Lance Armstrong, You Broke My Heart

Last night Lance Armstrong, the once king of cycling, was on a special Oprah interview to discuss doping and his problems. Or something like that.

This has nothing to do with Sweden, but sports and doping affects everyone. And we, as fans and admirers, end up feeling betrayed and angry over years of denial by athletes.

Like Mark McGuire who denied to Congress for years he doped. I never respected him so him losing all credibility didn’t bother me at all. But thousands of people did, and many lost their faith in baseball because of him.

Sadly, I thought Lance Armstrong was different. I think many of us did. But he’s proven himself to be the douche king today.

Lance was this guy that came out of nowhere and took the Tour de France by storm. Surviving cancer, becoming an American winner in an European race, pushing hard in an long endurance sport, Lance was the apple pie for America.

I met him in person in 2001. He was charming and nice. I was the second to last person at the book signing. I still got a hug. And I don’t know why, but I had mad respect for him.

Those couple years, I spent July glued to the TV with my USAToday newspaper spreads of the teams, circuits, and gossip. I read how so many cyclists fell to the devils of doping. How Lance could never do this to us.

Then in 2005 I stopped watching the Tour. Drugs, cheating, scandals became the headlines. All of sudden, Armstrong was in this defensive attack mode when it came to using testosterone and EPO and other shit. He insulted reporters, insulted his friends, and even sued some of his friends.

The US Postal Service team was falling apart. I turned myself away from the Tour, realizing it was being driven by drug addicts.

And now here’s Lance sitting in a chair talking to Oprah in a weird second person stance. Saying how “he needed to win at all costs” and “he should apologize.” He admitted to being a bully.

Armstrong is the fall from grace. A man we all so admired for his perserverance and committement is today, nothing more than a fraud, a bully, a cheater, a liar, a fake. Even a douche for dumping Sheryl Crow because of her “biological clock.”

The second interview takes place tonight at 9PM EST, 3AM Swedish time, on the OWN channel. But you can go online to their site and watch it live.

I’ll be watching it because I hope he can look me in the eyes and tell me he’s a lying liar, cheater, and overall horrible person for destroying a sport, a nation’s admiration, and his teammates.

3 thoughts on “Lance Armstrong, You Broke My Heart”

  1. I agree with you and your post,I still respect and like Lance,I hope one day he can redeem himself,breaks my heart that he can’t even compete in anything such as Marathons and races etc.

  2. Of course it was very wrong, but I believe he is very right when he implies that they all did it. And what do you mean “nothing more than a fraud…”? He obviously trained very hard as well, noone wins solely because of doping. Yes, it’s cheating, but athlets who has taken that road would still win against most people without it too.

    My point is – the world isn’t black or white, and who should throw the first stone..? Of course he should be losing his medals, and so he is now, but please do hold back on the harsh words. Or have you walked in his shoes, do you know how he ended up doing it, do you know how he has felt and how he is feeling?

    A general rule is – be nice! Even more to those who may not seem to deserve it. They need it.

  3. @Hanna – He is a fraud. He spent years vehemently denying doping and went so far to sue his friends and anyone who questioned otherwise. Over the years, his sportsmanship went from bad to vitriolic and people like that, don’t get my second vote.

    I have no idea what your point is about the world not being black or white or “throwing the first stone.” You think my words are harsh because I called him a fraud? I think you need some perspective. His words were harsh when he called a news reported ‘not worth the value of a chair’, a friend ‘fat’, another friend a ‘jealous liar’, and so on.

    All those cyclists that doped? They deserve to be suspended. No doubt. Lance is a special case. He spent years covering up his actions, denying it, bitterly assaulting other athletes who doped, and was ring-leading the doping on his team. He is not a role model or a good sportsman, he is a narcissist willing to “win at all costs” (as quoted from him). And I do feel stupid for thinking him a role model for several years (until mid 2000s when I then stop caring about his drama).

    He made a massive mess of everything. From his Livestrong organization to the Postal Team to his family and even the people, he lied, extorted, and bullied. We will eventually forgive him, but we may not want to see him wear a yellow jersey again.

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