Lost in Sweden’s First Moosletter This Week – Be Sure to Join!

On Wednesday, you will receive a pack and fun filled newsletter about Sweden through the Lost in Sweden – Moosletter group.

The newsletter is aimed at bringing you, the reader, snippets of the best articles about Sweden from bloggers.

There are two ways to participate:

1. Be a blogger. Want to get more traffic and readers? Then put this adorable image on your site, link to Lost in Stockholm, and let me know in the comment section. That’s it! By putting the badge up, you’re letting everyone know that you are part of an awesome Swedish group.

2. Be a reader. If you like Lost in Stockholm and want to read more about Sweden from different authors, then you should subscribe.

Fill in the box below and voilĂ !

A shout out to all participating bloggers:
Photos from Sweden
Swedish Freak
Something Swedish
Monkey Goes to Sweden
Vermont to China
Stockholm Globetrotter
Now Boarding
Lost in Stockholm

Happy moos’ing!

5 thoughts on “Lost in Sweden’s First Moosletter This Week – Be Sure to Join!”

  1. Hey! I’m an American living in Sweden, and I just linked Lost in Sweden from my blog. Thanks!! Will you link my blog to yours somewhere?

    Nice to meet you! :)

  2. @Liz – Thanks for joining! I included a link to your blog above and will pick out one of your articles for the newsletter later today.

  3. Thanks for including me!! I received the newsletter and it is so much fun! What a great idea you’ve had. I’m truly excited to be a part. I’m planning a blog post on this online swedish community in a few days… after all the midsummer celebrations, of course. Hehe.

    Glad midsommar och trevlig helg!! Kram!

  4. Hello! I just put in on my sthlm-blog, “Hello Sthlm”. I am looking forward to see how the news letter will look like and work =)
    take care,

  5. Liselotte, thank you for joining!

    You’ll be included for the next newsletter. :)

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