A Tight Squeeze – Driving in Stockholm

Sometimes I love Europe. Love it because it is crazy. Although not like craziness is restricted to Europe, America is plenty crazy, we have oodles of craziness.

But when you add together Stockholm and driving, you know it cannot be good.

Like this one lane road in a residential part of Södermalm. It’s a small road, enough to fit a car driving and a car parking.

But sometimes we get this awesomeness.

Swedish Parking Fail

Why use the parking lane when you can park on the road itself! Brilliant!

1 thought on “A Tight Squeeze – Driving in Stockholm”

  1. What a fulparkering!! But does it qualify as crazy? :) Definitely very lazy though.

    I think the only problem with driving here is the occasional Michael Schumacher-wannabe. But apart from that, I’d say driving is very safe here. At least compared to other crazy places :)

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