Something Hot, Something Sweet, Something Salty, Something Black – Lakritsfestivalen 2013

This year’s Lakritsfestivalen is right around the corner. After stuffing myself sill last year, I wanted to pass the torch on to someone who loves licorice but hates to admit it. Let me introduce you to Maja, a veritable Swedish girl, who is a fantastic cook and licorice expert. She will be blogging about the festival before and after. Yea, I gave her the dirty work of eating candy and talking to strangers.

It’s this time of year again, Swedish licorice time! The licorice festival is around the corner and what’s a better way to celebrate that than to have a little licorice tasting session with a few friends?

The licorice festival committee was kind enough to mail a bunch of licorice to try. Our tasting panel consisted of: Ms. Licorice-lover, Mr. Licorice-hater, Mr. Only-sweet-licorice, Ms. I-eat-everything, Mr. salt-licorice-lover and Ms. I-don’t-want-to-admit- it-but-I-like-it.
Let the tasting begin!

After stuffing our face with häxstänger (witch poles), firetrucks, chocolate covered licorice, salt covered licorice, licorice covered licorice (for real!) and all that deliciousness, we found three favorites!

Pingvinstång salta hallon(Penguin pole salt Raspberry) from Tom’s– Everybody that grew up on Fifty Fifty licorice/raspberry lollipop knows what great friends licorice and raspberry make. And you won’t be disappointed. It is a great taste of licorice. Don’t be alarmed with the salt in the name; it is not that salty. Even Mr. Only-sweet-licorice liked it.

Firetrucks from Van Slooten- This is something for the tough guy or girl! I’m not that tough. This is extreme hot pepper licorice, (it even says so on the bag).

They are chewy with a hot liquid filling. It has a strong licorice taste and the strong pepper taste lingers in your mouth long enough for you to pick up piece number two! If you love the strong licorice taste, you will love these!!

Gammeldags lakritsmarmeladgodis  (old-fashioned licorice marmalade candy) from Ryfors konfektyr – This reminds me of grandma. You could really taste the old-fashion feel. It is a soft candy, which many like but not me.

Gammeldags is sweet because it is a marmalade candy, but you will be surprised how rich is the licorice flavor. And this is one of those candies that you either love it or hate it. We decided we loved it. And you know grandma always knows best!  


And don’t worry, if now after reading this have a sudden craving for licorice, make sure you go to the licorice festival this Saturday or Sunday April 21-22 at Anexet in Stockholm to try all the different licorice. I’m sure your cravings will be satisfied.

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  1. mmm jamjam I love licorice, now you make me go and buy but I should not,try to lose some kg lol.Ok I give in,I go to 7/11.

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