Close Encounters of a Semlor Dough

Yesterday, being fettisdagen, I decided to make my own semlor. They were quite successful last year and I was thinking this time I could perfect them.

I didn’t really perfect them as much as gave the dough {deg} CPR and life support. It was near total disaster.

I’m pretty scared of yeast based recipes and semlor are no different. Many Swedish recipes call for fresh yeast while in the US, many recipes call for active dry yeast. And many recipes don’t even specify if fresh yeast or dry yeast should be used.

The many options from Kronjäst

There is evidently a very very big different.

Very big.

Since I didn’t have any kronjäst at home, I figured I could use some of the packages of active dry yeast I picked up in the US.

I know fresh to active dry yeast is not a 1 to 1 conversion. In fact, this site does a great job of giving you idea of the conversion. The problem is that for 50 grams fresh yeast, you can use anywhere from 2.5 to 10 teaspoons of active dry yeast in a recipe depending on the amount of sugar.

That last part, “the amount of sugar” screwed me up.

Because, I added in seven teaspoons of yeast and turned my dough into a rock.

A rock deg!



Breathe. breathe. breathe.

There is a way to ressuscitante a yeast filled dough: sugar. Lots of sugar. I feed the dough another 200ml of sugar and 100ml of milk.

Fifteen minutes later, with flour in my hair, and dough stuck to my arms, the dough softened up.

Relieved, I put him to rest to rise and sure enough an hour it was beautiful.

After the whole ordeal, the buns turned out really well and the almond paste was the best ever.

My finished product:

Oh, and did I mention I completely forgot the baking powder? I did. Facepalm.

Lessons to learn:
Five teaspoons of active dry yeast is plenty for semlordeg.
Forgetting baking powder is a dumb thing to do.
When in crisis with too much yeast, add sugar (yeast needs sugar to eat).

Happy semlor eating everyone!

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