Should LiS Start a Forum or Not

I’ve been debating for a long time whether to start a forum on the site. A lot of articles here end up on tangential discussion because there isn’t an appropriate spot to have it.

I thought of creating a forum where all of you could post questions about life and dating, post notices, and sell your stuff. It *could* be really awesome. It could also be a total dud with no one around.

And so, I made a list of pros/cons:

Pros of a forum:
Ability to create dedicated threads
Easy viewing of topics
Interact with more people
Supplement articles already on the site

Cons of a forum:
Need lots of people posting to make it interested
Has high competition – several other sites out there (amerikanska, lost in sweden, the local)
Can become spammy/snarky/trolly without moderation

These were the big thoughts that came to mind. But really it matters if you readers would like to see a forum. I would love to know if you guys would want one and if so, how to run it. And what channels you want to see. And any other ideas you may have.

<3 sapphire

5 thoughts on “Should LiS Start a Forum or Not”

  1. Hey Sapphire,

    Nice initiative, but i think there are already enough forums online to be honest.

    Other question; has the Moos Letter been sent yet? If so, then i didn’t get it :(


  2. Hi Debbie – That’s what I feel too.

    The Moosletter has been sent so I’ll check to see if your email address is on the list (the one you put in right now for the comment). Do check your spam folder, the mail may have ended up there.

  3. Hey Sapphire,

    Thanks for your reply. I thought i had subscribed, but apparently not. But now i have.
    Can i still get the first newsletter? Or find it somewhere online?


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