10 Things To Do That Make You Definitively Swedish

If you haven’t been in Sweden long enough then you can do a few things that make you unquestionably Swedish. And I mean in a good way, not the get wasted and throw up on the tunnelbanan at 2am way.

1. Queue up – Getting that kölapp at the local apotek or systembolaget means you can waddle around the store and not have to stand in one position. When there is no kölapp, you’re utterly confused and wonder why i God’s name someone would make you stand single file when instead you could get a piece of paper with a number on it.

2. Fika fika fika – Drink coffee, have cake. 10AM, 1PM, 3PM, with your friends, in an office, on a boat (with a goat). Rinse and repeat.
tea time

3. Drink Bäska – Forget OP Andersson and Fläder brennavin. Want the real deal? Drink Bäska. If you survive two shots, consider yourself a true Swede. If not, go home and drink the Icelandic Brennivin to work up your tolerance.
more nubbe

4. Visit Drottningholm (or any castle) – Swedish castles are all located on beautiful grounds. For the most part, you can hike walk in the woods and enjoy the beautiful Swedish nature.

5. Pick berries and mushrooms – Part of the rights under allemansrätten, you can pick berries, fruits, plants, and flowers on any property as long as you don’t disturb the owners or are picking directly from their garden (that would be lame to take strawberries from the house garden – and illegal in this case). The summertime should be filled with berry picking and chanterelles.

6. Eat meatballs – You can eat them at a restaurant but the best is to make them at home with mashed potatoes and fresh ligonberry jam. Mums! Need a recipe? Just follow the Swedish Chef‘s instructions.

7. Take a boat ride – As long as you have access to water, hop on a boat and take a ride to a popular or deserted island. On the west coast there’s Marstrand and tons of uninhabited islands, on the east coast of Sweden, there are all the Stockholm city islands and boats to Fjärdaholmarna, Vaxholm, and Grinda.

8. Sunbathe at the beaches – I use the term ‘beach’ loosely as it could mean sunbathing by the water on a lot of rocks. Or it could mean having an actual sand beach. And by sunbathing I mean being a solar panel, with or without your clothes.

9. Picnicking at 10pm – In the summertime, you’re guaranteed to lost track of time because the sky is never dark. Have a early dinner outside grilling lax and meats and then enjoy the orange sunset while the sun disappears for a mere three hours. It may sound cheesy but on a good, clear night, the sun is bright orange like a fireball. Get on a hill to see it.

10. Watch Eurovision – There are two ways to watch Eurovision in Sweden: because you love it or you love to hate it. Both are acceptable forms of watching. And you get extra credit if shots are involved to make fun of your homeland Sweden.

Is there anything you do with friends that guarantee your Swedishness? And speaking Bork gets you double extra credit.

4 thoughts on “10 Things To Do That Make You Definitively Swedish”

  1. 1.Complain about the weather as much as possible, 2. try to love herrings, 3. Avoid to open the windows under any circumstances because you believe in ventilation system so badly, 4. If you\re a woman make some strange voices more like you have asthma in order to say YES, 5. Have some kind of food alergy,6. Love all american movies but pretend that you hate US culture, 7.If you’re a woman wear thick black pantyhose regardless of the weather, 8. Try not to disagree and be nice. 9. Follow the recipes like a slave, 10.If you’re a woman try to follow 80’s fasion. These are some stuff that can help you become swedish ;))

  2. 1.the first rule of swedish club is you do not talk to strangers.

    2. the second rule of swedish club is YOU DO NOT TALK TO STRANGERS!!!

    3. herring is awesome, if you do not agree you were simply not raised properly.

    4. systembolaget is utter crap, buy swedish alcohol that is exported to germany and then smuggled back to sweden because its actually cheaper.

    5. think hard about any possible way to cheat the system and then bitch and whine about people who actually pulls it off.

    6. for good or bad, talk about the weather.

    7. crayfish is the bomb!

    8. the smallest shot of hard liqour that is socially accepted is 6. 4 is only asked by the bartender because you can drink more 4’s than 6’s before the bouncers find you!!!

    9. loud music after 22:00 is pure blasphemy and woe beware whoever dares defy this sacred law (its actually a law against pretty all noise after 22:00 in apartment buildings which is a good thing all things considered)

    10. Beer = fun. Because a drinking glass full of hard liqour is sooooo like 40 years ago!

  3. Being British, I think I would have a mental breakdown if there was no queue. We have to queue for everything, and if there isn’t already a queue we will start one.
    By the way, I check up on this blog quite regularly – Love it! Keep up the good work!

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