Stockholm, Vacation, & July = The Zombie Month

It’s summertime in Sweden. And that means one thing: semester. Vacation, that is.

the stockholm summer photo collection

Everyone is on vacation this month. I mean everyone. Like France and Germany vacating the cities in August, Swedes vacate their cities in July and head out to the countryside or abroad.

In Sweden, if you are a full time employee, you are guarenteed under the law to take four weeks off in July, not any other month, between June and August (see Magnus’ comment). It’s awesome that any employee can actually take a relaxing vacation and not have to worry about bosses, work, or the fear of being fired for taking a vacation; something that happens at many US companies.

But I love working for a couple weeks in July and then taking one or two weeks off for vacation. Since coworkers are off and summer business is generally slow, you can be the only one in your department.
That means you get your work done in peace, plan projects that are on hold until after vacation, and chill.

Plus, nothing beats taking the Stockholmers out of Stockholm! Stockholm is peaceful, nice, and friendly. Though, a lot of restaurants are closed and that sucks.

And you can always get a seat on the tunnelbanan.

*photograph by Andrew M*

On days like this, I freak out that the zombie apoycolyspe has happened. I really wish I had a gun license for a shotgun! Who wants those summertime zombies to eat people’s brains out.

If you are in Stockholm in July, there is still plenty to do:

  • Visit a Swedish summer country house.
  • Head to Öland and Gotland.
  • Be a tourist in Stockholm and check out the museums, my secret favorite spots, and walk walk walk.
  • Take a hot air balloon ride (will share photos!).
  • Get out of Sweden, but really, what’s the fun in that? You’re missing the one time of year when there IS sun.
  • Fika, fika, fika at the best cafes in Stockholm.
  • Head north to Lappland and enjoy the midnight sun.
  • Eat a lot of strawberries and drink wine in the park.

Trevlig sommar!

6 thoughts on “Stockholm, Vacation, & July = The Zombie Month”

  1. And for those who do have to work, it’s usually reduced hours. Instead of working 9-17 or 8-16, it’s more like 9-16, 9-15, or 10-16, and longer lunches.

  2. Actually, the law doesn’t give workers the right to four weeks vacation in July, but “during June to August” and “unless there are special circumstances”. This is codified in 12§ of Semesterlag (1977:480). But yes, July is the biggest vacation month.

  3. @Chrissy – In many of the parks it is legal to drink both wine and vodka. But check the parks and this post ( for listings in drinking.

    @Magnus – Ohh, thanks for clarifying. I was thinking of my previous contracts which stated in July I could take four consecutive weeks. I will update the post!

    @Andrew – Don’t forget, you can take extra fikas during the summertime at the office! :D

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