Yes, I’m Still Alive

As most of you notice, I post sporadically now. Or semi sporadically. Or really, whenever it floats my boat.

And I apologize dear readers. I’ve been busy with projects and other happenings that the blog has taken third fiddle. I am improving on that, but alas, every time I improve with new posts, I forgot to write more.

I love writing but sometimes you just lose the steam to move on. Too many snarky comments. Too many commenters expressing that my “rights” do not include insulting Sweden, and otherwise I can “GTFO.”

Too much to write about, even.

But on the upside, I receive so many wonderful comments and emails from you’all and don’t really respond. I’m bad, very bad. But I’m putting myself back on the bandwagon to get better.

Anyway, moving forward to more exciting stuff and less flaking out!

4 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Still Alive”

  1. Glad to hear it—have missed your “voice” in my Reader!
    Ignore those poo-poo’ers, if they don’t like what you say, let them write their own blog. :)


  2. I think your blog is awesome and it has helped me a lot when I moved to Sweden last year. Haters will hate. Be strong! :) hugs, Nurit

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