Have a Swedish Midsommar at Home

Whether you’re in Sweden or far away across the globe, you can celebrate midsommar, the Swedish way. Perhaps minus the mind-blowing-drunkenness.

You can always cheat and head to one of the Swedish missions holding a midsommar party Saturday afternoon. I know NYC, London are definitely hosting parties with a maypole and picnic.

But if you want to celebrate at home with friends, setting up for midsommar is pretty easy.

1. Find a few Swedes. You’ll be thankful you have them when it comes time to singing små grodorna and other silly songs.

2. Make flower wreaths. Find seven flowers and make yourself a halo to have on your head. Girls only!

3. Foodwise – The good thing about cooking for midsommar is the food is not time consuming, there’s just a lot of stuff.
– Gravad Lax – also known as ‘lox’

– Salmon – to bake in the oven with some cream, chives, dill. Alternatively, grill with a dash of lemon and dill.

– Grill-able meats – I mean real meat, NOT hot dogs or any of that shit. Nice medallions of pork or steak seasoned the way you like.

– Fresh potatoes – buy the freshest potatoes at the farmers market. The grocery store won’t give you the quality. These potatoes take 10-15 minutes to boil (add dill to the water). Serve whole with or without the skin.

– Herring {sill}- Can be found in jars at a speciality supermarket. Not a fish fish person? Then skip it.

– Strawberries {jordgubbar} – Midsommar isn’t complete without a bowl of fresh strawberries served up with homemade whipped cream and ice cream. Alternatively, make a midsommartårta.

– Cheese and hard bread {knäckbröd} – to keep the people from starving, serve a plate of cheeses and hard breads.

4. Drinks {dryck} – Rhubarb and elderflower {fläder} are two of the most popular summer fruits. Find some elderflower extract and mix with pureed rhubarb and bubble water. Serve with or without alcohol.

As for alcoholic beverages, midsommar is built on schnapps {aquavit}. The best is OP Andersson and for a more floral flavor, get Fläder aquavit. Some supermarkets sell aquavit but check your local IKEA.

Once you have the basics covered, feel free to add more side dishes, vegetarian dishes and meat dishes. Dessert should consist of any berry to be kosher Swedish.

When you set the table, be sure to add vases of flowers and go local or pick your own. The beauty of midsommar is celebrating summer and what it has to offer, not buying roses flown in from Argentina.

Most importantly, have fun and eat outside at a park!!!

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  1. Good summary on the Swedish “midsommar-tradition” – but små grodorna and the other songs are not silly! (Jumps around the pole….singing små grodorna…..)

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