Kristi Himmelsfärds Dag {Ascension Day} in Sweden

Today Christ ascends to heaven in one of Christianity’s ecumenical feasts.

In Sweden, today is a red day and most Swedes enjoy a long weekend with proper spring weather.

Ascension of Christ by Garofalo, 1520.

According to the Swedish Church, Ascension Day has been celebrated for hundreds of years:
“Ascension Day has been celebrated since 300’s. It always fall on the Thursday 40 days after Easter Sunday. The date varies depending on when Easter Sunday falls, but is Ascension day always is on or after May 1st and before June 4th. In the Middle Ages, there were often dramas performed along with an Ascension game. They wanted to portray Christ’s physical leave of the Earth in a spiritual way.

Jesus leaves the earth
At Easter, we have the large Easter candle, the symbol of life’s triumph over death. On Ascension Day, the candle is blown out as a symbol of Jesus leaving the world. We celebrate this with an open-air church service, often at dawn to hear the birds sign brightly in the morning.
{via the swedish church}

What will most Swedes be doing? I’m guessing drinking beer and being solar panels.

1 thought on “Kristi Himmelsfärds Dag {Ascension Day} in Sweden”

  1. In your things I hate about Sweden-posts I believe you have left out one thing: The self-loathing Swedes.
    They are just as obnoxious, if not more, than the self-righteous and arrogant ones.
    Sweden is obviously not the epitome of human civilization, yet these people make it seem like it is the low point. It just makes them seem spoiled to me.

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