Happy Semlordag, Fettisdag, and Mardi Gras

Oh yes, today is one of those marvelous days in Sweden when we celebrate a day dedicated to a dessert. What country in the world has a cinnamon roll day, a waffle day, and a semla day?

Sweden rocks when it comes to sweets and treats.

Last year, my girlfriends and I did the dirty deed of eating lots of semlor from bakeries around Stockholm so you didn’t have to. It was a real tragedy. Semlor, champagne, cheese, life is hard.

If you are in Stockholm make sure you check out our Best of Semlor list. Swedes buy enough semlor today to feed half the country. It is an awesome day so don’t miss it.

Not in Stockholm? Comment below with your favorite bakery for semlor and I will create a post for the best semlor in Sweden.

For the bakers and adventurous type, check out my semlor recipe. There is nothing more delicious than homemade semlor with your favorite filling.

Now it’s time for me to bake a batch and get The Swede his filling of semlor for the year.

Happy baking!

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