Le Douze Points of Absurd Moments in Eurovision 2013

Eurovision has come and gone. And that means a recap of the train wreck, madness that overtakes Europe for a week.

It’s always sad though, I wish Greece would win so we could all bail the country and own Eurovision for ourselves.

Anyway, the best, worst, and epic from Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Cameos make an appearance – 1-7 Points

Robert Palmer – Because nothing is sexier than doing the chicken dance
belgium eurovision 2013
But nothing is quite as sexy as Palmer’s girl. Oh yea, sexy moves.
robert palmer gif

Belarus Eurovision Shakira

Because hot Brazilian girls singing about the sun come from Belarus…

… the land of raining teddy bears.
belarus teddy bear free speech

Bonnie Tyler…
CHARITY Pinktober 000282
Oh wait, that was real.
simon facepalm

Even Heros can Fall from Grace – 8 Points


Thor Eurovision 2013

hodor ukraine eurovision

But when heros fall, Katniss is there to save us – 10 Points

Moldova Eurovision 2013 Meme Hunger Games

Katniss hunger games on fire gif

In the end, there’s always room for Dracula. – 12 Points



Romania Vampire Eurovision Gif Meme 2013

romania eurovision 2013
Bram Stoker did create an eternal love story after all.

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