Ballongförbud – No Balloons

I saw this traveling the internet and couldn’t stop laughing. Somewhere in Sweden, in a tunnelbana station, someone put up the sign “Ballongförbud – No Balloons.”

swedish fail

Really? No balloons for us?

Sweden’s taking the fun out of everything!

4 thoughts on “Ballongförbud – No Balloons”

  1. No, it’s NOT a well-regulated country. It’s a country which is only partially regulated, only for the convenience of people who want to make money. For instance:

    1. As opposed to any other civilized country, talking on the mobile phone whilst driving is legal in Sweden.

    2. Snus, is classified as “livsmedel”, food product, in Sweden, and only in Sweden, the reason being that the snus-producing companies find it easier to sell it this way. Contrast this with alcohol regulations…

    3. Sweden is the only country in Europe (and in the civilized world) where buying a bottle of wine at the airport, in order to take it out of the country, is not allowed. This is because Systembolaget, a private company, does not permit it, for their own financial reasons.

    Sweden is NOT a well-regulated country. It is badly regulated for most, well-regulated for those who make money and have the means to influence the government under the table.

  2. Lennie – I totally don’t understand the hypocrisy of near adoration of snus versus alcohol and tobacco.

    Really, you can’t buy wine at the airport? I’m pretty sure you can. I’ve bought champagne, spirits, and ports. And I’m quite positive about seeing wine at Arlanda.

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