One Day Only – Visit 16 Hemliga Rums {Secret Rooms} Across Sweden

Tomorrow, Saturday May 26th, the Swedish National Property Board will open 16 secret rooms to the public.

This is a ONE day only event and more than 100,000 people are expected to visit the castles and landmarks across the nation.

From 11am to 4pm, visit one of the famous landmarks and have a peek at the unknown. This only happens every few years, if that. You don’t want to miss it!

Här öppnas låsta dörrar – Here the secret doors will open
Boden: Bodens fästning
Gotland: Tingstäde fästning
Göteborg: Oscar II fort
Härnösand: Hemsö fästning
Karlsborg: Karlsborgs fästning
Karlskrona: Drottningskärs kastell
Kungälv: Bohus fästning
Landskrona: Landskrona Citadell och Gråen
Linköping: Linköpings slott
Nynäshamn: Erstabatteriet
Stockholm: Artillerigårdens skyddsrum, Bergrummet under Skeppsholmen, & Naturhistoriska riksmuseet
Uppsala: Uppsala slott
Vaxholm: Oscar-Fredriksborg
Källa: Statens fastighetsverk

Check out the website for more information. The weather will be gorgeous so get yourself out into the sunshine!

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