Sweden & November – Fifty Shades of Grey

We are midway through November in Sweden; the darkest, dreariest month the year has to offer. And in Sweden, it’s a month of grey, fifty shades of grey.

Yea, I went there. I just couldn’t help it.

But get your mind out of the gutter. I mean fifty shades of grey weather. Not whatever else Christian may be whispering to you. Although, I suppose a Christian would make November in Sweden anything but grey.

I digress. November, Sweden = grey, grey, grey. There’s sleet rain, a dab of fake snow, and darkening days. Except for planning for Christmas, there is absolutely nothing fabulous about this month. There’s no Thanksgiving to even get us through the lumpy weather!

That lead me to think, what on Earth do Swedes do to keep from flying off a glacier from depression?

Light tea-light candles
Light tall candles
Light soy candles
String up lights
Celebrate Thanksgiving!

Seriously, I think Swedes need to celebrate Thanksgiving in November. Sorry Canada. It’s the perfect way to deal with the lull from Kanelbullensdag and Halloween to Lucia.

All you need is a turkey, sås, potatis, and lots more food. Plus football. American football, no kicking the ball European way today. You eat like an American, watch sports like an American, and drink like an American. No! Don’t touch that disgusting Miller or Bud. Go for Sierra Nevada, Anchor Steam, or Brooklyn Brewery, the latter is the lightest and is the best option for a gluttonous day.

After, spend three days recovering from delicious food. See, that makes November fly so much faster!

And talk to Christian…

5 thoughts on “Sweden & November – Fifty Shades of Grey”

  1. Thanks, but no thanks! ;)

    I usually think every reason to celebrate is a good one, but honestly it depends on the timing. Another holiday just before christmas is probably the last thing people need… We are preparing for christmas now! And keep your sports to yourself, please… :)

  2. You know, I’ve actually had a bit of November depression so I agree wholeheartedly with your idea of a major holiday this month. November needs SOMETHING! In Gothenburg we have Gustav Adolfsdagen but that is just a fika long. We need something like Thanksgiving but maybe with a few Swedish tweaks. Why not substitute the turkey for moose?

  3. @Liv – True, but for the people who start Christmas planning, a little thanksgiving dinner goes well. Nothing super big either, just a few friends eating, drinking, and sporting their hearts out!

    @Fredrik – I don’t think the moose carries the same look and feel of a turkey. You know, everyone gathers around the table for a whole turkey but we gather around for a … leg of moose? But one can have plenty of Swedish cheeses, pepparkakor, lussebullar, glögg, and even Janssons Frestelse. That would be kinda Swedish?

  4. Maybe both turkey and moose would be a way forward? Since much of Thanksgiving seems to be devoted to overeating I don’t think it would be too much. Plus the leftovers would be great! I think that the lussebullar and pepparkakor should stay in December where they belong but janssons is always welcome to the table.
    Now if we could only get the NFL to change their schedule to suit CET we’re all set for Swedish Thanksgiving!


  5. Why invent a new tradition when we have Mårten Gås? You need to remind the Swedes you know to eat more Svartsoppa ;-) .

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