Updates & Happenings 6.5.12

I’ve been offline most of the week because my best friend A and I went to Budapest.

Hungry in Hungary!


I love Europe because it is amazingly easy to travel through. There are lots to tell and zillions of photos to share. If I am a good blogger, I’ll put together a couple posts on eats, visits, and the Swedes.

A few weeks ago, since The Swede and I couldn’t get a ticket to Gotland, or anywhere else in Europe by taxi cab carrier RyanAir, we went to Öland. What a sweet island! It is the second largest island in Sweden, after Gotland, and is full of windmills, 300 remain. Lots of photos and posts to come about what to see and do in Småland.

In other news, I will be traveling again this weekend to the United Kingdom for a wedding site launch party. Totally random I know. But the most exciting part? Going to the Design Museum to see the Christian Louboutin exhibition!

Personally, things are up and down as each day is still a struggle of its own. Some days are amazing, some days are terrible. The vacation to Öland and Budapest were so so needed.

It’s been a year since my husband and I went on a vacation that didn’t involve burying someone. And going on a girls trip is always a special experience. A is hilarious and is a great friend to travel with and drink.

When I came back to Sweden this weekend, I had the please of enjoying the bat shit crazy insane weather. I totally wanted to be back in Budapest with +20C weather and eating at the Four Seasons. PS – Eating at the Four Seasons is cheaper than getting a burger and a few beers at a pub in Stockholm.


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