cute shops and hipster teasing, or admiring, head to SoFo. It’s the darling, miniature equivalent of New York City’s SoHo.

Vasa Museet
The famous ship that sank in the 1600s because the king wanted it stuffed with ammo. A real case of brilliant common sense. But, it is an amazing ship. And, the museum houses information on the excavation of the ship, which is just as exciting!

Planning on walking Götgatan? You’ll be tired of the tourists real fast. When done with the tourists, walk down Hornsgatan from Slussen to Hornstull. There are lots of cute shops, great ice cream, and the Strand at the end the road. You will even get a glimpse at some of the epic Million Projekt houses built by the government. If they look ugly as fuck, you found them.

But once done with the walk, you can see the new Hornstull and hang out in the park. Just remember, in Stockholm, people smoke everywhere and don’t use trash receptacles. Be careful where you sit! For a beer, head to the bar Stranden.

Most definitely my favorite castle to visit. It is huge. HUGE! You can hike, walk, jog through the gardens, around the lake, and into the woods. It is the Disneyworld version of Sweden without the annoying people lameness.

You’ll have to take the bus out to Zone 2 in Ekerö so plan to spend a half day visiting the castle and grounds.

Pelikan Restaurang
For real Swedish food in a historic krog {bar}, head to Pelikan on Södermalm. Their meatballs are to die for. The service isn’t the best because they know they are awesome, but have a few beers and enjoy the scenery.

Call for reservations, drop in is also possible: 08 55 60 90 92

Train Museum {Spårvägsmuseet}
The dorkiness in me is revealed! I love the Train Museum. Loooove it. It is never crowded and there are lots of trains and memorabilia from SL’s early days.

The Toy Museum is a free bonus, and located at the back of the main museum. It’s not comparable to an American hobby museum, so pass quickly and go back to Train side. For the kids, there is a mini train that travels around the museum.

Also, be sure to check the official guide for free museums in the summertime, or my page on it.

Info about the museum:
Opening hours:
Monday-Friday: 10-17
Saturday-Sunday 11-16
Adult: 40 SEK, senior citizens: 20 SEK, young people 7-18 years old: 20 SEK, students: 20 SEK. Fred admission for children up till 7 years old.

If you used the list, let us know how you liked the places! And, do you have any offbeat spots you are willing to diverge? :)

6 thoughts on “10 Offbeat Spots to Visit in Stockholm”

  1. Nice! This list will come in handy for our October visit to Stockholm. We will probably be staying in Södermalm so that’s an area i want to explore further.

  2. Great list! Living here for just a while, I haven’t had much time to seek out and find the best spots here. I have some friends visiting soon and will definitely reference this for ideas for them. Thanks!

  3. Thanks – a lot of the places you’ve mentioned are in my neighborhood, so I’m excited to explore a little more! Ventured to Mariatorget for the first time the other day, but didn’t see Drop Coffee – next time I hope!

  4. Thanks for writing this! I am seriously thinking about taking a trip to Stockholm in the spring and your blog has been super helpful! :)

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