Public Drinking at Popular Parks in Stockholm

I always notice that whatever park I am in in Stockholm, people are drinking. Beer, wine in a box, cider kool-aid are the beverages of choice.

When I first looked online at Stockholm’s official site, their information was totally outdated, by years. That was not helpful.

This year however, they got it together and have posted where it is legal and not to drink.

Either way, the chance of a police office actually finding you and fining you for illegal drinking is almost nothing. Just don’t ever drink near a school (that is always illegal), be underage, or completely drunk.

The one time the police stopped us, they said we shouldn’t drink in this particular park but being midsommar, it was okay. Aren’t the police generous?!

Some parks are not governed by the city and some parks don’t have alcohol times but residents in the area may self impose restrictions. Be sure to check the park for alcohol rules.

Here’s the list of every park I could find:
Innerstan, Östermalm, Norrmalm:
Lejonparken – Alkoholförbud mellan kl. 22.00-07.00 perioden 30 april till och med 15 juni.
Lappkärrsbadet – Alkoholförbud mellan kl. 22.00-07.00.
Brunnsvikens strandbad – Alkoholförbud mellan kl. 22.00-07.00.

Rålambshovsparken – Alkoholförbud mellan kl. 00:00-07:00. Om Parkteaterns föreställningar varar längre än till kl. 00.00 är det tillåtet att dricka alkohol.
Smedsuddsbadet – Alkoholförbud mellan kl 00:00-07:00.
S:t Göransparken – Alkoholförbud under alla tider
Kristinebergsparken – Alkoholförbud mellan kl 00:00-07:00.
Kronobergsparken – Alkoholförbud mellan kl 00:00-07:00.
Serafimerstranden – Alkoholförbud under alla tider
Kungsholmstorg – Alkoholförbud under alla tider

Fatbursparken, near Medborgaplatsen – Alkoholförbud under alla tider
Skinnarviksparken – Alkoholförbud mellan kl. 00:00-07:00 på hela Skinnarviksberget.
Tengdalsparken – Alkoholförbud under alla tider
Vitabergsparken – Alkoholförbud mellan kl. 00:00-07:00 i hela Vitabergsparken.
Fåfängan – Alkoholförbud mellan kl. 00:00-07:00.
Tantolunden & Drakensbergsparken – There’s no information about either park from Polisen or the city website. I have a feeling that Tanto is still privately owned and the parks recreation does not fall under the city jurisdiction. It was privately owned but was given to the city many years ago. You can drink there without restrictions but the colony residents and park goers are known to have scuffles.

Liljeholmstorget & Trekanten – Alkoholförbud under alla tider

Am I missing any other parks? Let me know and I’ll try to get information for it. You can also download this map that Stockholm created.

5 thoughts on “Public Drinking at Popular Parks in Stockholm”

  1. Tanto is not private. Alcohol is not forbidden ther at any times (even if some people living close has asked for it to be forbidden).

    I actually don’t know what you mean with private parks, what parks in Stockholm are private? I didn’t think any of them was, sounds a bit unlikely that the city shouldn’t own the parks.

  2. Thanks Liv.

    Well, I was reading at one point Tanto was privately owned by a sugar mill and previous to that, a guy (forgot his name but bought the area in the 1600s). They converted part of it to the kommunal trädgård and a park. I unfortunately found very little history about it and was curious as to the type of ownership it has had over the years.

  3. The area was private a long tome ago, yes, but then it wasn’t a park. The park was created by city in 1885. The rules about alcohol are set by the city.

    I liked your post, it is a bit confusing with the different rules in different areas. But the rules are there to stop people from disturbing, a quit picnic with sme wine is usually not a problem anyway. Maybe in some places like Vitabergen late at night, they can be stricter where there have been a lot of problems.

  4. Emanuel are you out of your damn mind? Or are you referring to the real Budweiser from CZ? If you mean the american Budweiser, yuk! Its so watery, like the Australian Foster’s. Not worth it!

    What I am curious about is what the blog owner thinks of Swedish or European beer now after living here in Europe, compared to American budweiser? Seriously, it is way to watery and has no flavour.

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