{Win Tickets} to Lost in Translation Comedy Show in Stockholm

I was contacted by a fellow expat Josh from California about his latest improv play.

He will be acting in a improv comedy aptly called Lost in Translation. This is sure to be awesome, hilarious and soulful for foreigners and Swedes alike.

Josh is also giving out two tickets to the premiere to a Lost in Stockholm reader. After all, we’re all lost in some way.

The rules:
1. Post a comment here. About anything. Love Sweden, hate Sweden. Got an obsession with bulle. Whatever.
2. Post the comment by October 5th 23.56 European Standard Time.
3. We’ll pick a winner and you can pick up the tickets direct at the theater.
4. If you don’t win, you should still go and have a blast. Tickets are only 120SEK per person.

Here’s the story from Josh:
Well, my story is I am an actor from San Francisco, CA and I moved to Stockholm about 4 years ago and I am a love refugee. Since moving here, like most foreigners I was presented with many challenging moments and many amazing moments. It has been this amazing roller coaster ride, and I became fascinated with the experience of the the expat in Sweden.

And also the strong reactions people have to Swedes.

We all share a very common bond through this experience. And I think it is a very unique experience because Sweden is such a small country with strong social norms. So, I thought it would be hilarious to put this on stage, because what better forum is there than theater to not only laugh at our differences, but also attempt to understand them.

I perform and teach improv theater at Improvisation & Co. in Odenplan, and they are producing the show. The cast is a mix of foreigners and Swedes. The show is three Friday nights this fall and it will be a mix of short form and long form improv driven by audience suggestion.

The theater is my home away from home and one of the hidden gems of Stockholm. It has a fun bar and a great vibe. I would love to see some new blood in there and hopefully meet more people in the international community.

About the show: Lost in Translation
Does the experience of living in Sweden feel overwhelming, confusing, and frustrating sometimes? Then you should come and see the new improv comedy show, Lost in Translation, and laugh at our cultural differences with these special people called Swedes!

Improvisation & Co. is Sweden’s only international improv comedy club. Grab a table with friends, have a drink and enjoy the show in an environment where you can’t help but have fun!

Three shows this Fall! All shows in ENGLISH!

Oct. 19, 2012 Premier
Nov. 23, 2012
Dec. 7, 2012

Tickets: 120 SEK

BOOK tickets here http://improco.se/im.php?m=1&c=1&cn=Improvisation&p=64

Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/LostInTranslationImprovShow

Youtube video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KMTZhQnK9U&feature=share&list=UUCCjKezRx84MWvBSfN9zNSQ

15 thoughts on “{Win Tickets} to Lost in Translation Comedy Show in Stockholm”

  1. Wow, we will be definetelly going! Bying tickets anyhow and in case we win, gonna invite some friends :)

  2. I looove my new life in Stockholm and would love to actually learn some Swedish!! (although I definitely appreciate that everyone speaks English hehe)

  3. Sweden is the country of my dreams. And especially Stockholm is definitely my favorite town. To take part in the show would be a great pleasure! And sometimes I myself feel lost in translation, too :) I more and more believe that I must have been a native Swede in one of my former lifes, ‘cos I sometimes believe to think like a Swede. :)

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with Sweden. As we’re headed into the darker days, I’d say I’m leaning more towards the hate ;) I struggle most with the conformity here, why does everyone have to look, dress and act the same? If you don’t wear white high top converse shoes with skinny jeans, there’s obviously something wrong with you. I miss seeing some diversity.

  5. Hej!
    I’ve just been in Stockholm for a month now, and i get everyday more curious about the people and the culture here!
    And i totally agree: what better way is there to talk about differences, than just have a good laugh on them?

    No matter win or not, you choose a fantastic topic for your show! Lycka till!

  6. I have been in Stockholm for a month and i have totally loved the city!! All these old and traditional buildings, the green everywhere and the water surrounding the city just make a dreamy scenery for the citizens and the tourists who come. It would be perfect if there was some more sun .. :D

  7. As you, I am a love refugee who ended up in Stockholm after two years in London (blegh), three years in New York (loooooooooove) and eight years in Cape Town. I’m a Namibian girl and arrived with big eyes and bigger dreams in Stockholm in June of this year. Currently knee-deep in SFI, which truly does NOT deserve the bad rep it has, I guess I am, quite literally, currently lost in translation!

    Good luck with the show!

  8. To be “kou ack ack kaa” or not to be “kou ack ack kaa”: That is the question! :-)

  9. We’ve picked a winner!

    Congrats, Rima Hanke!

    I’m going to email you so please respond ASAP so we can get you in touch with Josh on these tickets!

    Everyone else, thanks for participating (there’s another contest next month), and head to the show!


  10. I just saw the show, and it was VERY impressive! I recommend it to anyone!!! The actors/comedians were very good!

  11. Thank you for the support. The show has completely sold out and we have now added 5 new shows this winter/spring.
    Hope to see you at the theater!

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