15 Best Cafes in Stockholm

Like most of Europe, Swedes take coffee time seriously. And like the Americans, Swedes enjoy sit down coffees and espressos in what is known as a fika. A fika is a noun, verb, adjective to describe having a coffe (or tea) with someone.

Stockholm is full of cafes. Some are amazing and some are downright touristy and icky. I broke down a list of favorite cafes across the city by district. Some of the cafes are great to chat for hours, whiles others are great to work in, and some are worth the experience, even if short.

You will notice there are only 12 cafes on the list. I want you dear readers, to tell me your favorite spot and why and the best ones will be added into the list.

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Bageriet Bulleboden
Parmmätargatan 7, 11224 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; wifi – no

I visited this cafe for the first time last month after my husband raved about it as a great cafe for good coffee and massive kanelbullar.

There were no kanelbullar that day, but I enjoyed a delicious, buttery kardamummabulle instead. Their grilled sandwiches are pricy (around 100:-) but are fresh and tasty. The salads are also excellent.

The cafe is usually not packed and therefore easy to sit down and enjoy a long fika and take in the view of the church and garden across the street.

Cafe Fix
Sankt Eriksgatan 35, 11239 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; free wifi – no
Even if it is packed inside, I have always managed to get a seat. There is plenty of good food and cookies to choose from. The long tea list is a plus for tea lovers; like myself. The brunch plate might look small but fills you up if you are not starving.

Cafe Fix is a great place to fika and if you are visiting Stockholm, a nice place to see a crowd and possible chat with a stranger. ~ written by Sabina

Petite France
Adress: John Ericssongatan 6, 11222 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; free wifi – yes
A typical French cafe with on occasion, typical French service. Notwithstanding their service, the location is in a quiet Kungsholmen neighborhood near the water (not on the waterside street though). The kanelbullar are famous as are their pain au chocolats.

Sometimes their coffee is a total miss and can run bitter and flat. If that happens, ask for another.

The coffee shop is best enjoyed in the summertime when you can sit outside.


Mellqvist Café & Bar
Rörstrandsgatan 4, Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; free wifi – no
This was one of the cafes The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo filmed in; the other Kaffe in Södermalm (mentioned below).

Italian styled, you will enjoy the excellent coffees and good service at Mellqvist.

Riddargatan 4, 11435 Stockholm
A very old, funky cafe located in an old building in Östermalm, Sturekatten is one of the hallmark cafes in Stockholm. Sturekatten formed after the owners of Vetekatten went their separate ways.

It is very crowded during tea time and tourist season so try to get there a little earlier/later than others. They have the best semlor in the city and quirky, old chaises to enjoy them in.

Great for a fika but don’t expect to stay hours there and be in peace.

Cafe Foam
Karlavägen 75, 114 49 Stockholm

A bit of a bougie cafe in Östermalm-Karlaplan, Foam has excellent lunches and set brunches (real American pancakes).

The pink and black theme is bold but still Swedish. Packed during lunch hour, get early or at the end to catch their lunch specials. Otherwise go for a fika and stay for hours.


Vetekatten along with Sturekatten are the two most famous cafes in all of Stockholm. The best time is to get there in the early afternoon just when afternoon tea begins and feast yourself on freshly baked scones, sandwiches and homemade jams.

Otherwise, go there for a fika and eat a semla or bulle which come in a variety of unusual flavors.

Whatever you do, Swede, tourist, or vagabond, Vetekatten is a must visit place in Stockholm.

Citykyrkan på Adolf Fredriks Kyrkogata
Adolf Fredriks kyrkogata 10, Stockholm
This is one cafe I have not visited but hear it’s quirky and fun because it it is in a church. You can read a review here.
Gamla Stan:
Chokladkoppen (Plus sister cafe, Kaffekoppen located next door)
Stortorget 18, 111 29 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes, wifi – no

It’s a bit of a tourist trap in the high season but being located in Stortorget, where both the Nobel Museum and Kungliga Slottet are a stone’s throw away, there’s nothing short of culture at this spot.

Enjoy people watching as you feast on a giant kanelbulle and drink a cappuccino. You won’t be able to have a full fika but for history and culture lovers, this is your spot.

Drop Coffee
Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Stockholm
Uteservering – yes; wifi – yes

This is one of the few cafes you can sit all day and never be bothered by anyone. Yes, the cafe is a bit cramped but if you an Apple fanboy, you won’t be lonely (IBMs are welcome too though).

Their coffees are known as the best in the city and the dagens soppa {soup of the day} is always vegetarian.

The place isn’t a cosy spot but they have free wifi and outlets everywhere making it the best place to work and work some more.

Cafe Fåtöljen
Götgatan 12, 118 46 Stockholm; Hornsgatan 55
Uteservering – yes; wifi – no
Homemade pies are to die for. Need I say more.

Sankt Paulsgatan 17, 11846 Stockholm
This is a tiny cafe and made for standing espressos and conversations. All seats are bar style and face the windows so you can watch the people go by and spend a little longer time. Their sandwiches and coffee are well priced too.

And did I mention Daniel Craig sat inside Kaffe as they filmed? That’s a good enough reason to visit!

What’s your favorite cafe in Stockholm?

11 thoughts on “15 Best Cafes in Stockholm”

  1. I have been to most of these cafes and can second that they are great. Visited Citykyrkan for the first time two weeks ago and will definitely go again.
    For really good coffee (but not so much fika) I would recommend Sosta Espresso bar. I also really like Blåbär for their delicious salads, Kulturhuset Panorama for their view and Copacabana in Hornstull for it’s all-round awesomeness.

  2. woah… a list of best cafes in Stockholm without a single mention to Saturnus? There must be some mistake.

  3. When I have visited Sweden for the first time I really was surprised and disappointed that there were no places with free wi-fi. Even in the international airport! I still can’t understand why it’s not common to give free internet access to your customers in such a modern and technically developed country as Sweden…

  4. @Tinna – I forgot Copacabana! It’s a such a fun, quirky spot!

    I’ll be checking out Citykyrkan next week. Looking forward to it. Where is Sosta Espresso Bar?

    @Nurit – No mistake. I find Saturnas to be oversold on its features. The bullar are usually dry unless you can get them at the exact time they pop out from the oven, the place is full of tourists not knowing any better, there’s absolutely no view to anything from the uteservering (not even people watching), and they are overpriced.

    There are so many other coffee shops to visit that Saturnas has never been a place to take visitors too.

    @polya_u – I agree! For being Sweden and the best country in the world for high speed internet, they sure do a shitty job of providing free internet in the major city spots: centralstation, airport, and train stations.

    It always annoys me!

  5. Sosta is in two places that I know of, Sveavägen 84 and Jakobsbergsgatan 5.

  6. Cafe Foam also has a delicious brunch!

    I also enjoy Bröd och Salt at Renstiernas Gata 28 (Viki’s Fik). Fun staff, and you can sit at the window, on a stool, cross legged and watch people get off the number 3 bus.

    The food is good as well. I always leave there satisfied. Plus, it’s close to me! BONUS!

  7. What about Cafe 60? I know it’s over-hyped, and always busy, but it’s one of the few places that are open late into the evening! That is worth something. :-D

  8. Cafe Koloni in Saltsjö-Duvnäs is wonderful! It is by the water with a fantastic view, all the food is organic, and they have pecan pie. :) The neighborhood is lovely, but I am a bit bias, as I do live there. hehe. It’s a short walk from the Saltsjö-Duvnäs train stop (on the Saltsjöbanan line). You can also have a dip in the water at the small beach right across from the cafe. It is a bit pricey for meals, but the price for fika is pretty “normal”.

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